Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Basics

‎"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals."   - Jim Rohn

This has got to be one of the best quotes for understanding success. I was fortunate, as were many of you reading these posts, to have heard Jim Rohn speak in person many times. Network Marketing companies have utilized Mr. Rohn's motivational skills for years. It was a great loss to the networking world when he died a few years ago, but the lessons he taught remain with us. As he states, "success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." Let's chat about getting back to the basics.

So many people who jump into Network Marketing as "newbies" always seem to try to find a new way to do MLM. They all want to re-invent the wheel, and they are determined that there is a better way - a short cut to success. However, there is a proven way to do this business. This proven way is the basics - the backbone of business building. And, yes there is the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, conference calling, recorded hotlines, and everything else that falls under the category of "modern technology", but the basics of business building will remain the same. Even with running ads, doing Plaster Plan and Guerrilla Marketing fun techniques, you have to "warm up" that cold market that you are generating an interest with, and do the basics. Network Marketing is a people talking to people, face-to-face, sharing from their heart why they are doing this business, and sharing their story of success with the product and opportunity, handing out a sample and following up - business. (That's a mouthful.)

I put together our team support site to help move the business building basics along. is there to assist you with the basics. Start by going to the site and clicking on the GETTING STARTED tab. From there, listen to the four training's under BASIC TRAINING tab. Use the tools I've developed for you. Use your sponsor, and stay plugged in. Don't stray to much from the basics. Meet with your sponsor and go over the 48-Hour Checklist with them in person. Your sponsor will help you with writing your Prospect 200 list, 3-way calling your Prospects, meeting 2-on-1 with them, holding your first few home meetings, and get you plugged in. Sample two a day, everyday and use your Biz Binder to follow up efficiently. Listen to the Saturday Success Strategies call at 7am pacific. These calls gives more specific training, chunking down techniques that will fine tune your presentations, invites, and money making skills. Your job is to stay excited and constantly sponsor new people into the business. The only way you can stay excited is by staying plugged in with the calls and trainings, plugging your people in, and sponsoring new people every single month. A new person sponsored keeps you pumped!

You have a golden opportunity here. Once you start understanding what you've got your hands on, you'll run fast and focused. You won't let anything deter you from achieving your goals. You will meet with people, sponsor them and plug them into the system we've developed. If you do that consistently for the next 3-5 years, every dream you have ever had will be realized. So, get back to basics and make money while making a difference with this amazing Voyager opportunity and V3 product!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."  ~Benjamin Disraeli

I have always loved this quote. In all of the manuals I've written over the past forty years in Network Marketing, I have included it. People don't run hard and fast enough when an opportunity presents itself, or realize how big it is, like the Voyager opportunity. There's been a near 8 year void in the marketplace since the ban of ephedra - a simple diet pill that was doing over $2 billion a year! A void that has had nothing that worked available to people. Suddenly here it is with the fabulous V3 "happy, skinny" pill. And we can be the ones at the very top that grabs that diet market and fills that void, more effectively, with a product that is more exciting and safer!  And on top of that, we have a comp plan that is paying huge checks right out the gate, vs paying reasonable checks 5 years down the road! (Been there, done that.) Do you really recognize what you've got your hands on with Voyager and the V3 product? Do you realize how big this is and what it can do for you? Those of you who do, and run at working it hard and fast, will have your lives and lifestyles changed in a huge, dramatic way!

It's about lifestyle with this business. Freedom to work when you want, where you want and with whom you choose. Freedom to work from home and not fight traffic. Freedom to make unlimited income. The harder you work, the more people you share V3 and the opportunity with, the more money you'll make. Reality check ... people working a J>O>B (just over broke) are having to deal with bosses that don't appreciate them, make incomes that don't reflect their hard work and dedication, and dealing with coworkers that may cause them grief. Having to work for someone else, punching a time card, and not getting paid your worth? Not for me, thank you very much. And not for you!

Do what you gotta do to work the pay plan. Say less to more people. Get face-to-face with people everyday and sample, sell, sponsor, support. You have a fantastic off-the-charts V3 little diet pill that is simple to talk about, simple to use, simple to share. So ... share it!  Give it away. Be bullet proof when talking to people. Use the tools - the commercial, the team support site, the nightly BLITZ calls at 4:30pm pacific, the Thursday Biz Briefing calls packed with testimonials. Memorize your One Minute Message, read the weekly blogs, run a copy of the power point and let them be your presentation pages in your Biz Binder. Blow up those pages and turn it into a flipchart. Just get out there, get in front of people, motivate yourself, and make things happen!

Sherry Holmen, Marty Weeks
Grab this opportunity, team. Run hard. Run fast. Take advantage of the summer parties, barbecues, church functions, social media, Facebook friend shipping, people-to-people interactions where you can ask, "so what are you up to this summer?" They respond, then ask you what you are up to. You say "I'm having fun, losing a little weight and making some extra money." That brings questions. You hand them a sample, then "go into your dance!" (That's a fun performing phrase that tells you to share your business opportunity - full presentation with flip chart - of Voyager.)

Get out from behind that computer. Go meet people, gather cards. Get "lookin', bookin', cookin'", as Sherry Holmen and Marty Weeks, Executives, say. Make huge things happen! Don't wonder what is happening, or what happened? Be the key person - the leader - to make things happen!  Organize the area. Meet with your team. Strategize and Sizzle with your team. Skype upline in. Speakerphone upline into home meetings and presentations. You have the opportunity. Now...get out there and kick some b-u-t-t!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bullet Proof!

Are you Bullet Proof?  Why should you be bullet proof? What does it take to become bullet proof?

Whenever the economy struggles, people everywhere are looking for another way to make money, an additional income stream. Garage sales, rummage sales, yard sales are everywhere. Check around on Saturdays. They are on every corner!  (Good places to set up a card table and the V3 sampling station?)  People are literally cutting back, selling off things of value to them to make ends meet. They are looking for Voyager and V3. They just might not know it. That's where you come in. You have what they need. So you must become bullet proof!

With a struggling economy, Network Marketing companies are again on the increase. They will try to pitch you while you are attempting to pitch them. But you have the upper hand here. Understand that. Get bullet proof. How? First, stay plugged in with, the weekly Biz Briefing calls, Saturday 7am Success Strategy calls, and take full advantage of those awesome 6 minute nightly Blitz calls. Secondly, fall in love with V3. Let it brighten your mood, energize you and slam your appetite. Get fit. Use V3 as the ultimate weapon (bullet proof) for weight loss. Your story is your strength!

Thirdly, know the core basics. A program to succeed (where you make the big bucks), you must have a hot, simple, sizzle high-demand product. We have it with V3! You must have a simple way to explain the product. You have the 90-second commercial and the hot little sample that they will feel within 20 minutes! (Swallow, Sponsor!) You must have a system for them to plug right into. Yea! We have the 4-step system...1)Hotline, 2)Website, 3)3-way call, 4)Event. Specifics: (949) 266-5837 hotlines,, nightly calls, recorded calls, upline constant support. You have got it all! SIZZLE - SIMPLE - SAMPLE - SYSTEM. That's SIZZLE - SIMPLE - SAMPLE - SYSTEM!!!  

No one has what we have. Everything out there is way to complicated, takes too long to ever feel it working, and a bit boring. And the "jungle juice" thing is so fatigued. Ok...I'm calming down now. I'm just so excited for all of you! Our team is already making great money - after only 144 days! Just imagine what you are going to make if you'll just open your mouth, sample people, sponsor them into the biz? Guys...get BULLET PROOF and then there's no one you can't talk to about V3!!! PS - Even our logo looks a bit like that Superman thing ...coincidence???

Friday, June 24, 2011


Maria from "The Sound of Music"
"Oh, I must stop these doubts, all these worries
If I don't I just know I'll turn back
I must dream of the things I am seeking
I am seeking the courage I lack

The courage to serve them with reliance
Face my mistakes without defiance
Show them I'm worthy
And while I show them
I'll show me

So, let them bring on all their problems
I'll do better than my best
I have confidence they'll put me to the test

But I'll make them see 
I have confidence in me"

The song "I Have Confidence" from the musical The Sound of Music, is one of my all-time favorite songs. I think we all, at one time or another, need to sing this song out loud to bolster our confidence when doing this business. Just know that nearly everyone you talk to needs this product, and will love it. Knowing that going into any situation will give you the upper hand. No matter what people are trying to pitch you on, you have a simple, hot, in-demand diet pill that works, a pay plan that is paying, a proven system to plug into and a solid team to back you up. Just use the tools and sample the product. And within that system is the important 3-way call. Your sponsor and upline is there to assist you with enrolling every prospect you are talking to about Voyager.  "When in doubt ... diet!"

Vincent Van Gogh once said, "If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Another great quote. Just get out there and start talking to people, book appointments to meet up face-to-face, hold in-home meetings and have fun. You can't say the wrong thing to the right people or the right thing to the wrong people. That's the bottom-line. I honestly don't feel you can do this business wrong. By doing the business, you just get better at it. And we have the systems and tools in place to help you polish your presentation. So, don't hesitate. Memorize that One Minute Message, show the 90-second commercial, show them the support website, 3-way call with your sponsor, and get them to the next event. It's really that simple. Don't question it. Don't question yourself. You can do this. I promise.

"People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within."  ~Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross

Rev up your internal juices. Light the fire within. Sparkle and shine so that all can see and want what you've got, know what you know, and be the best you can be. Paste pictures of your goals on your bathroom mirror. Take V3. Jump up and down. Take a brisk walk listening to upbeat music. Do a couple of karate moves. Say out loud, "I am cookin' with this business!" Then get out there and cook, baby, cook! Once you sign a new person, guess what? Your confidence is back.  :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People Helping People!!!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love Network Marketing! I have always loved Network Marketing from the moment I truly understood it. For near 40 years, I have seen it work magic in people's lives, financially, physically, emotionally and with building self esteem and confidence. It's an incredible people-helping-people business where assisting your team to succeed is your ultimate goal. It's a win-win for everyone involved when it is done correctly. It's not a self-centered business that says, "what can you do for me?" It's a business where you ask, "what can I do for you to see you succeed with this business?" That's why we call what we do to build our team - sponsoring. 

Webster defines a sponsor as "one who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship and support." I love that definition because there is a window of time in the very beginning stages with a newly sponsored Associate, that you must guide them to success. In fact, it starts with the way you present the opportunity to your Prospect. Using the tools and the 4-step system shows them how simple this business is, that they can do it. You 1) Share your One Minute Message, 2) Show the 90-second commercial, 3) Have them listen to the 2 minute recorded Hotline (949) 266-5837, 4) Take them to the website to listen and read the testimonials and product information, 5) Take them to a meeting, and 6) Have them listen with you on a weekly call, making sure to ask them every step of the way to get involved with you and your team.

This is just the beginning with being a sponsor. Don't just hope they go to your replicating website and sign up. Take them there and get them involved. Enroll them yourself. Go over the benefits of the Professional Pak. Tell them that after just selling their first fifteen bottles of V3, they will get their investment back, and still have tons of product to sample and sell with! Then pull out that Tracker sheet and have them list the first fifteen people that you will call together to get the biz ball rolling. This is called a 3-way call, or what I refer to as Field Training. After they are enrolled (within 48 hours), meet together and go over that 48-Hour Sponsoring Checklist. This is their business planning session. Following this simple checklist will assure that your new Associate understands the basics of getting started with their business. 

David Burgess
I have put together to assist you with being a good sponsor with Voyager. I have found that those who truly support and help their people succeed see huge success with their team building, and this feeling of success comes in many ways that are way beyond the making of the big bonus checks. The rewards are like raising kids. A good parent absolutely loves seeing their children succeed, more than seeing themselves succeed. It gives them joy. It makes their heart sing. This same feeling comes when your team members succeed in the business.

The only way I can describe it, as a mother of six, grand mother of fifteen, is to compare it to the pride you feel when you see your daughter and grand daughter singing, or your sons slam dunking a ball with a college and pro team. The tears that well up in your eyes are tears of good pride and pure joy. There's nothing better. And that's what this business is all about - people helping people. If you take this core principle to heart with building your business, you will grow beyond your wildest dreams, in ways you never thought possible. Empower your people. Love them. Create a team. Create team spirit. Recognize them. Motivate them. Encourage them. Gather and guide them every step of the way. Work with those who work. And be their sponsor, in every way possible. People helping people is making a difference at a time when this concept is desperately needed. Welcome to the team!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20/20 VISION!!!

There are so many fun phrases we use with explaining this business along the way to earning top dollar. These phrases include "it's a numbers game," "80/20 Rule," "Some Will, Some Won't, Who Cares, Next!" You've heard them, right? Ok, let's talk about some of these phrases and how knowing the numbers helps keep your attitude positive, & actions always moving forward to your goals.

We'll start with the last phrase and end with the first phrase. "Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Next!" pretty much describes this business. Although our odds of people wanting to get involved is a lot higher due to having a hot diet pill that works with V3. With a simple diet pill that everyone wants and needs, business building is fun and very simple - especially with our 4-step system and 90-second commercial. It's a look - listen - swallow - sign up business, really. Not a lot of convincing needed when someone feels the products mood enhancement within 20 minutes, and having the strongest appetite suppressant on the planet slamming the appetite! So, first rule with biz building? Keep things simple and systemized. Do to duplicate. Don't complicate. Everyone must say ... "I can do this!" Ok...back to the phrases.

80/20 rule means that 80% of your business is built by 20% of the people. Let me put it simpler. 2 out of 10 will really do something - no matter how excited they seem in the beginning. Just keep that in mind when sponsoring, and have 20/20 vision until those wonderful goals of yours are achieved! You sponsor 20 and you'll see 4 people building the business. Sponsor another 20 and 4 more. That equals 8 people rockin' and rollin', smilin' and dialin'...doing the deal. And you really need at least 8 building the business for you to see those big bonus checks. So keep "lookin' and cookin'" and sample TWO A DAY, EVERYDAY!

This business pays those big checks. Let's look at what you've got your hands on - a true golden opportunity here. Hot, new diet pill that works! Name me one person on the planet that doesn't want to feel happier, have more energy, and is searching for something to give them control over their cravings and appetite? Name me just one. EVERYONE wants V3! They just don't know about it. That is where you come in. Take V3 to the people by sampling two a day, everyday, doing In-Home meetings and parties, getting involved in networking organizations, attending local events and sampling everyone, LAUNCHING your business in a big way! Stop thinking small. After only 144 days - less than five months - Ken and I have made almost 190k!!! Why? Because product works, pay plan pays. Bottom-line guys. Just talk to people and sponsor them!

It's a numbers game. Talk to more people. Say less to more people. Use the tools. Use the flip chart, the power point, the samples. Get in front of people. Keep yourself pumped up by never missing weekly calls. Communicate with your team. Talk to them by picking up the phone. Promote all of the events. Keep yourself excited! It took us nearly 5 years with our biggest company that we were with for 13 years to make this kind of money. People love V3! There is no question. People love how they feel. People love the energy. People love the strong appetite suppressant. Just get out there - get involved - get "lookin' and cookin'" with this off-the-charts business! What's not to love here? Just know from the get-go that it's a numbers game and work with 20/20 vision!

Monday, June 20, 2011


The first question I always ask when getting involved with a new Network Marketing company is, "what do I need to do to make the most money?" Then I simply plan my work and work the plan to reach the top levels of income. I don't complain about the plan, I just work the plan. I don't try to figure out all the details of the plan. I just do what I gotta do to maximize money making. And guess what? I always reach the top level and make the most money. Not because I'm "magic," I just plan the work, then work the plan.

With Voyager, you need to sponsor four people right out the gate to make Director. Sponsoring those four simply qualifies you for the Director position. OK...check, done. Now that you are a qualified Director, move to the next step and do what you have to do to qualify for Executive. For Executive you simply sponsor six and help them each get four. Sponsoring six and helping four solidifies your Executive position and maximizes your money with that position. If you have worked the original plan, your Executive money is weak. So, sponsor six and help them get four. Ok...check, done. Now that you are Executive - go to work. Your Executive position is only the first step with leadership. So...let the fun begin with sponsoring and building your business!

Every worthwhile project you take on in this life, you'll find that you have to plan your work, and then work your plan. Chunk your plan down, then work at the chunks. If you want to graduate from college, you determine your major, then get your g.e. out of the way so that you can start working on your major. Once you've received that degree, you then need to get a job in your field, and continue to plan your work, then work your plan. 

With this business you can make excuses, or you can make money. You can whine or win. It's the bottom-line with anything. That's why so few people reach the top. They usually don't have a plan, or a goal. First, what are your goals? What is your plan? Chunk those down. Figure out what you need to do today to achieve your goals tomorrow? Plan your work, then work your plan. Do what is necessary to qualify for Director, then Executive, then Regional and National. Write those goals down. Read your goals every morning. Tape pictures of the things you want up on your refrigerator and bathroom mirror. Visualize yourself achieving the things pictured. Write your lists of people to contact, and constantly add to this list. Sponsor new people weekly and set the pace for your team. Plan your work, then work your plan.

Start contacting the people on your list, using your sponsor and the 4-step system. Use the tools. Using the system and the tools streamlines planning the work and working the plan. It simplifies the process. Intro: Deliver your One Minute Message then show them the 90-second commercial then go right into the 4-step system ... 1) Hotline, 2) Website, 3) 3-Way Call, 4) Event. Simple system that works.

My kids always say about workout or work ... "I gotta do what I gotta do." They've got it right. Do whatever it takes to succeed with Voyager. You have an incredible product that is simple, effective and in high demand. Share it. You have a pay plan that is paying huge money - after only 144 days in business!  Grab your share of that mammoth market with an all-natural diet pill V3, and run fast, run focused and run hard. Do what ya gotta do. Plan the work, then work the plan. Don't get distracted or discouraged. Stay plugged in to win! Then do the basics of business building with V3. What is that? Your mantra... "sample two a day, everyday...two a day, everyday." It's very simple. It's very fun. Everyone wants what you have. Keep it simple. Keep it fun and just plan the work and work the plan!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's summer! The kids are out of school, vacations have been planned, family reunions are scheduled, and people are pulling out those swimsuits. So now's the time to get serious about spreading the word that you have exactly what they are looking for ... V3 and the hottest, sizzle business on the planet! So, take advantage of these hot summer days (and nights), and start to "sizzle" with your business building!

It's definitely not time to slow down with sharing V3. It's time to double efforts and take full advantage of all that summer offers. There are summer festivals, street fairs, picnics in the park with evening live musical events, street vendors, RV shows, home shows, summer festivities where lots of people can be found mingling, networking and talking. So, be friendly and never leave home without a boat-load of V3 samples! 

Host block parties, pool parties, beach parties, neighborhood barbecues, recipe exchange parties, evening fun adult get-to-together where you just get to know those that live around you. Attend everything. Find out what's going on, then attend! Now's not the time to hide behind your computer. It's time to get out there and aggressively circulate, percolate and let people know what you've got your hands on! Google search for activities and events in your area. Then attend with smiles and samples. Get out there and meet people, gather business cards, and make new friends. Rush over to your local community center and look over the bulletin boards, pick up an activity calendar and flyers of any and all events scheduled for the summer in your area. Know where, when, what is happening, then get involved. 

Gather your teams. Hold weekly parties where F-U-N is mixed colorfully with B-I-Z! Have everyone on your team bring guests, potluck, ice, chairs, and talk the biz while barbecuing, bowling, luau-ing, swimming, celebrating life, the sun, and friendship! Summer gives you a great excuse to get to know your neighbors and co-workers. It gives you the perfect reason to party and share V3 and your fun business. Be friendly. Make new friends. Join in and don't hold back. Google search for groups to join, i.e. "Meet Up", "BNI", "ABW", where you can use that *30 Second Commerical listed below. You have the perfect product and opportunity to share with everyone. So share! Dare to share! Create momentum. SIZZLE! Let people know you are "having fun, losing weight and making money!" Make hay while the sun shines and have a blast doing it. And most importantly ... stay plugged in with the weekly calls, training's, meetings, and 3-way's with your sponsor. Keep your team in the loop and move your business to the next level. Sizzle this summer!

*30 Second Commercial Holding Up V3 Packet --- "I've got the perfect secret weapon for weight control. It's called V3, or Victory brightening the mood, boosting the energy and slamming the appetite! If you were to ask me what I did as a professional Network Marketer I'd say - I'm having fun, helping people, including myself, lose weight, and making money! And what, quite frankly, could be more fun? See me afterward and I'll give you a free sample. You will love it...everyone does!"

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Every professional Network Marketer on the planet that is honestly making the big money will tell you that you must do 3-way calls. We say it, teach it, and do it. But, quite honestly, our people don't duplicate this very important part of the process, and the 4-Step System very well. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of personally sponsored leaders I have, right now, actually doing the 3-way calls. Hmmm...not good. So, let's break it down into "digestible doses", as they say. A couple of years ago I had a great guy say this about 3-way calls (and he was faithfully doing them with me), "I do 3-way calls because I listened to the one with the biggest pile!" I asked, "what do you mean, biggest pile?" He said, "His pile of money was bigger than mine, so I did what he told me to do." Funny. So, since my "pile" may be bigger than yours ... listen and do.

New Associates must do 3-Way calls with their sponsor and the first few people to Launch their business. The sponsor calls your contacts with you. You listen, learn and duplicate. Once you've heard how they introduce the business to your Prospect, you duplicate it with those you sponsor. Easy enough, right? Ok ... do it.

Working the 4-Step System you have need of a Validation 3-Way call. You've delivered your One Minute Message, had them watch the 90-second commercial, had them kick the tires at, (and your replicating website) now you need a kind of "back up" to Validate your opportunity. This is where you call your sponsor and introduce each other. Your sponsor will brag on you and your new business, and will direct your Prospect to the next step, per your instruction of what is needed. Easy huh? Yes it is.

You enroll your new Associate, get their Professional Pak ordered, and go over the 48-Hour Checklist meeting with them. At this point you need to do a Welcome 3-Way call with your sponsor. Brag on your Prospect, edify your upline, and start building team spirit!

You need a Congratulations 3-Way call. Your Associate has rank advanced from Qualified Associate to Director. You call your sponsor and the two of you call your new Director and congratulate them. Easy - but very important.

A few of your team members who have tremendous potential aren't fully engaged in business building. You need help with motivating them into action. You 3-way your sponsor into them to do a simple kick-in-the-booty Motivation 3-Way call. Your sponsor comes from "inspiration" vs "desperation", so they will put a leadership spin on the call and help you get your team into action mode.

Let's review. Launch, Validation, Welcome, Congratulations, Motivation. All important to team building. People don't care until they know you care. You've heard that right? Well, with Network Marketing, it's important to help your people get started, validate them, welcome new and congratulate everything that is going on. Again, I learned the important 3-Way call from someone who had the biggest pile. Doing it gave me an even bigger pile - as they say. :-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Get plugged in. Stay plugged in. Get your teams plugged in. Keep your teams plugged in. If you or your team aren't plugged in, guess what? You'll lose your dream, and your team will die. Bottom-line - the team support site, the recorded hotlines, the Monday 7am PST morning Core Leadership calls for Executives, Regionals and Nationals, the weekly 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls, the Saturday  morning Advanced Training calls 7am PST, the email blasts, the Biz Blogs, the monthly corporate update call first Monday of every month ... keep you "wired to win!" Get plugged in.

We look at the teams that are cookin'. The majority of that team is plugged in. We can look at who gets on the calls, who is on Facebook, following us on Twitter, are also the same teams that are calling for 3-way Validation calls, Team Welcome calls, and are fully engaged in business building. Get serious about Voyager. We have a fun product that is solving serious problems. We are a fat, depressed, broke nation. We need Voyager and V3. The country needs Voyager and V3. In order to share it - plug in, use the tools, follow the 4-step system, talk to more people, sponsor more people, step up and be the leader, and PLUG IN.

Get people signed into Check daily for updates. This is your team support site. The "stuff" uploaded there comes from 40 years of success in Network Marketing. These tools and systems work. They simplify success for you and your team. Use them. Plug in. Get on those calls. The calls are first and foremost to 1) re-sell the dream to the existing team. That means to plug in to stay motivated!  2) sell the dream to new people. Just GET PLUGGED IN - STAY PLUGGED IN - PLUG YOUR TEAMS IN. Gather your teams on Saturday around a speakerphone and listen to those advanced SUCCESS STRATEGIES trainings - then SIZZLE afterwards on how to implement what you've just listened to together. Use the nightly BLITZ calls with sponsoring and sampling new people. During BLITZ months these calls are nightly at 4:30pm PST. Again, and finally ... GET PLUGGED IN TO WIN!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team Up!

Nancy Feinberg, Robin Williams (Valdosta, GA) and Sandi Burgess
Watching the Tony's two nights ago, and my favorite Broadway singer, Sutton Foster as she sang "Anything Goes" (huge tap number),the song "Friendship" kept coming to mind from that fun show by Cole Porter. (FYI - Sutton won best female performer in a Broadway musical!)  Friendships are very important, aren't they? And the friendships we make in this business last forever. In fact, the first people we called to jump on board with Voyager were our former Networking friends, (i.e. Nancy Feinberg, Elaine Tomrell, Marc and Cynthia Miller, Gail and Al Cashman, Billy Banks, Carol Levine-Gilbert, Shelley Ball, etc.)

The people you involve with you on your V-team (Voyager Peeps!), and those that are attracted to Network Marketing are usually goal-oriented, friendly people who are willing to work at this business in the nooks and crannies of their days - even when holding down a family and/or full-time job. They want more from life than just working a J-O-B (just over broke), and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at this business. They are great people to know and be around. They are positive, productive people, and they love networking, and have a special zest for life. They want what you do, and have the vision and commitment to see it through. They always add to that needed rah-rah team spirit that grows your area quickly and creates momentum.

Creating that important area team spirit starts with: a) finding a biz buddy in your area to work with, b) building a team - starting in your own backyard. That's why in-home meetings, gatherings and parties are so necessary to biz building at the grassroots. It's not "who you know" in this biz, it's "who can they lead you to?" or, in some cases, "who they leave behind for you to work with." So, assignment #1 - find your buddy, then #2 - start building together by teaming-up and pounding the pavement, meeting 2-on-1 with Prospects, holding In-Home Biz Briefings, Biz Brunches and Lunches, Pill Parties and together create synergy, excitement and area momentum!

Don't work this business alone. No man is an island, especially in Network Marketing. Don't try re-inventing the wheel. Buddy-up, partner-up, team-up and make things fun and magnetic. When people see what your doing is fun and simple, has a high-demand (V3), and they can see themselves doing the same thing, they simply have to be a part of the action. They do  not want to miss out! Empower each other. Do a morning report to each other. Sizzle and strategize together. Motivate each other. Keep each other on track with building your Voyager biz. Look through the papers to see where trade shows, fairs, events are taking place. (I will teach Summer Sizzle Strategies at Saturday morning this week!) Join clubs and networking groups, gym, spas together, and really get out there and do "walkabouts" together to find new people. Make things happen...together. Don't work alone, guys. It's far more effective and F-U-N to TEAM-UP!

Friday, June 10, 2011


‎"There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or out. There's no such thing as a life in-between." 
- Pat Riley

This Pat Riley statement is so true. Whether it is sports you want to excel at, music or Network Marketing, you have to consciously make the choice to succeed - choosing if you are in or out - then go strong and hard at succeeding. There is no in-between with success. You must decide to do something, find out what needs to be done to accomplish the task at hand, and then make the commitment to DO it full out. From there, put blinders on, focus and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. You must fully ENGAGE and make it happen.

As an operatically trained singer, my voice teacher asked for my commitment from the get-go, and said to me when I was a young 18 year old freshman at the University of Utah, "if you are going to be an operatic singer, you must commit to that, own it, then practice day and night to achieve success with it." So, that's exactly what I did. I rented a practice room on campus, and spent literally six hours a day in that room (and various rehearsal halls), practicing, memorizing songs and scores, learning music, did the necessary vocal exercising, studied legendary operatic singers, attended classes, rehearsed into the wee hours of the morning with operatic and oratorio productions, attended language classes in German, French and Italian, attended the required classes and coaching in music history, conducting and theory, more rehearsals, performed in master classes, recitals, and the list goes on and on. I did what I had to do to see myself successful with leads in the opera's, solo spots with the Utah Symphony, and major roles with numerous music organizations, productions and national telecasts. It was an exciting and exhausting time! Was it easy? No. Was it rewarding? Yes. Did I achieve success with singing? Yes, and I loved it, and still use those skills today with voice teaching and music directing.

Lights on Broadway Production 2006
People have always asked me what my "secret" for success is with Network Marketing. How is it that I always realize those big five and six figure a month checks? That's an easy answer. Commitment and hard work. I get fully ENGAGED in business building right out the gate. And the rewards for hard work are huge, folks. But without committing to business building (doing what ya gotta do), you won't succeed in this business. You have to decide to be "in or out." 

The phrase, "if you work this business casually, you become a casualty," puts your commitment level into perspective. And with Network Marketing, there's always been a path to follow in business building. Nothing new. No shortcuts. You write your goals, determine your "why" (your passion), start writing your list of people to contact, use your sponsor to validate with three-way calling, meet face-to-face with appointments doing presentations, hold In-Home meetings, meet new people, gather business cards, and always stay plugged in with all that your team is doing. You FULLY ENGAGE. 

Most people never fully ENGAGE. To engage is to immediately take action - meet with your sponsor and go through that 48-Hour checklist. Then book your six weeks of Launch meetings and do them with your sponsor. Then check off Director, and get to Executive as soon as you can. From there, you simply and aggressively go to work to reach Regional then National. You must FULLY ENGAGE.

Never miss weekly Thursday 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls! These calls keep you and your team pumped and moving forward. Don't stop talking to people, adding to your Prospect 200 list, sample two a day, everyday. Set the example for your team to emulate and follow. Gather your team consistently. Get them all signed in for communications at Get them on the Saturday morning Success Strategies training. ENGAGE them in everything that is going on with telephone calls, email updates, text messaging reminders, recognize them, and help them succeed. 

Build your business and achieve your goals. Stretch those goals as the small ones are achieved. Don't settle for so-so business building. The sky is the limit with Voyager and the V3 product. People want desperately what we've got. They just don't know about it yet. It all starts with your commitment (in or out) then seeing yourself immediately ENGAGED in the process - using the 4-Step System - being a leader who knows where they are going and then doing whatever it takes to get to the top of the pay plan. Don't let yourself or your people slip through the cracks. Love them enough to ENGAGE them in the business building process. Fully ENGAGE and see your dreams come true! (Click below to listen.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have always loved visuals. Something plastered on my bulletin board, refrigerator, mirror, or dashboard. Having something positive to focus on when things get tough or distracting. That includes the "why" that keeps you on track and motivated to do the business consistently every day, sponsor new every week, without deviation. This picture is one of those visuals highlighting the word PASSION. Passion for Network Marketing - V3 - business building and people - keep us on track for achieving our goals with this business. That passion doesn't let anything stop us. Passion for our product moves us to talk to everyone. Passion for Network Marketing helps us direct our presentations, whether face-to-face, on the phones or with meetings. Our passion will see us sample two a day, everyday. Our passion will see us sponsoring new people every week. Our passion will help us achieve anything!

~ When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible. ~

~ Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about. ~ Steve Pavllina

We are only 133 days old. We are in that start-up phase where we experience hiccups, headaches, along with happiness. We are at the beginning of something huge. We need to hold on to that and consistently (daily) talk to people, sample people, sponsor new Associates and visualize our goals and dreams. We must dig deep and find our personal passion. That passion will light the fire within you - keep you focused - keep you motivated, and keep you excited about this business. 133 days old and yet, some have already quit. Why? No personal passion. Passion for People - for Product - for Possibility - for Purpose!  How? Stay plugged in. Never miss calls. Never miss a day without sharing the business. Never miss an opportunity to talk to someone about Voyager. Stay passionate. Share from your heart. Do whatever it takes to build your business. Your passion will ignite the fire within you to burn forever! Be that person who leads others to success. Be that person who has Passion and Purpose and makes a difference!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm sure you are getting the picture of how much fun this Voyager biz is with a hot new diet pill that makes you happy, energized and suppresses your appetite big time! What a fun business to be in. So simple. So duplicatable. Your job...keep it fun!

I've added a great power point presentation to - our team support site - that guides you easily through any presentation, whether face-to-face, small In-Home meetings, or large venues. The presentation covers five points: 1) Your Story, 2) Company, 3) Product, 4) Pay Plan, 5) Timing. After welcoming everyone and telling how you stumbled onto V3, then simply mention that Voyager is a brand new company located in Las Vegas, NV, with a hot new all-natural diet pill called V3. V3 stands for Victory over three important areas that always ruin every diet - no matter how hard you try - mood, energy and appetite. Then show the wonderful 90-second commercial, then share or bring up testimonials. Stick with the power point presentation, adding your own fun stories and fun facts. 

For large venues, use a projector. With face-to-face appointments, copy the power point pages and place them in clear page protectors in the front of your Biz Binder. For Skinny Pill Parties, luncheons and smaller meetings, have the pages blown up like a flip chart and place them on a white board-type easel. I, personally, like to use every page because it keeps me on point and involves the audience visually, as well as audit-orally. 

With Skinny Pill Parties - have tons more fun. make sure you have a festive display with balloons, then share a few fun jokes to start things off (warm up the crowd), after you tell your quick story. Here are ones I've used ...

(1) "When we started our diet as a team, we had a talking scale. Each member of the team got on and it said, Jane 133, Tom 210, etc. Then it was my turn. I proudly got on the scale and it said (a little too loudly) ... one at a time!"

(2) "Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever"

(3) "Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with cookies and ice cream!"


1. Never weigh yourself with wet hair.

2. When weighing, remove everything, 
including eyeglasses. In this case, blurred vision is an asset. And remember to remove all jewelry - it must weigh at least a pound!

3. Buy only cheap scales, never the  medical kind. Accuracy is the enemy and high quality scales are very accurate.

4. Weigh yourself after a haircut, this is good for up to half a pound of hair, right?

5. Exhale with all your might before stepping onto the scale. (Air has weight :-)

6. Start out with just one foot on the scale, then holding onto a towel rod slowly edge your other foot onto the scale while slowly releasing the towel rod. Admittedly, this takes time, but it's worth it. You will weigh at least two pounds less than if you'd stepped onto the scale normally...correct?

Fun stuff! And that's the point. After sharing a few fun jokes, like the ones listed above, go into your presentation using the flip chart. Use the tools. Have a Call-In from your sponsor with a speaker phone. Hold an On-Time drawing. Use the Diet Dollars as incentives. Just have fun. Be creative and team-up with other Associates in your area. Sizzle beforehand to think of ways to keep things light and fun! Keep your presentation fast-paced and create a fun atmosphere where everyone wants what you have (V3), and everyone wants to do what you are doing - having fun, losing weight and making money!  Skinny Pill Parties can be the "place to be" this summer, so go for it!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It!

"Lookin', Bookin', and Cookin'!"

"Dialin' and Smilin'!" (old school)

"Walkin', Talkin', and Rockin'!"

"Blitzin' and Glitzin'!"

"Dining and Signing!"

"Having fun, losing weight, making money!"

Get the fun, upbeat lingo? If what you are doing isn't fun, you are in the wrong business and need to jump in with both feet with the new kid on the MLM block called Voyager Health Technologies and the fabulous magic happy, skinny pill called V3! I'm serious. If what you are currently doing is hard, you are in the wrong company. If it's complicated, forget it. If you aren't rockin' and rollin' with your One Minute Message, you are on a slow boat to no-money. "When in doubt ... diet!"

"You've got to take a look at an exciting, new project that I'm working on with a hot little diet pill that: brightens the mood, boosts your energy and completely SLAMS the appetite! Oh my gosh, you are going to love this. People are having fun, losing weight and making money. Let's do this together!"

You can literally approach anybody with V3. Everyone wants to feel happy. Everyone wants to lose a little weight. Everyone wants to make extra money. Right? Of course right. No matter who they are, even if you are hesitant to chat with them about a "diet pill." Just ask how they are, catch up, then when they ask you how you are doing, go into your intro, then One Minute Message. Show the commercial, have them listen to the 2 minute recorded Hotline (949) 266-5837, then give them a FREE sample of V3. It's really that easy.

Henry Ford
Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.

Unknown Author
Genius is nothing more than inflamed enthusiasm.

Charles Schwab 
A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is key, as stated in the above quotes. Have fun, in fact, have a BLAST with this BIZ!!! Use fun lingo. Smile at everyone you meet. And every single time you do something that moves your biz forward - sampling, selling, sponsoring - say "I'm cookin'!" Because ... It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have no idea when Ken and I started saying the phrase, "when in doubt - diet," when talking to people about getting involved with a Network Marketing business, but we have seen first-hand how much fun working with a simple hot diet product is, and how easy it is to build a thriving business with a simple diet pill. And with duplication being the key to success with Network Marketing, the simpler the product and message, the better for business building. My philosophy, "if a homemaker can sell the product from the back of her minivan while watching her kids play soccer, you have a winner!" holds strong and true when you have a simple diet pill to sample, sell and sponsor with. It just doesn't get any easier!

What this country doesn't need right now, with obesity going from 16% in 2009 to 37% in 2010, is another diet program, plan or book. There are literally thousands to choose from. What this country does need, however, is an effective, affordable simple TOOL to help them stick with any diet plan and program they choose to be on. We all know the drill with dieting. We all start out Monday morning with good intentions, but by Wednesday or Thursday we feel we have blown it, and then we have to start all over again Monday morning, after beating ourselves up and cleaning out our refrigerators, before attempting it again. Sound familiar? That's why everyone desperately wants and needs V3. 

What a lucky day it was when my husband, Ken brought home a little magic pill called V3 and said, "try this." Within 20 minutes I felt it. I felt happy. This was a first. I had been grumpy and a little depressed, to be honest. "What's in this?" I said. Then at 7pm that night I was surprised and said to Ken, "I literally have no desire to eat!" (Another first for me!) That's when we both knew that what we had found with V3 was mammoth. We knew that people would love this product, and as soon as they had the chance to try it, would love it too.

We all need HELP! We need what V3 brings together in one little pill. Natural components of vitamins, minerals, kelp, dark cocoa powder, oil of geranium, etc., that brighten the mood, boost the energy, and completely SLAMS the appetite! And with the obesity statistics showing that we are all out of control (going from 16% obese in 2009 to 37% obese in 2010), V3 has come to us at just the right time. We just have to let people know it is available. It is incredible! You take it. You feel it. You love it. With V3, you have a chance to really make a difference on the planet with regards to health, and make some serious money. With V3, everyone can do what all fitness expert want us to do. That is to eat less and move more. We have the secret weapon for weight control that should no longer be kept a secret.

So when asked what you are up to lately. Simply say, "I'm having fun, losing weight, making money!" Then show that cool 90-second commercial, listen to the recorded hotline (949) 266-5837, have them kick the tires at, try a FREE sample, then let them hop on to the nightly calls and hear the success stories. They will be blown away - and they will thank you everyday for sharing V3 with them. So guys, go for it! And remember with working a business from home - full time, part time, or some time - when in doubt, DIET!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stay Fired-Up!!!

Have you ever noticed how fired-up a new person is when they first enroll in this business? They talk to literally everyone. They are unstoppable. They've lost a little weight, feel happy, energized and more focused. They are pumped, and nothing can stop them from succeeding at their new venture (project). It is awesome. You were that way too. The secret to you making big bucks with your Voyager biz is to stay that way. You must stay fired-up!

How do you stay fired-up? First, and foremost, keep personally enrolling new people! Their fresh, positive energy will rub off on you, change your paradigm from "whining to winning", and keep you pumped! Secondly, stay plugged in with what is going on with the nightly BLITZ calls Monday-Thursday, weekly Biz Briefing calls on Thursday night, Saturday Success Strategy training calls, consistent communication with your sponsor via email, text messaging, and 3-way calling. Thirdly, daily explore the team support site of This site is constantly updated with tweaks, tools and current calls. (I may start a Where's Waldo contest with figuring out what I added in my compulsive behavior moments late at night.) And thirdly, by doing the daily income generating activities that actually build and grow your business. These are the basics ... sample two a day, everyday (mantra), sponsor two a month, every month (minimum.) Rank advance and stay laser-focused on your goals, and know your "why!" 

We are 124 days old! And what shocks me, is that there are people on the team who have already quit. What's that about? Baffling. It's like going to college for 124 days and expecting a degree! That's why you've got to stay fired-up by doing the above mentioned things consistently. 124 days and the product is working, and the pay plan is paying. What else do you need? Nothing. Because you are independent, creative, bright individuals who love the product, understand the timing, have the desire to succeed, and have written your goals down. Right? If not...STOP right now and write down those goals, determine your "why", and then get to work!

If you ever question yourself. Listen to the trainings recorded and uploaded at If you need more ideas, join in Saturday morning with the Success Strategy calls. Need validation? Do a 3-way call with your sponsor. Need motivation? Listen to the testimonials on Thursday night. Need a path to follow? Follow the proven 4-Step System!

"Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas."  - Henry Ford

Love this quote. This country needs V3. This country needs Voyager. Give it to them. Don't be selfish by keeping it a secret, or hesitate because you don't know what to say. That's why I created the 4-Step System. Ask, "how are  you?" They answer and respond, "how are you?" You say - "I'm having fun, losing weight, making money!" They ask more questions. You answer with your One Minute Message, show the commercial, call the hotline and say "listen to this.." then sample them and take them through the 4-Step System..1)hotline, 2)website, 3)3-way call, 4)event. The event is anything you have at your fingertips, from a nightly BLITZ CALL (4:30pm PST), a Thursday night 18 Min Biz Briefing call (6pm PST), an area Biz Brunch, meeting, In-home, face-to-face appointment ... whatever. Just get eyeball-to-eyeball with them and show them the BIZ!

You are invaluable to us as we move forward. We're a baby company with a GIANT product and pay plan. And you are important to us - to the team - to the success of the company. Do what ya gotta do to stay fired-up. voyager is awesome! Ken and I have already made over six figures in just 124 days! And, quite honestly, we are not as sharp as you. So...get fired-up and talk to everyone who bascially fogs a mirror! Who knows? You may find yourself an Elaine Tomrell or Nancy Feinberg. They are out there looking to be "fired-up" too!!!