Monday, January 30, 2012


When distributors are actively bringing people to the meetings, calls and webinars, and are building their business, they want events that they can count on. That's why consistency with scheduling events is important, and following the same scripting makes perfect sense. The ole' "same time, same place" works beautifully with teams that are in motion moving to momentum. They want to be able to count on that Tuesday Team Testimonial call (Biz Briefing), that Wednesday Webinar, and Thursday In-Home meeting. When a team is not bringing guests to meetings, or putting new prospects on the calls or webinars, you'll hear them complaining, "ok, so I've heard all of this. Give us something new."  Not ... nada ... nope ... no way. :-)

In the last big company we were with for near fourteen years, I would go into areas to do large hotel meetings, along with the in-Home meetings, and there were individuals who always came, and always brought new guests. And they, because of consistency with bringing people to look at the opportunity, went on to making those 6-figure a month bonus checks! And I remember these same individuals at my meetings calling from the audience to me, "tell them that joke about...." I would smile and, of course, tell my tired jokes, and they would laugh right along with their new prospects, then sign them up!

It's all about consistently inviting people, picking them up, 3-way calling them into and gathering them together participating in the scheduled weekly events. Your consistency will make you more money than you can spend.  So keep those presentations packed and exciting by first, making sure that you always have someone new with you. Pick them up and take them with you to the meeting. 3-way call with them into those Tuesday Testimonial calls, and meet up with them to watch that Wednesday Webinar together. And, as you watch, listen and participate, remember...we don't mind if you call out to us something like, "tell that joke about..." It will just make us smile, tell the tired joke, and treasure the fact that you are there.  xo

Friday, January 27, 2012


If you want people to be at a meeting with you, pick them up. If you want them listening to a Tuesday Biz Briefing call, 3-way them into the call with you. If you want a person to watch a Wednesday Webinar with you, have them over and watch it together. Get the picture?

We always used to answer people who asked us how we had such great success with the businesses in the past this way. "We simply sample them, then drag 'em to a meeting!" We knew that if we could get them to the meeting, on the call, watching the webinar, we could take it from there and sign 'em up. Our job was just to get them to the event so they could catch the vision of what we were doing, hear the success stories, feel the passion of the people, and run with the excitement! 

Please don't let yourself get caught up in sitting at your desk, behind your computer, trying to build your business. You've got to (as they say) "circulate to peculate!" That's why we always teach our team to meet their prospects face-to-face, or as they say in Century 21, "belly-to-belly," and look into their eyes, share your story - your "why" - and get to know your prospects personally, so that you can effectively give a full presentation customized just for them. Learn about them. Know their dreams - their hopes - their concerns. And this can only happen when done in person.

So, get out there my fab team of talented individuals. Meet new people, gather business cards, book appointments and 3-way those prospects into the Tuesday night call, have them over to watch the Wednesday webinar with you, and on up with other Associates in the area, and hold a meeting. Then to be sure they attend, get into your car and go pick 'em up!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Make a Friend First

Sherry Holmen, Judy Roberts, Marty Weeks
Don't let anyone tell you differently, network marketing is all about the friendships. Call it person-to-person marketing, relationship marketing, or multi-level marketing, it's all the same and it's built on the relationships you make, bonds that are formed and trust that connects one person to another. 

"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." ~Douglas Pagels

Phil and Nancy Feinberg, Ken Burgess, Elaine and Scott Tomrell
Take time to build a relationship with those you bring to your team. What is their "why", and what are their goals? Listen to their needs and see how best this business will work into their lives. Help them write their goals and assist them with those 3-way calls and in-home meetings. And congratulate them every step of the way to achieving those goals. 

So many people try to just build a network marketing business on the internet, or with a lead generating system, and never connect with those they sponsor. John Maxwell says, "everyone communicates, very few connect," and I totally agree with this, especially in this business. You can still utilize those internet-type tools, but you must connect in a way that empowers the individual you have recruited, and makes them feel like someone cares about them as a person.

The secret to creating a huge team and those six-figure a month bonus checks? Build relationships through knowing the needs of those you lead. Meet with them. Gather them together with your team. Celebrate together and recognize their talents. Everyone brings something unique to the table with this biz, so  build on those strengths and care about those you work side-by-side with.

Rick Ball, Ken and Sandi Burgess, Shelley Ball
Butch Lafargue, Eddie Metcalf, Billy Banks
We have made some incredible friends in this business. We treasure those friendships. Companies have come and gone, but our friendships live forever. So as you build your business, re-acquaint with old contacts on Facebook, or meet someone new that you know will be awesome in the biz, take time right from the start by meeting with them face-to-face (48-checklist), and discover what makes them tick. And before counting the bonuses that you plan to earn if they turn out to be a key leader for you, make it a point to make them a friend first by being a friend to them. The rest will come in due time. :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


In this awesome network marketing business, you must learn to be a master at inviting. You must position yourself right from the beginning of your involvement as an event promoter. The better you are at inviting people to take a look at what you are doing, the more money you will make. 

You invite your prospect to take a look at your 90-second commercial. You invite them to listen to you while you recite your One Minute Message. 
"I've got an amazing project that I want you to take a look at. 
You are going to love this. 
I've found a hot little all-natural diet pill called V3 that does three things: 
brightens your mood, boosts your energy, and completely slams your appetite! 
This is so exciting and everyone is 
having fun, losing weight and making money.
 I want you to do this with me!"

You invite your prospect to listen to your recorded hotline message that introduces them to the business opportunity. 
You invite them to try a sample of your product. You invite them to check out your website. You invite them to listen to the Tuesday Biz Briefing call at 6pm pacific. You invite them to watch a 25 minute Wednesday Webinar at 6pm pacific. You invite them to meet with you face-to-face where you present your opportunity. You invite them to attend a local In-home meeting with you. You invite them to chat on a 3-way call with your sponsor. You invite them to get involved in your business with you. You invite them to training's, events, to everything that is going on. 

Then once they are involved with you in the business, guess what? You invite them to jump in with both feet and do what you do - plug in, promote, and participate in everything. And to make sure they do, you have to continue inviting, reminding with booking, calling, emailing and texting!  Make sure they sign into our team support site Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Sign in to receive Text Messaging reminders --- from mobile phone have them call 41411 and type in --- BURGESSBIZ. Make sure to invite them to join the Facebook groups: V3 Success Stories - V3 Team Support - Voyager Biz Tips. 

Yes, it seems like a lot to do, right? Nah - it's fun. Because once you understand how important it is to master the art of inviting, you'll build a team that will reward you in ways that you can not imagine. Your business will explode! So, don't just "invite" ... over invite!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Stay excited about your business. 90% of what we do is fun. We even call our V3 the "happy skinny pill!" Of necessity, successful independent business builders must be enthusiastic, sincere, articulate and believable. When you are excited and share from your heart, you are like a magnet to the individuals you are sharing the business with. When depressed and appear like you don't like what you are doing, it's impossible to attract anyone to join you, and you most likely will not succeed with your business building. So let's prepare ourselves now - and prepare your newly sponsored people - on how to  "dodge the depression" torpedo before it sinks your business building ship. 

Success with business building in network marketing takes a positive, uplifting personality and demonstrable enthusiasm and exuberance. This comes from first realizing how exciting network marketing is - it's core benefits that include: working from home, working your own hours, choosing the people you want to work with and be a part of your team, being creative, looking the boss in the mirror, not fighting traffic or punching a time card, and truly living the American Dream. The freedoms include possible financial freedom with no limits to how much you can make, and freedom to work wherever you are in your pajamas if you choose to do so! There are tax advantages, travel opportunities, friendships, and recognition for your accomplishments, and so much more. Catch the vision of why this industry is so incredible, then write down your own personal "why" and dreams, chart out your path to succeed, visualize your success, take your V3,  then share from your heart with as many people as you can.

When a friend or family member declines the offer to come to home meeting or presentation, or worse, stands you up after accepting your invitation, don't get depressed or down. Just focus on the ones that did show up, sponsor them and move on. Sometimes people quit before they start, and that's just the way it is in this biz. Don't let their quitting effect you. Just move on, put on that V3 button, sponsor someone new and help them get their business started. That new person you sponsor will change your entire paradigm from sad to happy instantly!  

Stay plugged in with the calls, the webinar, your team and leaders. Stay coach-able and positive. When down - go up (upline that is). Things happen - life happens. And your job is to stay excited so that you can be an influence for good and positive action. People love being around happy, positive people. So, surround yourself with those types of people, and be one yourself.  Remember to work with your leaders, don't beg or babysit those people that just don't "get it", stay excited, take your V3, qualify for that monthly bonus pool ... then invite everyone you know over and throw a "Happy Pill Party!"

Monday, January 9, 2012


There is a process...a 4-step system for recruiting that works. To be effective with business building in network marketing, you can not be unorganized or haphazard, and hope something happens for you. You need a system where there are exacts and definites in place for people to plug right into, giving them a proven path to follow. It has taken over 35 years to perfect this proven system, and we feel good about what we have put into place, seeing what works, what doesn't work, and then fine-tuning the process. With every step within the 4-Step System, you ask people to take a L@@K and to get involved with you in the business. Maybe someone gets excited right after watching the commercial and swallowing the pill, while others have to go through every step before deciding to involve themselves. And that's OK. Just get them to take a look until they see what you see.

Our 4-step system has had many names throughout the years to include a baseball diamond, the Prospecting Pipeline, The Circle of Duplication, etc.. But no matter what you call it, there are 4 simple steps to take to see results with recruiting, teaching your team to duplicate, and to growing your business.

The system starts with step #1, showing the 90-Second Commercial. The commercial is fun and very product-driven. And showing the commercial pretty much sells the product for you. Now it's time to establish the opportunity with your prospect. That is easily done with you handing them your cell phone to listen to the recorded hotline (951) 262-3873. By pressing #1 they will hear an introduction to the business opportunity recorded by Ken Burgess. Most people do not know how to introduce the business. That is why we recorded the hotline for you. You can sample the product here, or better yet, sell them a months supply of the product.

Step #2 is where you follow-up with a 3-way with your sponsor to validate you and your opportunity. You also answer any questions they may have, and again ask them to get involved with you in the business. You have them check out your replicating website and the team support site to read up on product testimonials and listen to these testimonials and archived calls. Show them what to check out while there. 

Step #3 has you inviting them to an event. An event includes listening to a weekly call, webinar, or to meet you face-to-face for a presentation. An event also includes local meetings as well. Your goal is to expose them to the business by parading the tools you have in front of them. The closer they look at your opportunity, the more likely it is that they will want to enroll with you. Tell them you want them on your team, and ask them to get involved. Your only job is to ask them to take a look, then let the tools tell the story.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chef Gadget!

Ok, it's true. I love kitchen gadgets! I love shopping kitchen stores, and I'm a gluten for purchasing online after watching an infomercial that is demonstrating (quite effectively) another better, faster and newer gadget. I have learned, however, to read up on reviews, usually posted on, to make sure the so-called miracle gadget really performs as promised. My newest request for Christmas this year was accomodated by my eldest son Ben and his wife, Cooper. They sent me the new Nicer Dicer. I love it and did all of my "prep" for the week today with it. It rocks! This is the 3rd dicer (newer versions). I wore one completely out, and after opening this new red Nicer Dicer on Christmas morning, I handed over my other dicer to David and his fiance', Sarah. They will love it, in fact...they already do!

Other kitchen items I use all of the time, and absolutely love, include my panini grill, Red-set-go Express, hand juicer (like Guy Fieri), mandolin, immersion blender, Wolfgang's Bistro mixer, Cuisinart food processor, etc. Anything that speeds up the process, as they say. And I get more excited about receiving these fun gadgets than if I'd received a diamond tennis bracelet! Sounds crazy, I know. But with everything I'm doing with building a biz from home, teaching voice students, writing and recording training's, directing choirs...I need "tools" to move things along more effectively, efficiently and quickly. Ahhhh, now you know where I'm going with this - right?

USE THE TOOLS. Let the tools introduce the product and business to a new prospect. Let the tools move them through the "pipeline." Streamline the prospecting process with the tools. The tools are far more effective than you over-selling, talking to much, complicating the message and trying to be the expert. (That just wouldn't be duplicatable!) Use and abuse the tools. Tools include the recorded "hotline" (951) 262-3873, the 90-second commercial, the team support site, the sample packet, the 3-way call, your Facebook groups, the weekly Biz Briefing, Mentoring, and training calls, webinars and. of course, your trusty Biz Binder with presentation pages and before and after pix. Get the picture? Make your life easier, your sampling more effective, your follow-up simpler, while keeping the duplication factor well in place. Tools talk, thus you too can be a "chef gadget" in your own unique way, right?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I was interviewing some key leaders in a network marketing company a few years back, and when I asked one of the gals to summarize her secret to success she said simply, "stay excited." At the time I thought that was rather remedial, but as the years have passed with networking, I realize there is tremendous wisdom in those simple two words, "stay excited."

We all start out excited. We've had success with the product, we realize the timing couldn't be more opportune and everyone we talk to about our magic little "happy skinny pill" wants it as soon as they can get their hands on it, right? And we love that our V3 pill is filling a seven (7) year void in the marketplace, which means huge opportunity for us! And after a few "learning curve" months with this biz we realize that working for ourselves is 90% fun. But staying excited isn't always easy if we don't recognize that the "depression torpedo" can hit at any time without warning. So, my fab friends, prepare to dodge that 'depression torpedo' and stay excited about what you are doing.

Adapt the four "P's" right from the start - Plug In, Promote, Participate and stay Positive. Don't miss those Tuesday Biz Briefing calls at 6pm. Hearing those team testimonials keeps you realizing how exciting this business is. Even if you listen alone - listen. Promote these calls with your team and guests every week. Participate as much as you can with the calls, with joining Voyager groups on Facebook, and doing a quick "shout out" with every call. Be on the Monday Mentoring calls. Learn and teach the basics with your team. Be on the Saturday Strategy calls with your team. Meet with them after and "sizzle" about the topics taught. 

Recognize the fact that "Attitude Determines Altitude" in this biz.  If you have down days, take a walk, shake it off, then call your upline and talk it out. Never talk negative downline...ever!  Stay positive and pumped. Negativity has  no place with team building. Practice "self talk" that pumps you up. Adapt the "I'm smokin'!" attitude with everything you do. Act as my motto. Visualize yourself achieving top positions, walking across the stage being recognized for achievements. See yourself winning and then be a winner. Read great books on success, then walk the talk. You will achieve anything your mind can conceive. 

It's a numbers game with network marketing. You've heard that before, and you will continue to hear it over and over again. You want success with this biz? Sponsor more people, surround yourself with winners, and work with your leaders. Don't babysit your people or beg them to do something. Those that will WILL. Those that won't DON'T. Bottom-line here. Work with those that work, and continually bring in new people. A new excited person you sponsor will completely change your paradigm from depressed to pumped in a New York minute! So...get new people and stay excited!!!