Thursday, September 29, 2011

Become a Leader!

This is my grand daughter Madison. Madison is now 7 years old and is a born leader. From the day she could talk (which was very early) she has always front and center leading the way. She volunteers to do everything, from the only 1st grader singing in the school's talent show, to the lead in the little second grade musical. She organizes everyone around her, is loving, thoughtful, and fearless. In backyard settings with many of her cousins in attendance, you can see Madison in the center of the group giving them instructions on a new game they can all play, (which she created and initiated) giving assignments and making sure everyone is involved and feels good about what is happening. Madison is pure joy, and is and always has been a leader.

I am always looking for leaders with my recruiting efforts, just like Madison. Leaders jump in with both feet with enthusiasm to the build their business. They don't hesitate or wait for something to happen. They initiate action. Leaders participate in everything - the calls, the webinar's, the before and after stories, the training's, you name it. They make things happen. Leaders are always positive, supportive and coachable. They listen, then apply any changes that need to be made to move their businesses forward. You can count on a leader, and they will always make the big money with Network Marketing. 

A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. 
He inspires the power and energy to get it done.     Ralph Lauren

Be a leader. Step up, set the pace, set the example, build a strong team, sponsor new people every month, qualify for the new Fast Start Bonus Pool, organize your team, train your team, communicate weekly with your team, duplicate the 4-step system, use the tools and become a leader. We need you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The V3 Lifestyle!

Losing weight has always been a balancing act for most of us, and calories, portion control and exercise are all a part of that equation. Fad diets may promise us that counting carbs or eating a mountain of grapefruit will make the pounds drop off. But when it comes to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, we all must eat less and move more. Weight loss comes down to burning more calories than we take in. We can only do that by reducing extra calories from food and beverages and increasing calories burned through physical activity. This is standard information that comes from every health professional out there. Good information, but until we all found V3, it was obviously very difficult for most of us.
V3 has so many benefits besides weight loss. These benefits are magnified when we lose excess weight. Our goal should be to permanently change our lifestyle. When we're in control of our mood and appetite, we can easily make better food choices, and we will eat less. Do that for twenty-one days and a habit is being formed. A good habit of portion control without having to think about it. That's freedom! And when we're in a happier mood, we don't stuff ourselves with junk food to try to feel better. We just feel better, are more productive and focused. 
Here's the bottom line: "The key to successful weight loss is a commitment to making permanent changes in your diet and exercise habits." That's a quote from the Mayo Clinic. Here's a quote from our Voyager field leadership: "V3 is the happy skinny pill. What's not to love?" And "Be Free with V3!" It's time for all of us to live the V3 lifestyle!!! (And share it!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Develop Yourself

"Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not!"
George Bernard Shaw

I love reading motivating books, quotes and looking at posters that inspire me to action. I remember attending college recruiting trips with both of my sons, Chris and David, and meeting great basketball coaches that's main job was to motivate, inspire and lead their players (teams) to victory. These included at the time, Coach "K" (Duke), Rick Pitino (Kentucky), Roy Williams (Kansas), Coach Few (Gonzaga), to name just a few. On the recruiting trip to Kentucky with Chris, I entered the gym to observe practice. All around the gym, from ceiling to floor, were plastered posters with sayings and pictures that inspired greatness. Coach Pitino was a huge believer in visualization, self motivation and inspiration to be the best. His players were inspired from the minute they stepped onto that campus to play basketball. They were inspired to excel, to push themselves and not only win, but to be winners personally. 

You must do external things to motivate yourself internally. Let's say that again. You must do the external things to motivate the internal. How?

Read motivating books before going to bed. Write your goals and read them every morning as you awaken to a new day. Take a daily brisk walk while listening to positive thinking thoughts, books and music on your iPod. Post motivational sayings and thoughts on your refrigerator. Avoid negative people like the plague. Surround yourself with positive, ambitious people. Work on yourself daily. Reprogram your negative thinking into positive action. Congratulate yourself for the little successes along the way. Do jumping jacks every morning. Take V3. Develop yourself as a person of influence. Know that you are important, that you can make a difference. Don't get in the way of your own success. 

Be positive. Talk positive. I see it with the successful leaders who are making money with Voyager. The negative ones who complain that nothing is happening in their group, that no one is feeling the sample, aren't making money. The are in the way of their success. The successful teams have at the top with their leadership a positive, self-motivated person who talks only of success with their teams, has huge weight losses coming out of their groups, and can't keep product in. And they are all near qualified for the new Fast Start Bonus Pools.

Develop yourself every day to be an awesome person - a leader. That takes effort and consistent daily work. Develop yourself and want to be the best you can be. Begin by listening to Og Mandino's "Greatest Salesman in the World." Set the example for your team. Be self-motivated. Inspire others to achieve. Lead by first, developing yourself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


"The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!" Once you get that, you will make mega money with Network Marketing. However, most distributors follow up once, leave a message, send an email and then drop the ball. It takes 6-7 times with follow-up telephone calls to book the face-to-face appointment to present the opportunity, and to take your Prospect through the process with the 4-step system. It's about exposing them to all of the facets of the business. You must follow-up and follow-through with everything you have done during the week on Friday.
Get rid of "Follow-up Fright!"  Are you terrified of rejection? Are you afraid the prospect is going to tell you to stop bothering them? Here are a couple of ways to get rid of the "follow-up fright." QTIP (Quit Taking it Personally) - Remember that your prospect is not rejecting you; they're rejecting the opportunity. Be positive and expect "yes" from everyone. With the attitude of abundance and "what's not to love about this?" in the front of your mind, your enthusiasm and positive attitude will be magnetic. If you get a "no," say to yourself, "great! Now I'm one phone call closer to a 'yes!'"
NEVER ASSUME - Another fear is that after you leave one voicemail message, and your prospect doesn't return your call, you assume they are not interested. This is not true. People today are very busy, so keep calling until you reach them on the phone. You'll be surprised at how interested they really are once you can talk with them, and better yet, meet face-to-face.
IT'S NOT "NO", IT'S "NOT NOW!" - Follow up with your 1-31 Tickler system. This is explained with the Basic Training's at When someone turns you down today, just file their Prospect Worksheet under the date one month from today. Say, "I would love to keep in touch. If you don't mind, I will touch base in a month." This is often referred to as a "drip list." Once a month you touch base to see if they are ready to take another look. Update them on what's happening, invite them to a call, and get them involved.
My favorite phrase with follow-up refers to the fortune. As you become awesome at follow-up, you will see your business explode. So keep following up, using the 4-step system, the 1-341 tickler, adding to your Prospect 100 list, and get rid of your scary "Follow-up Fright!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Meeting face-to-face, where your Prospect can look you square in the eyes, feel the passion you have for the product and opportunity, and be presented with the complete plan of Voyager Health Technologies - a true opportunity of a lifetime - is the very best way to sponsor someone into your business. Trying to share that same in-person passion is impossible over the telephone. So, book yourself from dawn until dusk on Monday (Call Day),for your Thursday appointments. Fill up your calendar. In fact, overbook yourself. Double bookings are no problem because there are always last minute cancellations. And if two appointments show up at the same time - great. Give them both your presentation together. The synergy is great for excitement. Stay booked. Once you start talking about Voyager Health Technologies and the fabulous V3 product, the easier it will become. You will find yourself in the V3 zone!

Pick a comfortable location to meet with your Prospects, and book one appointment after another. Make sure to take along your Biz Binder with the presentation pages in the front, your laptop computer, your iPad, iPhone, Droid, or whatever you have that you can show your 90-second commercial with. Also, run copies of the 48-Hour worksheets to train your new Associates. This can be done right after your presentation once they are enrolled. If you are booked solid with appointments, you can always hold the 48-Hour appointment with all of your new Associates Saturday morning.

Comfortable locations include, but are not limited to, hotel lobby's, Panera Bread Stores, or nice coffee shops with private booths. Your location should be "common ground" for both you and your Associate, be well lit, easy to locate, and have internet access for your laptop enrollment activities.

The format for face-to-face appointments is very simple, and follows first, thanking them for taking time to meet, second, sharing your story, telling them why Voyager is the biggest opportunity you have ever seen, and that timing couldn't be better. Then thirdly, show the 90-second commercial, then take through your "show and tell" flip-chart in your Biz Binder. The flip-chart can be copied from the simple power point presentation at Stick with the scripting written for the power point presentation as much as possible for duplication, adding your own flair. The scripting has a great flow, and will take your Prospect from point A to point B.

Know this: your passion, enthusiasm and story are the most important part of your presentation, whether one-on-one or two-on-one. Your job is to transfer your passion to them by the end of your presentation. They need to have answered two questions - "what's in this for me," and "can I really do this?" Share your story, the 90-second commercial, your power point presentation and the 4-step system. Demonstrate the "hotlines," website, and 3-way call. As you present the plan, you are also training on duplication.

Have fun. Share from your heart. Ask questions so that you know how best to present the opportunity and cater to the needs of your Prospect. Get them immediately  involved by saying, "how do you see yourself starting with Voyager? I recommend that you invest in the Pro Pak. It's the most product for the money, with tons of FREE product, and this awesome bag!" (show bag.) If they hesitate ask them, "what's it going to take to get you involved?"

Use the ole' F-O-R-M ... family, occupation, recreation, message when presenting the opportunity, and when asking questions. Find out what makes your Prospect tick. Where is there a need, a pain or concern in their live? Ask questions, listen, then ask more questions. Get to know how to deliver the message and how to motivate them to take immediate action with you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Shelley Ball on Walk-about in Texas
Finding new people to share your Voyager opportunity with is the secret to developing and growing a thriving business for yourself. If you are working the weekly schedule with Monday being your Call Day, followed by Tuesday with holding your weekly event, i.e. in-home meeting, Happy Skinny Pill Party, area gathering, etc. it's now Wednesday, and it's time to get off of your office chair, out from behind that computer and get dressed up (V3 t-shirt) and out the front door, "armed and dangerous" with your Biz Binder, boxes of product packets, business cards, V3 Sell Sheets and a burning passion for your business opportunity. You must get out there either alone or with a business buddy, (team member) meeting new people, asking for business cards, dropping hints about your business, booking appointments, and sampling people to start the Prospecting process.

Teaming Up!
First, set a goal of how many samples you are going to hand out that day, how many business cards you are going to collect, and how many people you are going to talk to. Teaming-up makes the Wednesday Walk-about even more fun. Wednesday is also a great day to do the casual "drop by." Just look at your Prospect 100 list while out and about, and make a couple of calls from your cell phone saying, "Jane, I'm in your area and want to drop something by. I've got a new project..." Then deliver your One Minute Message and drop by to share the biz and a sample. (2-on-1 drop-by's are very effective. The two of you together create more energy and excitement for what you have to offer.)

Another fun thing to do on Wednesday Walk-about is to scout out a few community bulletin boards and do a little Plaster Plan action. If you add this to your Wednesday activities, you'll need to throw into your new Voyager bag (so cool) a bunch of plaster plan fliers, tape and stick pins. Make sure to chunk out and schedule your day with an hour for cold calling in the mall, gathering business cards from the sales people who are already outgoing self-motivated people, an hour plastering bulletin boards with flyers, an hour to drop-by, etc. If you are teaming-up, do a little strategizing prior to heading out the door, making over a quick breakfast. If you have matching V3 shirts - awesome.

Personal Note: I moved from Utah to California 30 years ago. I loved the weather, but knew only one person - my uncle, a Shaklee distributor. After sponsoring him (yes, I did) I literally built a mammoth six-figure a month Cambridge business by doing these daily walk-abouts with the activities described for Wednesday Walk-about (above). It works guys. Been there. Done that - big time. Get out there. Find people. Shake the bushes. Share from your heart. Be passionate, fun and spread the word about V3 - the Happy Skinny Pill!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday Night Meetings!

Women's Expo, Salt Lake City, Utah
Call it a PBR (private business reception), in-home meeting, Biz Briefing, event, gathering, show, or expo. Anytime you can gather people around to hear about Voyager and the fabulous V3 product, the better. Keep it fast-paced, fun and consistent. I like Tuesday nights for meetings. How about you? Statistically, Tuesdays are shown to be the best nights for meetings. When I say "consistent" I mean, make it "the" event your growing area can count on - that your team can count on. Yes, it will start slow with very few showing up. And that's OK and very normal. Just invite double the people you want to attend. You have to build up to a full house and area momentum. But when you are consistent with gathering together on Tuesday nights, you will eventually explode your area. That's why teaming up is very important in the beginning.  With each person (say there are three of you) bringing a guest, that makes six! Then each of the six the following week bring a guest, that's twelve...and so on. These home meetings take on a life of their own if you consistently hold the Tuesday night event, bring guests, work the schedule and the system. Home's are "snuggly" and warm. Home parties have always dominated the Network Marketing scene. The atmosphere is inviting. People feel comfortable dropping over for that one hour you share the Voyager opportunity. They love mingling with new friends, munching on chocolate chip cookies, potato chips and bottled water. (That's the recipe for success with refreshments.) Just make sure to have everyone you invite bring something, i.e. chairs, bottled water, cookies, chips, and of course...a guest. Use your power point presentation as a flipchart or slides, follow the script, share lots of testimonials, and sponsor everyone that comes! Just have fun. Note: I have built empire-sized Network Marketing companies (six figures a month!) from the in-home meetings. It's where it happens, folks. Then once an area grows and warrants it - hold a monthly hotel-type meeting to validate, congratulate and motivate the team. It's all in consistency. Just keep your eye on your financial goals and keep holding those meetings --- every Tuesday night!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday - Call Day!

It's Monday. In my book that means it's CALL DAY! I like structure. Structure and scheduling keeps me on track with income generating activity with building the business. It always has. Random business building often falls into the same category as the phrase, "if you build Network Marketing casually, you'll become a casualty." So, let's all make Monday our CALL DAY. 

Who do you call? Let's chunk that down too. First, call your sponsor to catch up on all of the happenings in your area for the week. Update your sponsor on your success, do welcome 3-way calls for new team members to introduce them to your sponsor, then do 3-way calls with your sponsor with new Prospects. Now call your downline team to update them on what is happening for the week and pass along any exciting, motivating happenings you've been apprised of by your sponsor. 3-way call their new people by doing "welcome" calls, congratulations calls to their team members, then see who they have for you to 3-way with. That takes care of upline and downline calls.

Now it's time to do your invite calls. If you are following the weekly schedule you will be hosting, or teaming-up to do your Tuesday night in-home meeting. Invite double the amount of people you want to attend. Assist your team members with inviting. Now call your customers to see how much they love V3 and see about booking appointments with them to meet face-to-face on Thursday. Book yourself solid with appointments because some appointments may fall through. In fact overbook yourself. The busier your calendar, the more money you will make. Now it's time to prospect. Go through your Prospect 100 list and start calling new people to start the process with. 

I've described a great Monday CALL DAY where income generating activity takes place all day long that sets up your week for ultimate success. To recap: call your sponsor, your downline, your customers, and your prospects. Keep track by writing everything down on a steno pad. At the end of the day it's like a score sheet. You'll be very proud of what you've accomplished and set up for the week to accomplish, moving you closer to your ultimate goal of financial freedom.  Remember...Monday is CALL DAY!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Laura Solomon down 41 pounds!
Everyday I receive stories of product success, before and after photo's, health challenge miracles, and I can not believe that at age 60, having been involved with Network Marketing full-time for near 40 years, that we have a product that is so simple, life-changing, and works so effectively on everyone. A product that puts us all in total control so that we can make those important lifestyle changes and look and feel great from morning until night! Ken and I feel so blessed to have had this product literally drop into our laps (from heaven), and so should you. We really have something here that all Network Marketing companies would give their right arm for. And it's all ours here with Voyager Health Technologies. America's secret weapon.
Raymond Rudd down 40 pounds!

Yesterday Ken went to our masseuse here in our area, whom I'd sponsored when we opened our doors January 28, and she was so excited about her 27 pound weight loss and was sharing clients weight loss stories with him of 20 - 30 and more weight losses - that we knew nothing about because she hasn't been aggressively building the business, just sharing with clients in her practice. She was telling Ken that everyone loses on V3. Some lose quickly, some slower due to how the individual bodies adjust to the product. She said, "people need to give it time to work and repair the damage done over the years." I thought that was good advice.
Vickie Haynie down 25 pounds!

In this world where everyone wants instant everything, from instant coffee, instant rice, fast cars, instant internet access ... we have to give things time to grow, develop and work. If we are consistently sponsoring three individuals with Fast Start Paks in the business every month, not only do we get to share in the new bonus pools, but our chance of seeing our financial dreams come true will be realized. That's why the bonus pools were put into place, for consistency with sponsoring. Network Marketing businesses don't explode over night, but they will grow if we are consistently sponsoring new and sharing this remarkable V3 product. The same is true with the product. Give it time to work its magic. Read the stories at Listen to the testimonials there. Listen to the new stories featured live every Tuesday night. (Don't miss the calls!) Let this all inspire you to know what you've got, motivate you to action - then get out there and share it!
Carlos Lantigua down 41 pounds!

With everyone of the stories coming in, it's not just about weight loss. These stories share major health challenges being solved to include, blood pressure, blood sugar, chronic bronchitis, pain, and the list goes on and on. How can you put a price on feeling awesome? How can you not share this with everyone you know? This is "magic" guys. So many people coming off of handfuls of drugs (that all have side effects), feeling more focused, being more effective and productive, living life to the fullest! That's honestly why I wake up at dawn and immediately start working the business. This is fun, but it's more than that. It's about MAKING A MAJOR DIFFERENCE. 
Eddie Metcalf down 46 pounds!

Let's be honest here. We are a fat, depressed, fatigued, broke nation. We don't need another jungle juice. We don't need another exercise program. We don't need another book written describing new tricky eating programs. We, as a nation, need V3 to assist us with lifestyle changes. A simple all-natural pill, that took over 7 years to develop, that addresses those three factors that sabotage every good intention to lose weight - your mood, your energy level, and your appetite. It's time to take this amazing product to the masses. It's time to get bold, find a business buddy, team-up, shape-up, man-up, woman-up...whatever "up" you need to take that builds your confidence ... motivate ourselves, stay plugged-in and build an empire-sized business with Voyager. Our time has come. Roll with the changes (enhancements) and take advantage of every tool to help you deliver your message. "Having fun, losing weight and making money" now needs to take center-stage in this nation! Go for it!!!
Billy Banks down 40 pounds!

Ryan O'Neill, RN

Brandi Parker down 70 pounds!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Weekly Schedule

Ken and Sandi Burgess with their 5 children & 15 grandchildren - July 2011 (missing #16 born 2 weeks later)
Years ago when I was involved with the Cambridge Diet, I had a large organization mostly made up of beautiful women who were all busy homemakers out of Utah, Idaho, California and Washington state, doing the business part -time. They were all balancing family life, church work, community involvements and their Cambridge business. And once their businesses started to grow, they often felt overwhelmed and frustrated. They did not want to neglect their families, but did want to grow their businesses to help pay bills and get ahead. I totally understood where they were coming from because I too was doing the same juggling act with four small children at the time. So I developed a weekly schedule to help them handle "life." The Weekly Schedule gives a little structure to business building. You can modify it to fit your team, but the core of the schedule covers all the bases and creates consistent productivity. 

Monday is CALL DAY. The day starts with our morning Executive Leadership call to update the team on current happenings at the company and with our support materials. We encourage our leaders to have a team call on Monday night to follow ours, letting their team know what we shared with them in the morning. Call day should be a day to book the weeks activities with appointments, invites to meetings, calls and webinars, touch-base with their team members, and follow-up with customers. 

Tuesday is PBR night. A PBR is a Private Business Reception - or in-home meeting. Tuesday has always shown to be the best night to hold meetings. We have scheduled our BIZ BRIEFING call to speakerphone right into your meeting to hear the testimonials shared. Consistently holding a weekly meeting at your home, office, or at a team members home (or team-up) begins the momentum an area needs to grow.

Wednesday is WALK ABOUT where you get out there and meet new people, and gather business cards. This is also a great day to do "drop by's" where you drop by to share a sample on the spot to those on your Prospect 100 list.

Thursday is a great day to book face-to-face appointments. Book yourself from dawn to dusk. You are sharing the dream and building the team on Thursday. Use your local hotel lobby, coffee shop, Panera Bread Store to meet one person after another. Sponsoring on the spot - using the 4-step system and growing your business. Field training (2-on-1) is done this day as well with your newly sponsored people.

Friday is the massive follow-up day. You follow-up (clean up) on everything you've done that week. Check on customers success with V3. Call your teams and get them on calls. Answer questions. Close sales. Close out the weeks activity with a bang!

Saturday is training day. It starts with the 7am pacific Success Strategies training call, then can either lead into a "sizzle session" with your team or if you are on the East Coast, you can do that prior to the call. 

Once I implemented this schedule back in the day, my homemakers felt less stressed, more productive and were more effective with business building. And they actually felt less guilty and frustrated. They simply got more done, achieved higher ranks and incomes with the company, and were happier. There again, my Weekly Schedule only a suggestion. Work it in a way that fits your life. the key is just work at a Weekly Schedule for consistent action and income generating activity.  Note: Ken and I don't work on Sunday. So if you attempt to contact us about it on schedule - Monday thru Saturday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your 30-$econd $tory

Share your life story with Lucy - not with a Prospect.
Besides your V3 sample, your personal story is your most valuable tool. Learn to tell your story face-to-face, in front of a group and on a conference call. The aspects of a good story is stating your name, your occupation, your success with V3 and the business. With all three venues where you share your story, stating up front that you were skeptical, but tried V3 because of the success others were having, or that as a favor to someone you decided to try it, gives comfort to your listening audience. 

You see, they too are skeptical when first hearing about this amazing little "happy skinny pill." They relate and trust you when you state your skepticism. Also stating that you had no time to do the business, but had such great success with V3 that you had to share it with everyone you knew, is also a place of comfort for the listener. You always want the Prospect - in the audience, listening to the call, or in front of you - to say to themselves, "me too," not "so what!" 

Here's an example of how to tell your story...

"My name is Sandi, from Southern California. I'm a music teacher and mother of five, grandmother of 16. I was introduced to V3 by a friend, and I was in a place in my life that I desperately needed something to help me make some lifestyle changes, get in control of my eating, and lose weight. I was told this little "magic" pill was exactly what I looking for, and to be quite honest, I was skeptical. I had tried every pill, potion and program out there to lose weight with no luck. But I tried it and within 20 minutes I felt it start to work. I felt happy, more energized and focused, and had no appetite, even at night (which is my most tempting time to eat and snack.) As I kept taking it I continued to feel happy, had energy to exercise everyday, felt finally in control, lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks, blood sugars normalized, and blood pressure came down. I had to get involved with the business. Everyone I've shared V3 with have had similar results. Our business has exploded, and this has been really fun for us - working from home with a product we love!"

In person with a face-to-face appointment you can elaborate your story a bit, sharing other's stories with your "show and tell" presentation pages of your Biz Binder. However, in a large meeting or on a national conference call, keep your story to 30 seconds stating your name, occupation, where you are from, your success with V3 and the business of Voyager. Be honest, excited, and magnetic. You want people to say, "I want to try it, " or "I can do this." Never wonder around the moon with your life story, give TMI (too much information), start training people, or brag about your credentials. You want people to relate to what you are saying and want to be a part of your team. If you see them nodding off or hear snoring on the other end of the listening telephone line (or in the audience), you need to revamp your story. In fact, write it down - right now, email it to your sponsor (or us), and we'll help you tweak your story so that it works and gives you the most "bang for the buck", as they say. Remember - saying less to more people is key...starting with your story!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Rare Gift

Elaine Tomrell, Regional Mktg. Dir

"What chance gathers she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together." Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I've been blogging a great deal lately about leadership, and there's a reason why. A company is as good as their leaders. Let's look at what makes a great leader. First, they are always positive with their downline. They may call their sponsor and "vent" a time or two, but they absolutely never take negative downline or sideline. The want ultimate company success, long term, and know that negativity and "stirring the pot" causes a breakdown in communication, trust and loyalty. They emulate their upline to their downline, and if they have suggestions, they bring to the table constructive points for discussion with their sponsor and upline leader. They follow the path that has been laid out for them to follow (the 4-Step System), and they don't cause confusion in the field by teaching yet a different way to do business, which is in direct conflict with their upline team. They recognize the talents everyone brings to the table with humility and reference. 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

-  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Leaders in Network Marketing are a rare gift to any company. They are self-motivated, goal-oriented, individuals who want more from themselves, and see the best in those they lead. They listen to our Monday morning Leadership 7am call and immediately book a call with their team to pass on the information. Leaders have vision for the future. They see what is going to happen and step up and lead the way to achieving those long term goals. They set the example for their team. They don't tell their team what to do. They show the team how to do it. They consistently sample - sell - sponsor, follow the 4-step system, participate in all of the calls, and move the business forward. Leaders are rare gifts. Elaine Tomrell, pictured above, is one of those rare gifts that we value and thank the Lord for everyday with Voyager. She is also a great friend. Thank you Elaine for creating, developing and leading your amazing team!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Shelley Ball and Vicki Haynie

The first thing I tell a brand new, excited distributor in Network Marketing is to quickly team-up and find a buddy to run with. It's so much easier to build a business when starting in your backyard, to find someone locally that shares your excitement and passion for the business, and work together. Once you do find that special buddy, talk every day, meet once a week to strategize together, hold in-home meetings together, cold call together, and keep each other pumped and on track with business building and income generating activity. Hold each other accountable by sharing with each other how many people you sampled that day, how many 30-day bottles or boxes of product you sold, how many face-to-face presentations you did that week, and how many appointments you have booked. Take a moment to share your goals with each other, and your "why" you are doing the business. Knowing what motivates each other can also be a support factor for achieving those goals.

Once you've got your business buddy and you are teaming up, as you sponsor make sure to teach those you sponsor to duplicate what you are doing, and team-up with someone as well. Take it a step further and compete with each other. Challenge each other. See who can sample the most people in a given day, sell the most product, and sponsor the most people into the business that week and month. Challenge each other with rank advancing in the business. When helping and supporting each other, the competition keeps it fun and can give your business building the push it needs to goal achievement.

On a personal note, I have loved teaming up when I'm with my distributors in their areas. One such key leader is Shelley Ball of West Virginia, pictured with her "buddy" Vicki Haynie. When either Ken or I have gone there to do meetings, Shelley teams-up with us and has us meet face-to-face with a new person every hour. It is non-stop action and income generating activity with Shelley. And we love it! We have sponsored people on the spot with her on these visits, motivated others to fully engage and start building the business, and the productivity meter that surrounds Shelley and her team soars off the charts! Shelley knows the value of teaming-up in person, on 3-way calls, and maximizes our visit. It's awesome. So - your assignment (if you are serious about building your business) is to find a buddy better than you, then immediately team-up and start shaking the bushes and sponsor an entirely new team of people! Duplicate this action with every person you sponsor by helping them to immediately team-up and your group will explode twice as fast!

PS - Love Shelley and Vicki's "bling" V3 tshirts!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sandi Burgess and Shelley Ball
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." 
John Quincy Adams 

I have been asked for over 35 years of Network Marketing success this question..."What is your secret?" My answer is simple. Consistently sponsor new people and then develop LEADERS who truly lead, and help them develop leaders. I call it "layers of leaders". The more leaders you have, the more money you will make. It's all about creating leaders.

Phil & Nancy Feinberg, Ken Burgess, Elaine & Scott Tomrell
I have seen distributors over the years sponsor 50-100 people but never work with those people, gather them together to train them, or do the four important Crazy "ate's"...


A leader communicates everything positive that is happening to their team. They promote events, calls, contests, new incentive programs, webinars, area meetings, national conventions - the works. Their team is always in the loop, on all of the calls, and sits together at events. There is a special team spirit that bonds them. Their communication is only positive - never negative. A leader is self-motivated and brings value to a company.

Carol & Herb Gilbert, Judy and Scott Roberts
A leader motivates their team. This is done with making sure they are doing 3-ways calls, welcome calls, weekly team calls, monthly area meetings, and is setting the example with always sponsoring new Associates. Their example is part of what motivates their team to action. They know that their team will do what they do - nothing more - nothing less.

A leader congratulates team members every step of the way. Recognition is 85% of why someone does this business. A leader knows this and congratulates for rank advancements, sponsoring efforts, meetings held, product sold. The baby steps lead to leadership steps. A leader empowers their team by congratulating them. The monthly meeting is a great place to recognize team achievements.
Gail and Al Cashman with CEO, David Cohen

A leader initiates activity in the area. To initiate is to discover what is happening in the area and capitalize exposure for Voyager by attending shows and expo's, holding team meetings and events, gathering together for training, and field training (2-on-1) the team. A leader doesn't hope something happens, or wait for something to happen. A leader makes things happen, is always positive and moving forward. 
Jeff Bourgeois, Eddie Metcalf, Billy Banks

Our secret to six-figure a month bonus checks? We look for leaders. We work with those that work. And we develop layers of leaders. (Leaders under leaders for depth.) People can either make excuses or they can make money with the fabulous new Voyager opportunity. It's that simple. The leaders that are working the business are doing meetings, doing 3-way calls, participating in the calls and training's, and are consistently sponsoring new people every month, make the money - and deserve to make it. And best of all --- they are developing leaders underneath them. They are duplicating themselves. Therein lies the true secret to huge success with Network Marketing. Develop LAYERS OF LEADERS.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The "F" Word

Gail Cashman shakin' and sharing V3!
"We're having fun, losing weight, making money!" is definitely the key to success with building a great Voyager business with our rock 'n roll product, V3. It seems the more fun you have with your team, the more money you'll make. And keeping your business building Fun, Fresh and Fearless. will create an atmosphere that is magnetic to anyone you come in contact with. 
Sherry, Liz, Marty, & Butch 

You are extremely pumped and down right Fearless when you first enroll in the Voyager business. You are ready to talk to anyone. You love V3 and can't imagine anyone not loving it, right? What's not to love here?  Really... a "happy skinny" that people need and want...yesterday! Hot, hot, hot!!!

Billy Banks, Eddie Metcalf, Jeff Bourgeois, Butch Lafargue
Keep that Fearless attitude strong, and get out there, buddy-up, team-up and sponsor people just like you - even better - to build this business with. Meet often and sizzle (strategize), do meetings together, shows and expos together, and hold a monthly boiler-room party! This is where you gather in one location with your Prospect 100 lists and cell phones. then start "dialin' and smilin'" together - then pass the phones around to validate each other. Laugh, smile, sponsor and ring a bell when someone gets a new recruit! This Fun atmosphere is like a huge nation-wide magnet. In this day and age, people want to belong to something that is Fun and positive! They want to know what they are missing out on!
Who is this?

Buddy-Up - Tom & Annie Arnes
And once you've been involved a few months, your challenge is to keep your business building exciting - Fun and Fresh. How? There's only one way to keep it that way. Drum roll please... Sponsor new people every single solitary month! A new person is like a blood transfusion to you and your team. A new person has that Fearless aura and attitude that is contagious. Just being around a newly sponsored person makes you smile, and motivates you to take action. That's why you should never miss a Tuesday night call. Hearing those Fresh testimonials ignites your passion all over again!

Gail Cashman, David Cohen, CEO, Al Cashman
TEAM GIDEON - Karen, Anne, Elaine, Cindy, Elaine, Vicky!
Buddy Up! Sherry Holmen, Marty Weeks...
                                                                                   Stay Focused (another F word) and Fearless, just like you were the day you signed up in Voyager. Keep that excitement with you and continue having  Fun with your team, and by sponsoring new people consistently every month, you'll keep your business Fresh.  With the new Fast Start Paks - loaded with V3 samples, sponsoring just became easier! Fun, Fresh, Fearless...all key to the big money here. This all definitely gives the "F" word new meaning, right?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paving the Way

Nancy Feinberg, Elaine Tomrell & David Cohen, CEO

Billy and Eltha Banks

Lisa Mcmillan and David Cohen, CEO

"A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see."   
~ Leroy Eimes
Paving the way with Voyager Health Technologies are incredible leaders with vision, a strong work ethic and positive, productive action.  What a blessing great leaders are to our team. Leaders know that what they do their teams will do. Setting the example is key to great leadership. "The pace of the leader is the pace of the pack." A big part of being a leader is the process of pioneering. No matter the bumps and hiccups in the beginning of an opportunity, they stay focused on their goals, keep their teams on track, stay positive with all of their communications, and do what they've got to do to succeed. They hold weekly meetings, do the 3-way calls, assist with the weekly calls and training's, and offer constructive input that helps determine the future of a brand new company. They inspire, motivate, communicate, congratulate, emulate the upline, empower the downline, and have long-term vision for the future. They ask, "what is best for the company, and what is best for the team?" They understand the "magic" of Network Marketing, and deliver the message of "hope and possibility" for everyone. They have written down their "why" and know what it takes to succeed. They follow the system that has been laid out, don't reinvent the wheel, and love teaching others to succeed. We are new, but we already have amazing leaders. Pictured above, with more coming and being highlighted in the future, are leaders to be proud of, follow in their footsteps, and celebrate the journey and success that will be with Voyager Health Technologies.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In traditional business where there is a sales team involved, sales reps are taught Time Management, and the mandatory attendance with attending a Monday morning sales meeting to fire them up for the week.  "Wind 'em up and watch 'em work!" is the mantra of every sales manager.

I used to work, before I was married 37 years ago, for the offices of Sales Training, Inc.  I proofed the sales training manuals, kept track of the sales teams, attended all trainings, and saw first-hand how important these weekly meetings and trainings were to the sales team. I also carefully observed the work habits of the successful sales reps vs the unsuccessful reps. Their success or failure fell into two areas - TIME MANAGEMENT and INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITY. 

Every sales rep was given the same amount of time to succeed. How they managed their time reflected in their income.

In our Voyager Independent business building, we must first, take our business building seriously. We must know that we have the opportunity of a lifetime here. History has shown that Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry the past 80+ years. The "rags to riches" stories abound with MLM. The industry works, but are you? 
With Voyager you are able to start a profitable business with a very small investment, follow a proven 4-step system already in place with a support team site, recorded toll-free hotlines, weekly calls and trainings, and an off-the-charts V3 diet pill, wow!  And to be able to do this anytime, anywhere, working from home, is beyond powerful. But you must "work at business building." Whether full-time as a career move, or in the nooks and crannies as a part-timer, you must take advantage of your time, make every hour count, and truly build your business. You must determine what you are going to give up to build it.

Building means sampling, making phone calls, following-up with customers, meeting face-to-face with Prospects on scheduled appointments, holding in-home meetings, getting in front of people personally, building relationships, and presenting the business with the power point. Too many distributors think that sitting behind their computers posting on Facebook, emailing to the same people over and over again, making file folders, organizing their desk is business building.'s not. That's "busy work" not income generating activity. Knowing the difference will turn your business building profitable!

You've got to get our there, meet new people, join Networking groups, make more calls, invite people to listen to the calls, then with the help of your sponsor ... enroll them into the business, meeting with them with the 48-hour checklist, and assist them with building their teams, moving product, and making money. It takes work, but with Network Marketing the ole' "if you build it they will come" holds true. Just build it. Don't waste time. Keep track of what you do daily. Write it down - kind of like a food log that doctors have you keep. But now it's a productive income generating log.

QUESTION ... How effectively did you use your time today? How many calls did you make today? How many samples did you give out? How many new Associates did you sponsor this week? How many Directors did you help promote? How many Executives to you assist with creating, doing the 3-way calls? How many welcome calls did you do with new team members? Income generating activity is the name of the game. Take full advantage of every waking minute. Build strong. Build fast. Have fun. Make money!