Monday, April 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect!

I remember the first time my son, Chris Burgess, now a professional basketball player of 9 years, played his first basketball game. He was in the 4th grade, skinny, and all legs. He had been playing soccer and baseball as a kid, but had never attempted the game that would open so many doors of opportunity for him in the future, with full-ride college scholarships to the best colleges in the nation, front cover pictures in Sports Illustrated and USA Today, and a lucrative professional career.

He walked into that Boys and Girls club that first day, with hesitation and doubt, and left wanting to quit the game. You see, he had pretty much dominated in soccer due to his speed and size, and was a great baseball pitcher, but with this first attempt with basketball, he could not make a shot. So, that was it. He was quitting!

However, something happened to Chris that week after leaving the gym ready to quit. Having to always be the best at everything, he picked up that basketball and non-stop, everyday, practiced shooting the ball over and over again until he made every shot. His outcome, you ask? The very next game, Chris couldn't miss.

He dominated the court, and from then on, he not only fell in the love with the game of basketball, but became one of the best players in the nation, dominating at Nike Camp, was a McDonald's All-American, John Wooden Award recipient, signed to play at Duke University, then transferred to the University of Utah. And the list goes on and on. When his friends were partying, Chris was practicing. Even during Spring Break, instead of having fun with friends, Chris headed for Germany with Team USA, which included Baron Davis and Jermaine O'Neal.

Now a veteran of nine years as a international basketball player, Chris continues that strong work ethic of practicing and perfecting his game and has played on the all-star teams in Australia, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Poland and Korea.

He just finished his season this year being named to First Team All-League in Poland. That shows that practice did make it perfect for Chris.

As independent distributors, we start out very bad in this business. As we practice - that's right - practice...we become better at it. As we duplicate, sponsor and rank advance, we learn to teach others to do what we are doing, and we eventually, with practice, become quite brilliant at it. BAD - BETTER - BRILLIANT! But it does take practice.

Use the tools to assist you with practicing. 3-way with your sponsor and listen to what they are saying. It's a simple product. It's a simple 4-step system. All it takes is your desire to succeed, and a bit of practice. Use your family and a few close friends to practice on. Simply say, "do me a favor. I've got this amazing project that I'm working on with a hot, new diet pill..." You know the rest. If not, then just go to our team Burgess support site - and listen to the quick Getting Started trainings and memorize that One Minute Message. Then practice on those who love and care about you, gaining confidence in yourself with every face-to-face appointment. Host a couple of friendly kick-off parties with those same friendly people you know and care about, and have your sponsor do them with you, or have your sponsor Skype-in to assist you in the beginning, and get you started. You just need to listen, learn and practice. With the tools the company provides, and our tools at, you'll find yourself saying, "I can do this!"

Know that what you hold in your hands is exciting, and very unique and special. You have been given a gift bigger than you can imagine. Hop on with every Thursday night 18 Minute Biz Briefing call, and listen to those product and success stories. They will empower you. Be on every Saturday morning call and learn from those who have seen incredible success in Network Marketing. You can easily shortcut your learning curve, earning faster, by using these tools we provide, and working that proven and simple 4-step system. As my mom used to say, "practice makes perfect!" Now...go practice. Become Brilliant at this game of Voyager!!!

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