Monday, July 9, 2012

Go for 1000!

"Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read you begin with A, B, C. When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi."

One of my all-time favorite musicals, The Sound of Music, has a great song where Maria is teaching the children how to sing. This relates to my post about teaching the basics with network marketing. People who are new to this business need to be taught the basics. As I have just started teaching my 12 sessions of MLM 101 Mentoring this month, I love teaching the nuts and bolts of biz building where I take distributors from A to Z on learning the mechanics of how to effectively build a networking business from home. I've found that once a distributor learns these crucial biz building basics, and follows them exactly, they will see SOLID success with the growing of their network marketing businesses. So, as they sing, "let's start at the very beginning."

Take a legal pad and start writing that all-important Prospect 100 list. While you are excited, using your Memory Jogger to "jog your memory", write names of everyone you know with their phone numbers. Who cuts your hair? Who grooms your dog? Who cleaned your carpets? Who teaches your children piano? The list is endless. In fact, your Prospect 100 list should eventually, over time, turn into a Prospect 1000 list with all of the people you know!

Do not hesitate to write names down as fast as you think of a person, and as fast as you can find their phone numbers. There is literally a place for everyone in this business. Whether they are simply a wholesale consumer, or a part-time retailer, or a career-minded, full-time business builder, you want them involved. And you offer the business to every one of those people on the list. Yes, I said, "offer the business to everyone," not just "sell the product." Think like a "business builder" and you will see your dreams come true with network marketing.

Dig up your old lists. Think about who you know and have known in the past. These include Christmas card lists, Booster Club rosters, parent phone-tree lists, neighborhood watch lists, church groups, social groups, soccer parents phone lists, etc. You name it. Make every effort right now to find these lists and names. Then start adding names to your Prospect 100 (1000) list. In fact, pull out the phone books yellow pages and thumb through. Let your fingers do the walking, so that you can do the talking, right? Right.
Now, start friending everyone on Facebook. Message them and say, "hi...I met you (or knew you)..." As you start to renew these old friendships, add them to our V3 SUCCESS STORIES group, messaging them first with a simple, "I've added you to a fun group called V3 SUCCESS STORIES. This is where people share their success with that fun, happy, skinny pill called V3. You'll have fun checking out the stories." Then start following up with 3-way calls and inviting. But first...create the list as soon as you can, adding to it until you reach that Prospect 1000 mark. Got it? Now begin writing.

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