Thursday, April 28, 2011


Look in the mirror and say out loud, "I am a professional Network Marketer.  I teach people how to successfully build a business from home.  I create leaders. The company I have chosen to represent has a hot, new diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy, and completely slams your appetite!  It is awesome, and so easy.  I simply show a 90-second commercial, 3-way into a hotline 2 minute message at (949) 266-5837, give a sample of V3, and follow a simple 4-step system that includes a team support site at  It's really that easy.Timing couldn't get any more perfect.  And timing is everything."

Know who you are as a professional Network Marketer.  Own it, and love what you do.  Stand proud.  Know that more millionaires come from this amazing Network Marketing business than from anywhere else.  You are not a salesman.  You are a professional networker - a Success Coach.  The benefits to you in this business are off the chart!  You work from home, when you want, and with whom you choose.  You can literally write your own paycheck.  The more people you share your business with and sponsor onto your team, the more money you'll make.  You develop leaders.  You empower people.  You are the master of your own destiny, and you have no limits.  You look the boss in the mirror every morning, and you have the ultimate freedoms attached to this business.  There are no time clocks to punch.  No traffic to fight to get to work, and nobody to answer to.  You are living the American Dream.  And no one can stop you from succeeding and living life to the fullest!.

Go for it!  You've chosen the right vehicle with Voyager Health Technologies.  Time is on your side.  There's been a huge void in the diet pill market for near 8 years.  You have the perfect product to fill that void. A void that produced over $2 billion a year!  You have the opportunity to own a piece of that market.  Obesity is out of control in this country going from 16% obese in 2009 to over 37% obese in 2010!  The economy has hurt people you know, love and care about.  You now have a chance to make a difference.  You can share this business with everyone you know.  They, too, can look the boss in the mirror every morning.

Get pumped.  Get plugged in.  Get focused.  Create momentum.  And know that you deserve Voyager.  Don't keep it a secret.  Share the dream ... Build the team.  Make things happen.  Own it.  Share it.  Your mantra is - TWO A DAY, EVERYDAY.  Let the May BLITZ with calls every night at 7:30pm EST (213) 289-0500 code 303063# be your time to shine and set the pace for your team to follow.  Make a difference.  The country needs what you have.  Look the boss in the mirror and know you are in the right place at just the right time.  Being the boss is being proud of what you are about to accomplish.  Go big - or go home, as they say.  I vote to GO BIG!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sharing the Dream!

That's what we're talking about (all month with the Saturday Success Strategy trainings at 7am PST)!  Pictured (above) are Robert Gutman and Gretchen Connor-Gutman sharing the dream, building the team and literally taking the products to the people.  I love it, and I love their new table cloth!  Very snazzy guys :-)  V3 can pack up and go anywhere.  The home meetings for you and your team, Pill Parties, salon waiting areas, libraries, senior centers, YMCA rooms, coffee shops, fitness club demo's, condominium or planned community club houses, backyard get-together's, block parties , Biz Barbeque's, --- or, as pictured, a school Health Fair!  It's a "have product will travel" business.  Take the products to the people and share the dream!

Know this deep within your soul.  Everyone needs what you have with Voyager Health Technologies.  Everyone.  Your job?  Give them what they want.  Give them hope and possibility, starting with V3.  Take the products to the people.  Get eyeball to eyeball with everyone on the planet - starting with those that live locally in your backyard.  Launch yourself with an official Launch Party!  Do this with your sponsor.  Do this for six weeks and see how things start to happen around you.  Re-launch often to keep your business exciting, festive, fresh and fun!  Create momentum by personally finding new people every month to sponsor.

These are the facts.  The people who need what you have - especially the V3 for mood, energy and appetite -  aren't always the people going to the gym and spa everyday working out.  They are often found sitting at home, watching the Food Network or Cooking channel, feeling a bit out of control, depressed, and maybe a little hopeless.  (That sounds like me before V3.)  And if a kind, friendly neighbor or family member hosts a home meeting or Pill Party, and invites them to attend, guess what?  They will go, maybe in their worn out sweat pants, as a favor to that friend or family member.  And that's awesome!  There they will learn about V3 and Voyager Health Technologies.  They probably didn't even know such a phenomenal product was even available to them!  (We're still the world's best kept diet secret.) They hear the success stories.  They listen to the Blitz Call as it is speaker-phoned into the party or meeting.  (Blitz nightly calls start May 2, 2011!)  They get excited.  They buy the product, lose weight and start sharing their excitement with their friends and family.  This happens organically at first - but then "intentionally" as they transform into an excited business builder for your team.  That's where it starts.  And that is when the fun begins!

Can you tell that I'm excited about taking the products to the people?  Well, make sure to hop on with every Saturday morning training call - called Success Strategies at 7am PST (yikes) by calling (213) 289-0500 code 303063#.  These calls explore meetings from all angles - in all forms and venues.  I teach you how to invite, what to say, how to effectively create the magic that meetings can bring to your business.  Whether it's a face-to-face appointment, a small intimate in-home, Open House or large group meeting, the outline is the same, and I teach you to grow your meetings by taking the product to the people.  Learn to earn with meetings.  Catch the vision and take the products to the people ...literally!  They want what you have.  Give it to them today.  Share the Dream.  Build the Team.  Love it ... Share it!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take the Product to the People!

With a dynamite diet pill product like V3, your only job is to take the product to the people. People desperately want and need what you have, but just don't know about it. Get out there and share it at In-Home meetings, face-to-face appointments, trade shows and Pill Parties.

Here's a great picture of our newest Executive, Sherry Holmen and her friend, Barry Deuschle early on taking the product to the people at a local trade show. This happened before we had a professionally produced 90-Second Commercial, or all of the fancy Expo and meeting display items pictured in our latest Associate Bulletin. (To see bulletin CLICK HERE.) They just got out there and took the product to the people, had fun, and started building their business. Rumor has it that Sherry and Barry love Pill Parties, and just did a Skype meeting with Ken Burgess. That's how it's done. Congratulations to both Sherry and Marty Weeks, our newest Executive team, and Barry for his 20+ pound weight loss!

These face-to-face appointments, In-Home meetings, Pill Parties, and PBR's feed into and create the larger meetings held in hotels and convention halls. It's where it all starts. Network Marketing has always been built from intimate in-home-type gatherings. The cottage industry ushered in a slew of home parties, home gatherings where people feel comfortable and most often attend as a favor to a friend down the street, or family member. And they find themselves purchasing items that they normally may have not been aware of.

Ask yourself these questions. Why does Tupperware outsell Rubbermaid that is found in every grocery store? And why does Mary Kay outsell most department store cosmetics? It's the In-Home meetings. It's that personal attention given, the heart-felt stories told, and the feeling of trust they feel when they attend. The synergy of the group ignites energy, and snowballs into an area creating momentum. And that's where it gets exciting!

Start small with the help of your sponsor. Let them co-host with you at your first few In-Home meetings. Use the incredible 90-Second Commercial, Skype or speaker phone if your sponsor does not live close to you. Watch and learn from your sponsor to do these on your own. Practice on your friends and family first. Just keep them short - no longer than 1 hour. Keep them fast-paced. And keep them fun. Creating momentum and realizing your dream starts right there in your living room. Remember, your success is our success. So use your sponsor, your upline, the tools, and the 4-Step System. Taking the product to the people has never been so simple and fun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"When in Doubt...Diet!"
I really don't remember where I heard that phrase, or if I just made it up, but I love it, because over the past 40 years of Network Marketing involvement, we have always seen our biggest monthly bonus checks come when we had a simple diet as the lead product to share and sponsor with. Nothing complicated or hard to explain. Just a simple product that people felt, saw fast results, and lost weight. Simple was and is always key.

We've played a bit with the "jungle juices", and actually had pretty good results, whether the juice was touting the benefits of one superfruit, or a combination of all known superfruits, and we may still drink the juices. But building a huge business just wasn't giving us the financial results we had always seen with a simple, hot diet product. When a diet works, it has sizzle! And our teams of distributors make money. That's the bottom line for us. Our people make money, lose weight and have fun.

Keeping it fun and simple at the grassroots is what this business is should be about. A homemaker has to be able to share quickly what it is she has to offer from the back of her minivan while she's watching her kids play baseball. It has to almost be a "smile - sample - sponsor" product. In fact, the distributor's weight loss itself is a natural (organic) "billboard" for anyone involved with the diet business. The phrase, "I'm losing weight, having fun & making money!" keeps it simple.

What we've got here is a serious situation with obesity running rampant in this country, and at the same time with our new Voyager V3 diet pill, we have the opportunity to be a simple solution to an out-of-control problem. Diets are everywhere you look, but people need more than just a diet plan or program to follow. They need a tool that helps them handle the three most common saboteurs with dieting - mood, energy and appetite. When you feel happy, have energy, and have no desire to eat, guest what? You lose weight! You even start moving more and eating less. And that is the perfect scenario for all us.

So, have fun, lose weight, and make money - but at the same time, share what you've got ... seriously. Work hard. Work focused. Talk to everyone. Tune in and listen to the testimonials. Share what you hear. Write your goals. Follow the 4-Step System. Work the plan. Know that you can make a huge difference in this country - eventually the world with this incredible business - product and opportunity. We're all about hope and possibility, and that in itself is a HOME RUN!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


I have always loved this logo from Nike - JUST DO IT. Enough said, right? I sponsored a great couple this morning that were a pleasure to talk to. They made my week! Positive, excited, action people get you pumped. I sent them a box of samples last week, had assigned them to check out, to hop on the Thursday 18 Min Biz Briefing call, listen in Saturday morning to the Success Strategies training, and listen to the four Basic trainings at the team support site.

I received a text yesterday confirming the time they were available and ready today to talk the biz, and right on the dot, with their scheduled time, they called. It was awesome! They had decided to do the biz at full speed. They weren't going to give it a try, they had decided to go for it. The key was that they did DECIDE and were just doing it. They had already listened to the four Basic trainings 2 x's, were on the Thursday and Saturday morning calls, had their Biz Binder put together, 37 people's names written on their Prospect 100 list, had watched the webinar a couple of times, and had already started contacting people. Their decision to succeed and JUST DO IT will guarantee them huge success with Voyager.

See, guys, the first thing everyone must do if they are serious about making money with Voyager is to DECIDE that they are going to do the business, then get busy and JUST DO IT. There was no "well, we'll see if it works," or "I'll ask a few people to see if there is an interest." Are you kidding? You have to DECIDE that you are going to do the business - plain and simple. That decision means doing what it takes to succeed, plugging right in and then building the business. But you have to DECIDE. You will never succeed if you don't DECIDE that it is what you are going to do.

When you DECIDE, you are on every Thursday 18 Min Biz Briefing call. You have listened to the four Basic trainings. You have put your Biz Binder together, and have started writing your Prospect 100 list. You are working the 4-Step System and you are calling your sponsor everyday to do 3-way calls. You are making things happen. You are sampling two people a day and following up. You are showing your 90-second commercial. You are focused on your goals and following the leader, duplicating what has been laid out for you to do. You JUST DO IT.

When you DECIDE, then it's easy to take action and JUST DO IT. But you must DECIDE. Those who DECIDE always succeed. Those who don't DECIDE, don't. Make the decision and DECIDE that you are going to blast this business and build a huge team! DECIDE then JUST DO IT. It's really that simple.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The last time that I actually worked for someone else in a J-O-B official setting, was when I was pregnant with my first baby, Ben. Let's see, that was over thirty years ago. I was making some great money at the time selling beautiful jewelry in Provo, Utah, mostly wedding ring sets to the newly engaged students at BYU at Bullock and Losee Jewelers. And, I am very grateful for that experience. I learned a lot. The owner gave me a few selling skills that I have used ever since working there. She was a pro.

I used to watch her chase down a potentially lost customer (one of her sales people didn't close the deal), running down the street in her long flowing dresses, and close that same customer on an engagement ring. Pretty impressive. She simply knew in her mind, that what she had was the best quality at the best price. And she was the master teacher with showing you how to cater the presentation to the individual needs and budget of the client. It was a beautiful thing to watch. And she never lost a sale. She would actually watch all of us from her windows above in a loft-type area, to make sure we were closing those diamond ring sales. If it looked like any of her sales people were struggling with closing the sale, we were paged over the loud speaker, and over the inner office phone, we were asked questions like, "did you ask what price range they want to stay with? Did you show them the loose stones etc.?" Yep, that's where I learned the importance of asking questions, listening and giving the customer exactly what they needed and wanted.

So how does that apply here with being business builders with Voyager Health Technologies? We must learn to do the same thing with our Prospects and Associates. We don't "sell" anything. We ask questions. We listen. We care and cater our presentations to the needs of our Prospects. They are buying US more than anything else. Because we care and listen, their responses will guide us with how we present our business opportunity to them.

The ole' Amway F-O-R-M comes in to play here with asking about their Family, their Occupation, what they do for fun - Recreation. And when we see a need, we fill it with our Message of hope and possibility, which is really what this business is about. F-O-R-M let's us get to know our Prospects with listening to what they are saying. We do start the recruiting process out with giving our little fun blurb (when asked what we've been up to) - "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money." And of course, we deliver our One Minute Message, "I've got an exciting project that I want you to take a look at. I've got an amazing little pill that brightens the mood, boosts your energy and totally slams the appetite! You need to do this with me. People are losing weight and making money with this. It's hot!" And, quite is. And we definitely show that fabulous 90-Second Commercial. But, after we schedule a time to do a face-to-face presentation with them, our listening ears are turned on - full volume.

We have the best opportunity on the planet. No question. Talk about optimum timing. We have a diet pill that fills a huge void - a $2 billion a year void in the market place! And that is mammoth! Besides the void, there is a huge need for our product and our opportunity. People are overweight, depressed and broke. We have a way to help solve that problem. And it's our blessing to be part of the solution. In there lies our responsibility to listen, and to ask questions. It's our blessing to care and cater our business to their needs. When we do that, we make a difference. And making a difference is really what this is all about. Grab the chance to do that with as many people as you can. Use the tools. Use the 4-Step System. Listen to the calls and hear how this product is working in the lives of people from all over the country. Listening will change the way you present the gift you've been given. Love it. Love your people. Love what you do. Love life and LISTEN.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If I Had Only Known...!!!

If I had only known how valuable this original Barbie doll was when I received it in 1959 for Christmas, I wouldn't have washed it's hair! If I had only known that it currently eBay's to collectors for over $1,500.00, I would have had my mom purchase 100 of these dolls, made sure that they were never taken out of their boxes, wrapped those boxed dolls (wearing gloves) with clear plastic wrap or tissue paper, then stored them in a closet where no sunlight could effect their value. If I had only known what they would be worth today - 52 years later! Let's see ... $150,000.00 - give or take the deducted $3 each doll would cost at the time! If I had only known.

If my husband had only known how valuable his original Mickey Mantel rookie baseball card would be today when he received it from his dad (1951 card), he wouldn't have put it in the spokes of his Schwinn bicycle to create that obnoxious, motor-like clicking sound it made when he cruised around his Alpine, Utah neighborhood when he was a kid. At the time, he thought it was cool. If he had only known.

I thought of that Barbie doll, and that baseball card while having a conversation with a gal I was trying to convince and sponsor in Florida last week. I said it a little differently, trying to get her to catch the vision of our business, but the meaning of what I was trying to say was just as strong. I said with conviction, "If you knew what I know about where Voyager is headed, you wouldn't hesitate getting involved. In fact, you'd jump on board fast, talk to everyone you know, and build a strong team. It is the next legendary company, and you have the chance of a lifetime to be at the top. You are hearing about it first! You have the opportunity to change your life and your lifestyle. This is a gift that will make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people!" If she only knew what she was missing out on here.

Many people will miss the boat (or train :-) with this blessed business. They won't have your vision. They even may be wishing for a miracle, but will pass on your opportunity for some unknown reason. However, the few people who do catch the vision of where we are going with this business, will see their lifestyle's change in a monumental way. And those they involve with them on their teams, will see the same success. The others that pass on this opportunity will say in 5 - 10 years, "if I had only known."

"When in doubt ... diet." This is our home-based business slogan. Let's look at what we've got. Hot diet product that is filling an 8 year void in the marketplace. A $2 billion a year void. That's huge! Timing couldn't be better here. Add to that an experienced corporate team that knows how to create magic in marketing, and a unique compensation plan that is paying large bonus checks right out the gate to people just like you and me! What's not to love here?

Don't be that person who says, "if I had only known." Be the person who catches the vision, recognizes the power of the opportunity, and runs fast and strong, creating a team that duplicates that action. Turn the phrase, "if I had only known," into "I know, and nothing can stop me!" Make the commitment to go the distance with this. Go for it in a big way. Create momentum. Build your team. Stay plugged in, and take the voyage of your life!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Tools are Jewels in this business. And we have an abundance of them with Voyager Health Technologies and your upline team! Gone are the days of having to write a team newsletter and mail it out, or ziplock bag-up a few samples to send someone and have them arrive all smashed. (Been there, done that.) Using the tools to tell the story, explain the product, introduce your upline team, hear calls that you missed, be reminded of upcoming events, talking to your sponsor and upline leader all at the same time, conference calling with your team, Skype-ing In-Home meetings with your upline or sponsor, or both. And the list goes on and on!

Use the tools we have everyday, all day, constantly, consistently with a big smile on your face. Let the Tools Talk! All you need do is stock up on V3 samples, memorize that One Minute Message, make your list of Prospects, put together that Biz Binder for follow-up, and then start cookin', letting your tools do the talkin' about this fabulous biz!

I've been in this amazing Network Marketing business for long enough to not only appreciate the incredible tools we have at our fingertips, but love using every single one of them - everyday. They are off-the-charts! The "good 'ole days" was so labor intensive. Only those of us born with that "gift of gab" (my mom used to call it), could make it in this business. That's no longer the case, my friends. Because of these tools, everyone can have success with building a business right from home - in your pj's - around the kitchen table - it doesn't really matter where you build it, just use the tools and watch your business grow. Just make sure to teach your team to do exactly what you do - letting the tools do the heavy lifting.

OK, examples ... as you start making contact with everyone you know, just follow the 4-Step System. Each step has a tool to use to further the process of sponsoring along. Deliver your One Minute Message ...(then say ... "Watch this!") 90-Second Commercial ... (then say..."Very cool huh? Listen to this!" ) ... Hotline (949) 266-5837 ... (then say..."Now you can see why I'm so excited!") ... Website (then say... "Check this out, kick the tires & I'll call you back in 30 minutes")... Sample (then say .,.. "Here's a sample of this amazing product. You are going to love it!") ... 3-Way Call (say... "I've been telling my friend all about you and she wants to say hi. She has had awesome results with the product and is making money!") ... Thursday 18 Minute Biz Briefing call (say..."I'm going to have you listen with me to more amazing success stories. You won't believe it!") Professional Pak with FREE product! (say..."let's get your Professional Pak ordered and get you making money quickly!) (say..."Go to our team support site and listen to the four ten-minute trainings.")

Get the picture? These tools make what we do so easy and fun! Challenge yourself to say less to more people by using these incredible, revolutionary, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge tools. See how many of the tools you can use in a day with both your team and your Prospects. You could honestly be losing your voice, or have lost it - and still be able to build this business just by sharing a few of the tools. Tools help you to (here comes my crazy 8's) communicate, update, motivate, congratulate, initiate, evaluate, participate, and anticipate with this exciting business. Tools speed up your success. Using the tools duplicates. Your team will follow your lead. You use the tools, teach the advantages with using the tools, and the results will manifest in a very big way for you. The TOOLS are JEWELS. Tools assist with presentation. Tools optimize communication. Tools help with motivation - both for yourself and your team.

Bottom-line, the tools are there to assist you with building, maintaining and sustaining your business long term. If you want to grow your business and maximize your earning potential, you'll treasure these tools and use them with every aspect of your business building. Today is the day to be smart and business savvy by embracing these jewels, and letting the tools talk!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sponsor Up!

Network Marketing is a very fun business to be aggressively involved with. The start-up rituals always include writing down your goals, determining your "why", ordering your business pak of inventory, customizing your replicating website, going through a 48-Hour face-to-face with your sponsor where they familiarize you with what is available from the company with regards to support and tools. And you are excited!

You can't wait to take on the world and share what you've got. You are going to make millions with your new business!

You've listened to a few weekly 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls, watched a company webinar where you got totally confused, but knew you would someday soon understand those new terms - coded bonuses, matching checks, fast start bonuses, compression, roll-up, etc. You've plugged in with, listened the Basic trainings and are raring to go!

Now it's time to start contacting people. Word of advise right out the gate? Don't sponsor that guy pictured above on the left. Don't try helping him get on his feet. Don't drag him to meetings. Don't put him on a 3-way call with your sponsor. Don't try motivating him because guess what? He will never do this business. He's not self-motivated enough to get up and shave, let alone set goals, make a Prospect 1000 list, memorize a One Minute Message, login to the team support site to get some basic training. He will never talk to anyone about hope and possibility. He has no desire to live the American Dream. He's not your guy. Move on. Look for people who are going to catch your vision, partner up, and run with this opportunity! It's time to do a little MLM Profiling!

I see it all of the time with this marvelous business. Distributors go after the wrong people. They sponsor down when they should be sponsoring up. We used to say (jokingly), "if they can fog a mirror, sponsor them." NOT! If they can afford a business package, are outgoing, love people, dream big, have personal goals, will join groups, attend meetings with guests, do 3-way calls, have positive energy, love to learn, are coach-able, want financial and time freedom, and are willing to go to work for a solid five years ... sponsor them.

Look for people who are self-motivated. Look for friendly, involved, busy people. Look for those who lead and read. They love self-improvement. They love working with people. They volunteer, are involved with their church and community. They love family and want more time with them. They have a certain sparkle in their eyes. They are often compulsive personalities - over-achievers that want to maximize living! They are the people you talk to. They are the ones you share that One Minute Message with. They are open-minded to new ventures and new ways of doing business. They thrive on recognition, and see themselves walking across that stage receiving top leadership awards. They have ego's, but not so much as to put anyone down to make themselves look bigger and better. They applaud their people from the back of the room, as well as honor them from the front of the room. These individuals are rare, but they are there! Go find them. Shake the bushes. Gather business cards. Join groups and organizations. Let people know who you are and what you've got. Sponsor up! And when you find those people - and you will. Plug them into the system, and then say, "the next one's even better!"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect!

I remember the first time my son, Chris Burgess, now a professional basketball player of 9 years, played his first basketball game. He was in the 4th grade, skinny, and all legs. He had been playing soccer and baseball as a kid, but had never attempted the game that would open so many doors of opportunity for him in the future, with full-ride college scholarships to the best colleges in the nation, front cover pictures in Sports Illustrated and USA Today, and a lucrative professional career.

He walked into that Boys and Girls club that first day, with hesitation and doubt, and left wanting to quit the game. You see, he had pretty much dominated in soccer due to his speed and size, and was a great baseball pitcher, but with this first attempt with basketball, he could not make a shot. So, that was it. He was quitting!

However, something happened to Chris that week after leaving the gym ready to quit. Having to always be the best at everything, he picked up that basketball and non-stop, everyday, practiced shooting the ball over and over again until he made every shot. His outcome, you ask? The very next game, Chris couldn't miss.

He dominated the court, and from then on, he not only fell in the love with the game of basketball, but became one of the best players in the nation, dominating at Nike Camp, was a McDonald's All-American, John Wooden Award recipient, signed to play at Duke University, then transferred to the University of Utah. And the list goes on and on. When his friends were partying, Chris was practicing. Even during Spring Break, instead of having fun with friends, Chris headed for Germany with Team USA, which included Baron Davis and Jermaine O'Neal.

Now a veteran of nine years as a international basketball player, Chris continues that strong work ethic of practicing and perfecting his game and has played on the all-star teams in Australia, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Poland and Korea.

He just finished his season this year being named to First Team All-League in Poland. That shows that practice did make it perfect for Chris.

As independent distributors, we start out very bad in this business. As we practice - that's right - practice...we become better at it. As we duplicate, sponsor and rank advance, we learn to teach others to do what we are doing, and we eventually, with practice, become quite brilliant at it. BAD - BETTER - BRILLIANT! But it does take practice.

Use the tools to assist you with practicing. 3-way with your sponsor and listen to what they are saying. It's a simple product. It's a simple 4-step system. All it takes is your desire to succeed, and a bit of practice. Use your family and a few close friends to practice on. Simply say, "do me a favor. I've got this amazing project that I'm working on with a hot, new diet pill..." You know the rest. If not, then just go to our team Burgess support site - and listen to the quick Getting Started trainings and memorize that One Minute Message. Then practice on those who love and care about you, gaining confidence in yourself with every face-to-face appointment. Host a couple of friendly kick-off parties with those same friendly people you know and care about, and have your sponsor do them with you, or have your sponsor Skype-in to assist you in the beginning, and get you started. You just need to listen, learn and practice. With the tools the company provides, and our tools at, you'll find yourself saying, "I can do this!"

Know that what you hold in your hands is exciting, and very unique and special. You have been given a gift bigger than you can imagine. Hop on with every Thursday night 18 Minute Biz Briefing call, and listen to those product and success stories. They will empower you. Be on every Saturday morning call and learn from those who have seen incredible success in Network Marketing. You can easily shortcut your learning curve, earning faster, by using these tools we provide, and working that proven and simple 4-step system. As my mom used to say, "practice makes perfect!" Now...go practice. Become Brilliant at this game of Voyager!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hope and Possibility!

"People get what they want in life when they reach the point at which they can see themselves having what they seek." - Thomas D. Willhite

I loved having my six children. I loved listening to them talk about their hopes and dreams. I loved their vivid imaginations. There wasn't anything they couldn't do, or anything they couldn't be. I see that with my grandchildren now. Here's my oldest son, Ben's son, Calvin all dressed up like Batman playing something on the Wii. He loves Batman. It's not even Halloween in this picture. He's just dressed up and living life to the fullest, and knows he can do anything. In fact, I'm sure he spent the entire day dressed like Batman.

To the right is my son, Josh's, son Chamberlain standing proud and tall with his homemade cardboard wings. I hear that he spent the entire day as Buzz Lightyear. It didn't matter what others thought about seeing him wearing those wings, as he played outside. He just knew that he could do anything, "from infinity and beyond!"

Children make us smile and remember how we had such hopes and dreams as children. My son, Josh, would spend hours telling me about all the things he was going to do when he grew up. He was four years old and used to wear a sword sticking up his back while riding his big wheels outside. He would stop every few minutes, stand up tall, pointing the sword (made of cardboard) to the heavens shouting, "by the power of Gray Scull!" Yes, at that moment he was Hee-Man, Master of the Universe!

This business is all about hope and possibility. It starts within ourselves. We must believe in ourselves. And we must believe that we can achieve our goals, then take daily action to accomplish those goals - Director - Executive - Regional - National! In presenting this incredible opportunity to our Prospects, we must paint the picture of hope and possibility for them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Share from your heart your "why" - right along with your sample of V3. Listen for their "why". Do they want more time with their families? Are they needing extra money, or want to get out of the 9-5 daily grind? Get to know them and their needs. Help them dust off their dreams. Give them hope and possibility that comes with building this business.

Whether full-time, or in the nooks and crannies of their day, show those you are presenting the opportunity to how they can build a business right from home. Show them how they can live the life they dreamed about as a kid. Help them dust off their dreams. Give them hope for a better lifestyle. You've been given a gift with this marvelous business. More than the product, it's hope and possibility. Know it. Share it.

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be." - Karen Ravn -