Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Wonderful Team

Sandi and Ken Burgess, July 2011

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving; we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it ... but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

The best part of Network Marketing all of these years has been the friendships we've made. We treasure them. With each new adventure we have been blessed to meet new, positive people who truly want to change their lives and make a difference on this earth. This business attracts amazing people. People like you who take the time to work in as much business building as you can, in the nooks and crannies of your long, jam-packed hectic days. You give up leisurely moments to make phone calls, book appointments, hold in-home meetings, and talk to people. You hold up grocery  lines talking to the clerk, or answer questions on why you are wearing a glitz-blitz V3 t-shirt or big crazy weight loss button. You go the extra mile to care about people you sponsor. You attend meetings at odd hours, hop on phone calls at dawn for extra training. You care about your friends and family, even if they give you grief. I know. I get your emails, text and IM messages, and Facebook questions and concerns. You love life. You love people. You love what this business offers you. This world would not be the same without you. Every little effort you make and have made to build your business is making a difference. Lives are changing because of this one little magic V3 pill. People's lives are changing all because you cared enough to share. Thank you for that. I look so forward to  meeting with you, hugging you, shaking your hand and truly thanking you in person for patience, long-suffering, determination and hard work. Many of you are dealing with overwhelming challenges with the loss of, or sickness of loved ones, a devastation with a home fire, or loss of a child. Our heart goes out to you. Ken and I's prayers include you. Please know that every effort you have made to keep yourself moving forward and growing your business, we love and never take for granted. You are our "volunteer army" of hope and possibility. And we thank you and want you to know we care about you, your families, and want only the best for you - our wonderful team.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our New V3 Buttons

Our Be Free Buttons

I'm quite honestly not a real button person, never have been, probably never will be. However, I'll wear a flashy diamond studded awards pin, talk to everyone I meet, but a button...I'll leave that to Billy Banks :-)  When Billy and Eltha visited us at our home here in California about a month ago, Billy never went anywhere without that V3 button with the weight he'd lost written big and bold. He knows the power of being a billboard. And once they started asking Billy about his button, he was off and running to races with the opportunity! 

Any button you wear will get everyone looking, and some asking what that is all about. (Yea!) That's a lead-in, door opener for conversation about the Voyager opportunity. Just make sure you are "armed and dangerous" with V3 samples and product, business cards, 90-second commercial, cell phone with the HOTLINE on speed dial, and something to write down contact information when giving out samples and selling product.

Some people, like my husband, definitely needs something pinned on, sewn on, or clipped on to get people asking him what Voyager or V3 is. Once asked, he's good to go and unveil the magic of Network Marketing and the off-the-charts business opportunity with Voyager. He'll even flash a copy of our last bonus check! But, it seems to take the "billboard approach" to get him talking to people sometimes. And that's OK. Different strokes for different folks. As long as you get talking about the business, whatever works. I call it "glitzin' and blitzin'! (See cute V3 shirts from Shelley Ball's team.)

Pam Hatcher, Mary Kirk, Dr. Oz, Shelley Ball & Robin Southern
Whatever you need to do to get people asking, do it. Shake the bottle before a meal when eating out and say loudly, "glad I took my V3 before eating here...completely slams my appetite!"  Then check around and see if anyone heard you. If not, shake louder and raise your voice (LOL). whatever is comfortable, but do something. 

I like to pull the packets out when I'm in the restroom before washing my hands, it always gets someone asking about the V3 packet.  Yea!  "Oh this is that new, hot little happy skinny pill everyone is raving about. I've already lost 15 pounds! Better yet, it makes me feel happy! It's incredible. I'm sure you've heard of it. You'd love it." Then come the questions...WEAR - CARE - SHARE!!! Get the picture? 

The Billboard Approach is a kind of "wear and share" approach where you do or where anything to get people asking questions. Just don't trip people if they don't immediately respond to your "bling!" 

Al & Gayle Cashman shaking their V3 bottles!
Here are some basic Billboard Approach do's: Smile at people, compliment something (I love your briefcase, shoes, handbag, etc.). Ask them for the time (just don't have a watch on.) Make conversation while shopping - "Do you know which isle the organic foods are in? I've just lost 50 pounds and am finding that I'm eating healthier." Again guys...get the picture?  Just be friendly, pumped, happy, energized (as in MOOD - ENERGY - APPETITE), wear Voyager "stuff" and get people lookin' (and cookin'), and asking you what it is you are doing, and what is V3? It's fun. In fact, get out there every Wednesday (Walkabout) and meet, greet, and compete...with yourself. HAVE FUN!  Team-up and do this together. If it looks fun, people want to know what's up? Challenge yourself, and your team, to meet new people, make new friends, and sponsor new people every week!  Just BE A BILLBOARD for health and wealth...V-Style!

Monday, October 24, 2011


"Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey

What's the "end" with Network Marketing? To recruit, help those you recruit to recruit, and build a huge worldwide network of distributors.  It's a share the dream, build the team kind of business. Begin all presentations with that in mind and you will see success. 

I can teach you a hot phrase that when asked what you are doing you simply say, "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money!" And that will trigger questions that lead you into the One Minute Message ...

"You've got to take a look at an exciting project that I'm working on with a hot all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams your appetite. Everyone loves this, and they are making money. You need to do this with me."  

And I can give you a 24/7 recorded hotline (951) 262-3873, a 90-second smash hit commercial to show (see bottom of page), a team support site, weekly Tuesday night Biz Briefing calls (6pm pacific), and live Saturday morning Success Strategy calls (7am pacific) (949) 287-4000 code 303063#, create a power point presentation with scripting, and even a demonstration on how the scripting should be done - posted at I can provide fliers for guerrilla marketing, downloads, training modules, and a proven 4-step system. But for you to succeed with Network Marketing and this business, you must use these wonderful tools by knowing where you are going with every presentation. You must Begin with the End in Mind, and that is to build a strong team of distributors. That, my friend, takes personal, consistent recruiting. 

If ever discouraged or disappointed with the team you currently have, get a new team. Get out there and meet up with new people, and recruit new people into your business. Grow your business! I can promise you this, that as soon as you recruit new people, your entire paradigm changes from discouraged to excited!  This coming Saturday at 7am pacific, I will teach you how to hold fun and successful "Happy Skinny Pill" Parties. But, it's not about just selling the product. You RETAIL to RECRUIT. It's about RECRUITING, building a team and growing your business. Selling the V3 product is just the starting point to your goal to succeed. Note: a happy customer makes an outstanding distributor, and a great distributor makes the best customer. (Think about that for a minute.)  Your Action Assignment: Begin with the End in Mind ... Retail to Recruit!!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Business or Hobby?

"My father taught me always to do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future."  - Jim Rohn

Ask yourself this question about your involvement with Voyager Health Technologies. "Is this going to be a business or a hobby?" If it is going to be a serious business, then you have got to put in the time to build your business. You must invest in the business and you must invest in yourself. Ken and I made the choice to do Network Marketing professionally years ago. We chose it as a business, not a hobby. A hobby is a part time thing, and pays you part time money. A serious business takes consistent business building activity, and time to grow. But a thriving business won't grow if you don't treat it like a business. 

Too many MLM "deals" out there pitch something for nothing, and sell you on the concept of you making millions for doing very little. The "if you build it, they will come," phrase from Field of Dreams rings true here with your business. "They", referring to the thousands of downline team members will only come if you first "build it." And that takes effort. You must sponsor 100 people in your Network Marketing business personally. That should be your target number. That may take 10 years, and that's OK. And from those 100 people you will find 10 great leaders. And from those 10 leaders will be 3 that will blast your business! The "sort and sift" concept applies with sponsoring. You'll sponsor people who are wholesale consumers only, others who are retailers of the product only, a few who will sponsor a few people, and a couple will be serious and roll up their sleeves and build seriously. And that's all you need to make those six figure a month checks ... a couple of great people. But you've got to put in the work to find those people.

We zero in on key people with ambition, a strong why, who follow and teach the system and are coachable. And they don't necessarily have to have had MLM experience. In fact, new people to this industry are often the best because they come to the table with no baggage, negativity and are willing to do whatever it takes to build their business. We love these people. We work with those that work, and so should you. But must treat your business like a business. Get serious. Be a winner not a whiner. Set the example. Set the pace. Learn the plan, then work that plan. Don't talk about what you are going to do ... just do it. Create a strong team. Create team spirit with your team. Make your lists, digging deep with the Memory Jogger to jog your mind of who you really know from groups, clubs, and associations. Who do you do business with (hair, nails, cleaning, etc) and tell them you have a project you'd love to share with them. Meet face-to-face and go through the power point presentation with your Biz Binder, invite them to a Biz Briefing call, local meeting, using the 4-step system. Consistently get in front of people to build your business.

Get out there and meet new people, gather business cards and intentionally meet with people to build your business. Take it seriously. Don't just sell the product. Share the opportunity. Your V3 product is the simple solution for health and wealth, a "dream" product for any Network Marketing company. But you must be intentional with building your business, selling the dream - the opportunity, and being a Network Marketing professional. Write down why you are doing this, treasure map your goals so you look at them everyday, sample two a day, everyday with the intent of building a business for yourself. When asked what you do for a living, say, "I'm a Network Marketing professional. I teach people how to successfully run a business from home, and I love it." Think like that. Don't be the pill lady down the street. Be the Network Marketing pro who has that hot diet pill V3 and is living the American Dream!

Ken and I have made an incredible income with Network Marketing, but we have always treated it like a business. People don't magically follow us from one company to another. That's not what happens. We make our lists, organize ourselves with the Telephone Talk bullet sheet, weekly calls, hotline, support site, etc. and then get serious. We know that V3 works - no question. Easiest thing we've ever done. We know the plan and work the plan. Sponsor four - Director ... sponsor six and help them sponsor four - Executive, and so on. We do what we have to do to build the business. We don't treat it like a hobby. We treat it like the gift it is ... an opportunity of the lifetime to change lifestyle. We use the tools and work with those that work. That's the bottom line. You work this business casually, you become a casualty. "I hope it's going to work," never enters our minds. We love V3 and know that this will be the biggest hit this country has ever had. And we want you to be at the top. That's exactly how you must look at this business. So, take a moment to answer the this a business or a hobby? Then DO the business everyday, and build yourself a dream team that will make a difference with health and wealth this country desperately needs. Truly...GET ON BOARD and BUILD A BUSINESS!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let the V3 Product Work for You

I answer lots of questions via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text  about how the V3 product works, and why most lose weight quickly and a few lose more slowly. And my final answer (sounds like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire), is always, "let the product work for you." V3 is the ultimate secret weapon with weight control and a happy lifestyle.

V3 is the perfect, dream product for anyone needing a little help with their mood, a boost with energy and focus, and control with portion sizes, cravings, and food choices. V3 assists in repairing a sluggish metabolism and has so many overlapping benefits that helps to turn around today's most debilitating health challenges. Over 7 years of study, research on natural botanicals, field testing went into the creating of our V3 product. The creators goal was to give you the ultimate tool to assist you with making lifestyle changes! Read the testimonials at and under V3 Success Stories on Facebook. The stories continue to pour in, and are life-changing, and heartfelt. Click on those stories and share them with everyone you know.

Whether you personally lose fast or slow, let the product work for you, and work with the product. You may not be at your target weight yet, but know that the product is working for you. Ask yourself some questions. How did you feel before taking V3? Once you started taking V3, are you in a better mood? Yes. Do you have better focus? Yes. Do you feel more in control of your cravings and appetite? Yes. Are you feeling more productive? Yes. The common phrase, "just give me a pill for what ails me," is finally here in an all-natural way with V3 - the happy, skinny pill! So, let V3 work for you, and share it with everyone you know. Don't keep it just your secret weapon. Then, do what you've always wanted to do - change your lifestyle and live life to its fullest! V3 is the tool you've needed to get you moving more and eating less. What a blessing we have here. It's time to live the V3 lifestyle...victory over mood, energy and appetite! Let the V3 product work for you, do it's repair work on your body (mood, energy, appetite), then share it with everyone you meet, and build a huge home-based business for yourself!

Robin Southern, Pam Hatcher, Mary Kirk, Shelley Ball - FIT FEST

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Launch, Validate, Welcome, Care

One of my all-time favorite scenes from a musical is the Telephone Hour from Bye, Bye Birdie. In fact, in a production of Lights On Broadway I directed in 2006, I had the youth do this number. Friends of Hugo and Kim are spreading the word about their getting "pinned." (Click to watch)

When I think about 3-way calling, this fun number comes to mind on how quickly word-of-mouth can spread good news. And since we're a people-telling-people biz ... use and abuse this critical part of the system. And, my friends, therein lies the real "secret" to six-figure a month checks with Network Marketing. I've done so many 3-ways calls over the past 30+ years with my distributor teams, that I've been known to lose my voice. So, with the basics of the biz building, I put together our team support site and the recorded HOTLINE (951) 262-3873 to assist me with helping you. In addition to these support tools, the people-talking-to-people biz needs you personally talking with them and your sponsor. Let's break the three-way call down so it's crystal clear.

First, there's the Launch call with your sponsor as a new distributor to kick-off and launch your business. You listen, learn and earn. Some MLM pro's won't allow their newbies to call people without them for the first 9-10 calls. Second, there is the Validation call as part of the 4-step system. Your sponsor validates you, the business and inspires action on the part of your Prospect. Third is the Welcome call where you introduce your new team members to your sponsor and upline leader. It's important that distributors immediately feel part of a team. And fourth is the Care call. Someone may need motivation, congratulation, inspiration, or a kick-in-the-butt to get going. So you and your sponsor call for that purpose. 

Learn to follow the system. We have seen success because we DO and TEACH the 4-step system. This includes the 3-way call. Do it from day one. If you have been bad with this - fire yourself today and start fresh doing the 3-way call tomorrow. Your bank account will thank me. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Vicky Haynie, Alice Smith, Shelley Ball (Executive) ... FIELD TRAINING
I've learned over the years to either sponsor people with excellent Network Marketing experience who know what they are doing and just need you for those important 3-way calls, or learn to field train your people. 

Categorize your sponsoring like this ... the three H's...Hitters, Hustlers, Homemakers. Hitters are rare.  Hustlers (usually men) may sponsor a slew of people, but most likely don't train them how to do the business (spaghetti thrown against the wall to see what sticks?)  So, who do you think does most of the work at the grassroots and moves the most product, and loves nurturing the people they sponsor? Yes, the wonderful homemakers. (I'm one!) We hold up grocery lines sampling the clerk, stop people coming out of PTA meetings and church, are selling product out of the trunk of their car while watching their kids play soccer, and usually drag the dead to meetings because we desperately want them to succeed :-(.  We are truly the ones who build this business. So, as their sponsor, field train your people how to build a big business, not just sell product.

First, use the 4-step system and tools while prospecting your people. This sets the example of how to build the business. Secondly, meet with your newly sponsored Associate and go over the 48-hour checklist. This is a no-brainer - just follow it. Thirdly, "launch" their new business with their contacts at their home. You just bring the tools to do the in-home meeting. Fourthly, meet face-to-face with 5-10 appointments with your new Associate. This is called the 2-on-1.  Fifthly, go on Walkabout Wednesday with your people to meet new people, gather business cards and work that cold market. "She'd be great in our business. Give her your card," is music to the ears of a new Associate.  

Continue doing the 3-way calls and team up with meetings and events. Network Marketing is a people-to-people marketing approach, where the best place to be as a leader is in the back of the room applauding your new people as you watch them speak, lead, grow and develop in the front of the room, and in the business. There's honestly nothing better.  

Monday, October 10, 2011


Face it, Voyager Associates, with V3 you have literally hit the jackpot! And to collect big bucks, just do what ya gotta do to succeed - sample, sell, sponsor, support.

There's a saying in Network Marketing, "if the 'why' is big enough, the how'to's just don't matter." This is a very true statement.  We've all seen those wonderful brand new distributors so excited about the V3 product that nothing stops them from talking to everyone, and no one seems to says "no" to them. Why? Because their excitement is magnetic. They realize that what they have is like the cartoon implies ...hitting the jackpot! And, my friends, you have hit the jackpot with V3.

You've got a simple, all-natural, affordable, 'magic' pill that elevates your mood, boosts your energy and completely shuts off your appetite. One little pill that can change your life. Don't keep that a secret. It just doesn't get easier than V3. And nothing can stop you when you are pumped, have your goals in focus, and realize you've hit the jackpot with this product. Just stay excited by staying plugged in with every single call on Tuesday night 6pm pacific and Saturday morning at 7am pacific. (Plug the phone number into your phone. It's (940) 287-4000 code 303063#.) Listen wherever you are and let those testimonials empower you. Participate with sharing your story on Facebook, the Tuesday night calls, in person, on the phones, in meetings, everywhere. "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money!" should roll off your lips with ease. Don't complicate that. Do to Duplicate the 4-step system, use the new recorded Hotline (951) 262-3873, and have a blast! You have hit the jackpot with V3. Own it and take it to the bank!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Why This? Why Now? Why Me?

As you talk to people about your business and start adding them to your Prospecting Pipeline (it's a journey and a process), you have to answer the questions, "Why This? Why Now? Why Me?" And you need to answer these questions more than once until they catch the vision of what you are doing and want to do it too. 

People are approached daily with a new Network Marketing program. They may have even "tried" doing something and failed, and that's OK. They may have preconceived ideas about Network Marketing, and can't see themselves selling anything, or approaching their friends and family. And that's OK too. However, if you do the approaching, presenting and enrolling simply, use the tools and the 4-step system, and add your own humor, passion and personality, your Prospect will realize that they can do what you do. And therein lies the secret to growing your business.

"Why This?" is answered when they realize 37% of the population is obese (and growing rapidly), grumpy or depressed (or both), tired and struggling with this sad economy. They feel out of control, and in need of a cash infusion big time. So, set the stage strong for what you have to offer. You have a solution to all of those ills, and more. You have the "happy skinny pill" that everyone wants like yesterday! They just don't know about it ... yet.

"Why Now?" is where you anchor in the timing factor. Near 8 years with a huge void in the natural diet pill market where nothing was available to assist a person with sticking to their chosen diet. A void that used to do $2 billion a year! That's BILLION with a "B"!!!  Obesity, depression, fatigue, economy ... all fixed with V3 and Voyager Health Technologies.

"Why Me?" really means..."can I see myself doing this?" So, word to the wise...use the tools, the 4-step system, the calls, webinars, 90-second commercial. Basically, SAY LESS TO MORE PEOPLE. It's a - look at this, listen to this, swallow this-type program and cool little pill. Don't complicate that. (K.I.S.S.)

I'll be training on the basics of Face-to-Face appointments Saturday morning 7am pacific October 8, 2011. Tune In...Take Notes... Take Action!  (940) 297-4000 code 303063#  Download the new power point presentation at - our team support site.

See you in the morning!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Become Interdependent!

Annie & Tom Arnes and Vicky Tye
‎"Dependent people need others to get what they want. Independent people can get what they want through their own efforts. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success." - Stephen Covey

What do I like most about Network Marketing? The relationships and friendships made. Getting to know the incredible people from coast to coast in our downlines and our team. Many of those involved in Voyager with us right now, especially the leaders, are friends we've made over the years in this business. 

Friends working together is the foundation of this business. It's creating that Stephen Covey described "Interdependence" that makes this work. That's why we do the 3-way calls, the 48-Hour Business Planning Session with our new Associate, the In-home meetings together, the goal-setting sessions, Boiler Room Recruiting, Super Saturdays, team-up with trade shows and expo's, and Field Training with 2-on-1 appointments. It's about the relationships we build and interdependence we count on - the synergy of the group that brings success to all involved. It's not about working alone, behind your computer on the internet, or mass mailing. It's about making a contact, building a relationship and creating a bond, and an environment of trust between you and your individual team members. It's about empowering each other and cheering each other on - the team!

So many people try to short-cut this very important process of building a relationship before building their Network Marketing business. It just doesn't work. You begin with the basics by writing your Prospect 100 list from the moment you enroll. You add to this as you go along, Then you begin calling your Warm Market first, asking for a favor with taking a look at your new project (Voyager opportunity). You invite them to take a look with your sponsor on a 3-way call and at a team meeting. You ask for help from your sponsor as soon as you complete those basics to getting your business going, i.e. listen to the 5 Basic training's at, then at a meeting with your sponsor for a Business Planning Session using that 48-Hour Checklist. 
Phil and Nancy Feinberg, Ken Burgess, Elaine and Scott Tomrell

Once you feel you have worked every contact in your Warm Market, then get out there, Wednesday Walk-about, join clubs, gather business cards, ask for referrals and meet new people. But know that you have to WARM UP that COLD MARKET after you start the prospecting process. These new contacts have to trust you. And this "warming up" takes time, but it is the fun, and most rewarding part of building a business from home with Network Marketing. 

Don't just throw spaghetti up against the wall and see what sticks. Build relationships. Discover what makes the people you are working with tick. What are their goals and dreams? Why are they involved with you? It's the INTERDEPENDENT people who see huge success in this Network Marketing business. It's the bonding, the friendships, the relationships that last and create synergy, team-spirit, loyalty and depth in your organization. So, before giving up on your warm market contacts, take out those lists (church groups, holiday cards, booster clubs, sports team rosters, etc.), use the Memory Jogger at, and become healthy, wealthy, and ... interdependent!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Treasure Map Your Goals

My Cabin Treasure Mapped on My Refrigerator
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." ~Henry Ford

Henry Ford said it best about goals in the quote above. If you want to achieve your goals, you can not take your eyes off those goals. You have to have them written down and treasure mapped in front of you at all times. 

Every motivational speaker will tell you to write down your goals, be specific with them, and chunk them down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Then determine what income generating activities you must do daily to achieve those goals. All obstacles get in the way only when you take your eyes off your goals. As they say, you can make excuses or you can make money. It's your choice. Let's talk about Treasure Mapping. Treasure Mapping means to cut out pictures of the things you want and then plaster them on your refrigerator, and on your bathroom mirror. Look at what you want everyday as many times as you can. You have to visualize success to make it happen. 

Put a copy of your goals that you have written down, in the front of your Biz Binder. Read those goals every morning before you take your brisk walk and start "dialin' & smilin'" with your contacts. Know what you want. Be specific. "If your 'why' is big enough, the how-to's just don't matter!" So along with writing your goals (your wants), ponder your 'why' and write that down, and read that every morning along with your goals.

Be honest with yourself and answer four questions. Are you serious about building your business? Do you want to change your lifestyle? Do you want to live that talked-about American Dream? What are you willing to give up to make that happen? What I've learned with success in this business for near forty (40) years, is that Network Marketing success is all about lifestyle. No time restraints. No answering to a boss. No limitations with territories or income. No punching a time clock, or fighting traffic. No budget situations that tie your hands from living your life with those you love. 
Chris Burgess #34 (far left)

Here's one example of lifestyle. When my son, Chris, was playing basketball for Duke University, I had been in and out of North Carolina every week to watch him play, and building a MLM business there with every trip. He called on Thanksgiving and said, "mom, you need to come to the Alaska Shoot-Out. I want you there!" The Alaska Shoot-Out was tomorrow and I didn't have to think, "can I afford to go?" "can I get away?" I just called my travel agent, had her book a first-class ticket and flew up to be there for my son. I emailed my distributors that I would be there, and while there for three days, I did a couple of meetings in my hotel room!" That, my dear friends, is lifestyle.

Treasure Map what you want. Write down those goals. See yourself achieving those goals. Determine what you need to give up to achieve those goals. Then consistently (daily) add to your Prospect list, gather business cards, make contact, sample people, follow-up and build an empire-sized business with the easiest thing you'll ever have to share with Prospects...the V3! People needed this product yesterday. So, get out there and give it to them!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


If I were asked to describe success with Network Marketing with one word it would be CONSISTENCY. Consistent income generating activity. Consistent daily sampling. Consistent follow-up. Consistently monthly sponsoring. Consistent communication with the upline and downline. Consistent plugging into weekly calls. Consistent holding weekly in-home type meetings. Consistent taking the fabulous V3 product. Consistent work = guaranteed success. It's a focused "just keep on $wimming!"

Most independent distributors lack the discipline to anchor into the concept of consistency. It takes creating a business building habit. It means taking your business seriously, getting up early in the morning, taking your V3, doing a few jumping jacks and taking a brisk walk, and putting in the time to build a business. You must be consistent and teach your team to be consistent. You must set the example of sampling, selling and sponsoring, then teach your team to do the same. You must DIVE IN DAILY!

With this word CONSISTENCY in mind, we, along with corporate, decided it was important to create a built-in incentive enhancement to the current pay plan. This is the exciting new monthly FAST START BONUS POOL. When you qualify for the pool every month by sponsoring three new people, and teach your teams to do the same, you will see bigger checks, bigger volumes, and will create a momentum that will take us all to the next level of income and activity. So..."everyone into the pool!" And with focus and consistency (dive in daily) ...just keep on $wimming!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Cynthia Maurice, OH
Deb Landreman, WI
"Goals are Dreams with a Deadline."  
Love the above quote. Whenever I ask people what they want from the Voyager Health Technologies business when they first sign up, they say things like - more money, to get rich, to travel, to just pay my bills, etc. These goals are great but are not definite enough. First, you must write down definite goals, then write down the action you are going to take - how you are going to achieve those goals. What strategies are you going to take? What is your plan of attack? What income generating daily activity are you going to add to your daily schedule to accomplish these goals? What are you going to give up? That is why the new Fast Start Bonus Pool is so exciting! It's a goal with a deadline that makes dreams come true.

Cynthia Maurice and business partner Deb Landreman are two individuals who caught the vision of Voyager and the V3 product right from the start, wrote down their goals, worked with the tools and the 4-step system, and set the deadlines needed to achieve their goals. First month - they became Directors, and are on track to achieve Executive this month. Now with the new Fast Start Bonus Pools, they are the first to achieve it. CONGRATULATIONS DEB & CYNTHIA!!! That is impressive, but not surprising. They do to duplicate by making sure everyone they sponsor comes in with a 900 Pro Pak - starting at the top! The "say less to more people," sample two a day, everyday (and more) and are already in the pool for October. They do tweekly team calls to update, communicate and congratulate team members, the 3-way calls, and are leading the way with their team. They are setting the pace for their team to follow. And, my friends, that is what it is all about. Thank you ladies!

There are no hidden secrets in making big bucks with Network Marketing. We all do the same thing. You must be consistent, and setting the goal of qualifying for the Fast Start Bonus Pools assures consistency and success. Go to - our team support site, listen to the five Basic Training's, use the 4-step system, the hotlines, the Tuesday calls, and work hard until every one of your dreams come true. It's only possible when you set your goals and let those dreams with a deadline come true!