Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chips, Cookies & Bottled Water

In-Home meetings and Skinny Pill Parties are where it's at with building a home-based business. The atmosphere is casual, fun, friendly and comfortable. The "do-me-a-favor" invite always works, especially when you ask them to bring something like chairs, ice, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies or bottled water. The chairs are obvious - you never have enough. The ice goes into the big bowl to hold the bottled water. What isn't so obvious is the secret weapon to In-Homes. You guessed it - potato chips and chocolate chip cookies. Who knew? But statics with Network Marketing leaders who have designed a career in this business with holding In-Home meetings have all verified this crazy little secret. Recipe for successful In-Home's ... potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and bottled water. Asking people to bring something will also help get them to attend.

Now that you've got that secret down with these simple refreshments, it's time to start scheduling lots of these fun In-Home Meetings and Skinny Pill Parties. (By the way, we women love parties. Think about Tupperware, Mary Kay, Princess House...candles, interesting underwear, etc.) These home parties have always been a great way to share products. So why not do the same thing with our fabulous diet pill? Just make sure your focus is on sharing the opportunity right along with the product, asking everyone to get involved on the spot. Create urgency and excitement right along with the fun. Your goal: to build your team, not just sell product.

Casual is key to success with these in-Home meetings. Have fun. Cover the 4-Point Presentation briefly keeping the pace of your event upbeat and exciting. Five points to cover are: 1) Company, 2) Product, 3) How to Get Started (and get to the Director position), and 4) Timing. Those who attend need to feel that important sense of "do it now!" urgency. Always over-invite. If you want ten people to come, invite thirty. Be consistent with holding your In-Home meetings every week - same time, same place. And team it up with other people in your area. The more fun you have as a team, the faster your area will grow.

Remember to have each guest bring something - chips, bottled water, chocolate chip cookies - and have a blast sharing something that you love, are excited about, and everyone wants (they may just don't know about it yet.) And make it your job to spread the word. And In-Home meetings, and Skinny Pill Parties, are where this is done the most effectively. Once you start this fun In-Home meeting ball rockin' and rolling in your area, it will spread like wildfire and you'll make money! Once you outgrow your home, find somewhere just as cozy to continue sharing your business. Potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and bottled water. Who knew?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am the Leader!

John C. Maxwell, a motivational speaker I just recently heard speak at the last Network Marketing convention I attended, said this about leadership -
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

Leadership qualities are often instinctive. I think back to my childhood and remember myself always taking charge with the neighborhood kids with organizing backyard carnivals, setting up lemonade stands, and planning sleepovers. I also remember gathering the cousins together at family parties and creating some sort of silly talent show or skit. Those of you reading this post probably relate to this, and did the same thing. The fact that you are involved with this type of business shows that you love the concept of being your own boss ... right?

Although some leadership skills seem to come naturally to some, most leadership skills can definitely be learned and developed, especially in this business of Network Marketing. I've seen people grow and develop into a leader right before my eyes over and over again. And these individuals that develop into great leaders all seem to have one thing in common. They were teachable. They attended everything. They took notes.They sat on the front rows. And they didn't try to re-invent the wheel with building their business. They simply followed their leaders guidance and duplicated those proven strategies.

When you have a leader emerge from the downlines, those of us blessed with that individual on our team rejoices big time! Why? Because we know that our workload has been lightened because our new leader will take the reigns with their group. They will do as we do, and they will lead their team. That's where the true "magic" in Network Marketing lies. Developing leaders.

Leaders follow to the letter what their leaders have taught them to do. They duplicate the 4-Step System, they promote the calls and events, and they get visibly involved. They never "hope" that success with the business just sort of happens. They make it happen. Leaders keep things simple. They don't complicate the business. The work the plan. Step One - Sponsor four ... qualify for Director. Step Two - Sponsor 6 and help them sponsor 4 to get to Executive. They gather their teams weekly to motivate, congratulate, update and have fun. They hold weekly in-home meetings and set the pace for the team. They do exactly what they want their team to do. They are positive, focused individuals who are a joy to work with. And they want their team members to succeed.

The time is now. The opportunity is golden. Make things happen, and step up and be the leader you were destined to be! Think like a leader. Act like a leader. Be a leader. As John Quincy Adams once said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." Pave the way for your team. Say with all the conviction and confidence you can muster ... I Am the Leader!

Monday, February 21, 2011


It doesn't matter how long I've been in this powerful Network Marketing business. I'm always learning. I had the privilege to work with a key Network Marketing professional with the last business endeavor and he taught me the importance of staying plugged in.

I always knew how important staying plugged in was. Taught the concept for years. But the week I started working with him, I got busy on a 3-way call during a scheduled company conference call, so missed the call. I justified it as, "well, I was doing the business." However, my friend called me right after the call ended and asked me if I had been on the call. I said, "no because I was on a 3-way call." He then lectured me on the importance of being on these calls and setting the example to the team - thus creating, teaching and doing the duplication thing.

He was not happy with me and he thought I knew better as a seasoned Network Marketing veteran of 40 years. That was the bad news. The good news is that I truly learned from that point on, what REAL duplication meant.

You see, you just can't tell your people to hop on those Monday morning Core Leadership Calls and Thursday Night 18 Minute Biz Briefing Live Calls. You have to be on these calls yourself, and promote it with your team. Then you have to follow it thru and check to make sure your team got on them. If they didn't get on or show up ... lecture them about being on those calls just like my sponsor did with me. That's duplication.

Staying plugged in with, emails, text reminders, calls, webinars, events, meetings - keeps you pumped and working the business and achieving your financial goals. Staying plugged in literally WIRES YOU TO WIN with this fabulous home-based business we call Network Marketing! Your staying plugged in keeps you on track and excited. Staying plugged in and participating with sharing your story with others listening, sets you a part as a true leader. Are you staying plugged in? Are you Wired to Win? If not ... do it now.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Laser Vision

I just spent a week in State College, PA with my oldest son, Ben, his wife and his five fantastic children. It was a very special time for me since I rarely see them. Of course, one night we had to watch the original Superman 1. Ben has always been a major Superman fan. His entire office area in his home is a collection of Superman memorabilia. He seems to know everything there is about this super hero. And, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure where this obsession comes from.

A couple of weeks ago I had to laugh at his and my son-in-law, Eddie's Facebook posts. They were bantering back and forth about Yoda's light saber penetrating Superman. Reading it, and chuckling out loud, I felt like I was reading a script from The Big Bang Theory (one of my fav tv shows.) Of course, Ben had the facts about Superman and his laser vision cutting through almost everything, including Yoda's light saber. Funny. So, as the story goes, reading that Facebook posting, looking at Ben's shelves of Superman collectibles, and re-watching Superman 1, it brought to mind the importance of laser vision and focus with building your home-based business.

You see ... you make the right decision to join the best company. You are excited. You anxiously await your Start-up Package of product to arrive. You've made your lists of people to contact. In many cases, your product is actually sold before it arrives. You're on fire! The key now is to stay laser-focused on your new project, seeing it through, until your goals are achieved. Laser-focused means doing this with determination and passion! Listening to the three trainings posted at, reading the team blogs, following the 4-step system, participating in, and promoting every Thursday night Biz Briefing call, sponsoring new people every week, talking the business everyday, and letting nothing stop you from achieving your goals and living your dreams.

Laser-focus means working this one business hard and strong, not trying to juggle other Network Marketing companies at the same time. (One horse over the finish line, as they say), will see a congruency with your recruiting and leadership efforts. Doing what needs to be done, personally, professionally, and with your team. Laser-focus in on your goals. Know what you want, then take the daily action to move yourself and your team towards achieving those goals. Stay excited. Stay plugged in with the weekly Thursday night live Biz Briefing Calls, packed with exciting product testimonials. Stay excited and have fun! Truth, justice and the American way means, in my book ... truly living the American Dream!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making the Right Decision

I was on the phones most of yesterday with some very sharp people, all looking for that perfect work-from-home opportunity to get involved with. They had heard me speak and train with other Network Marketing companies, knew I had just recently resigned from a "jungle juice" business and asked me why I had walked away, leaving money on the table, and why I had selected Voyager as my company of choice.

In one particular 30 minute conversation, the individual I was chatting with was juggling two opportunities already, was constantly being pitched on many more, and asked me point blank ... "how do you choose the right company?"

That, my friends, is an easy question for me to answer. I have been involved longer than anyone on the planet (I think) with Network Marketing, starting out at age 18 with a direct sales cosmetic company (I'm celebrating my 60th birthday this month - so you do the math). I have seen what works, what doesn't, been there ... done that. And this is what I've found to be the most important four critical factors to the success, longevity and momentum of a company. They are: product, management, compensation plan and timing.

The product has to be consumable and life-changing. The end consumer has to feel it and have results immediately. A simple diet pill that works like our V3 has almost immediate results, thus high demand. People want it, and can't get it fast enough. You see, when a homemaker can sell it out of the back of her trunk while watching her kids play soccer - you have a winner! America is out of control right now with obesity and depression on the rise, and people have been literally super-sized to death. They need (and want) a simple, affordable pill to swallow that will give them control, boost their energy and brighten their mood. What's not to love about that?

Management has to know how to create magic with marketing, and really know, through personal field experience, the needs of the distributor. The Compensation Plan has to pay at every level - from the person just starting out in the business, to the big hitter who wants those six-figure a month bonus checks. So many plans out there may pitch well, and look good on paper, but just flat out don't pay.

And timing has to be right. With an eight year void in the marketplace for a simple and safe diet pill that works, there is high demand for what we have here. And to be in on the pre-launch of a company - the basement vs. just ground floor, it doesn't get better than that. In fact, if someone is pitching you on another juice product (no matter where in the jungle they stumbled upon it), that market is fatigued. If someone is trying to recruit you into a company with 2 million distributors ... timing is definitely not on your side. If what you are sharing with friends and family with your business is difficult to explain. It won't duplicate, and duplication is key.

And thus the conversation brought us around to why I sold a juice business. Why I walked away from another. What I chose was a chance to be at the top of the next legacy company with a flagship product that people want, a management team that creates magic, a revolutionary compensation plan, and perfect timing to see big time success. That's why I chose Voyager, and why I get up at dawn to do what I love to do. And working along side great, positive, goal-oriented people is frosting on the already perfect cake. Once that decision was made, running at full speed for the first couple of years definitely guarantee's the lifestyle I have come to enjoy with his awesome Network Marketing business. I definitely made the right decision.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And You Were There First!!!

How exciting is it to know that you are there first to try the product. You are there first to sample your key people. You are there first to hop on that first Monday night webinar. You are there first to share your personal story. And you are there first to have the opportunity to be a part of a legacy company.

Yes, it is beyond exciting to pave the way ... set the pace ... set the tone for the team. And yes, knowing you are there first can be challenging for many reasons. Systems are getting put into place at the corporate level, product is getting to you later than you would have liked due to many factors beyond anyone's control, and possibly a few people you thought would be your key leaders sort of backed out at the last minute because they didn't have your vision, your determination, or your "why."

But you know that you are there first and the rewards will far exceed the challenges that are always a part of being first. You know that focusing on your "why", writing down your goals and reading them when things are a bit of a struggle will give you the edge on those that come later in the game.

"Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain." ~Author Unknown

Thank you for being goal-oriented, persistent and stepping up as a leader. You are one in a million and are loved and appreciated. Soon - maybe at our first convention - we will all hug and smile at these start-up challenges and thank the person who invited us to take a look - take a sample - take a spot at the top. We are here first and life for all of us is about to change for the better!

xo Sandi

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our "Why"...

Someone once said, "if your 'why' is big enough, the how-to's just don't matter." How simple a phrase, but how true the message. In fact, I have seen many people over the years with absolutely no training or experience in Network Marketing, soar to the top of the company charts, win all of the awards, cars and trips, and see their dreams come true! Why? Because they had a huge "why" that drove them to succeed.
Our "why" has always been, and will always be centered around our family - their activities and their needs. We love the freedom that this business has always given us. Our offices have always been in our home, and wherever our children's activities and involvements have taken them (from sea to shining sea :-), because of the freedom of Network Marketing, we have never missed a basketball game, concert, program, play or cherished moment with our children, and now our grandchildren. Having the freedoms that Network Marketing affords - time, location, finances - we are able to be involved with our kids and grandkids, no matter where they live. This business has
truly blessed our life.

The picture in the right corner is one of my favorite pictures of Ken (grandpa) holding one of Chris' girls at a pro basketball game in Seoul, Korea where Chris was playing with the Hyundai team. Prior to the game, we had been discussing the Networking Marketing business we were then involved in, with the assistant coach. Pretty cool. The picture to right is daughter, Angela's five girls here in Southern California. You'll often hear them in the background as I'm on 3-ways playing Barbie at grandma's.

The picture bottom left is me with my oldest son, Ben's family visiting Penn State in State College, PA, where I have been recruiting people for our new business, Voyager. Those five kids are growing so fast, and if I didn't have this business, neither Ken nor I could visit as often, and at the same time, build a business across the country. Awesome!

Find your passion, and anchor in your "why." Once that fire within you is ignited, your"why" will drive your daily actions and activities. And nothing can or will stop you from achieving your goals, and living the life you want to live, with the people you care about the most. Remember ..."When your 'why' is big enough, the how-to's just don't matter."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The "X Factor!"

Yes, I admit it. I like Simon Cowell and I miss him. American Idol just isn't working for me this year with him gone. Loved his sarcasm, honesty and obnoxious behavior. It was real and made me laugh and smile at the same time that I was saying outloud ... "ouch, that hurt." But enough about that. Simon has a new show coming out called "The X Factor". Don't you remember him telling (my fav) Carrie Underwood that she had the "X factor" and would be the most successful American Idol (or something to that effect)? People either have "it" or they don't. It's that extra something that sets them a part. It's "magic" and is very magnetic. Success always follows them.

I have seen this "X Factor" with key leaders in our Networking businesses over the past 40 years. They are rare gems we call "leaders" who always create magic, and step up and take the lead with making things happen - no matter where they live, where they come from, or what circumstances could have altered their success. And it's pure joy to behold! They are self-motivated, goal-oriented and let nothing stop them from succeeding. They always get me pumped when I see them in action!

There are many coming on board with the team who have this dynamic "X Factor." One such individual, along with her business partner, is creating monumental momentum before the product has even hit the pavement. Her name ... Elaine Tomrell of Grand Blanc, MI. She is flat out kickin butt! Let me describe what has just happened in Michigan the past two days.

My handsome hubby (kids hate me to call Ken hubby) ... scheduled his marathon month of meetings to start in Michigan. He arrived in time to watch the Super Bowl and breathe from the cross-country flight, but as soon as he put on his dress-for-success business attire, Elaine had her key leaders (all awesome by the way!) meet him for lunch, strategize, answer comp plan questions, then had 80 that night at the first meeting! But it didn't stop there. She then had him meet with the guests from the meeting last night, meet him for lunch today for yet another presentation where he could paint the bigger picture of "hope and possibility."

Ken will most likely drop after his drive to the next scheduled meeting, but the momentum Elaine has started there with Ken in Michigan will give her and her beautiful biz partner, Nancy Feinberg, a bonus check that will break all records for a start-up company! Note that Elaine knows the compensation plan probably better than Ken, (definitely me) and had Ken and their team on more comp plan calls late at night than I can count. She was definitely setting the pace for the pack, so to speak. Within hours of opening our doors for pre-launch, she and Nancy were Executives. Excellent!

There are definitely many of you reading this post that have this same "X Factor." You are self motivated, positive, goal-oriented, busy people with a big "why" (fire in your gut) and will do exactly the same thing these ladies and their awesome team are doing. And you will have your financial dreams come true right before your eyes. You will change lives. You will make a difference to a very depressed, fat, broke nation. We love you for that. And it warms our heart to see you succeed. Your joy is definitely our joy. xoxo

Monday, February 7, 2011


I've truly been blessed with some awesome kids. At the time when I was having children eighteen months a part, and feeling non-stop pregnant, I didn't realize how close of buddies they would all stay. And that makes me smile. I could go on and on (as all proud mothers and grandmothers do), giving examples of how much they helped each other over the years- emotionally, physically, financially, etc. But that is personal info that gets tucked away in my personal journal and scrap booking projects.

Last week, however, my youngest son, David made the same team that my son Chris has been on this year in Poland (both are pro basketball players). The details aren't important on how that actually happened, but the buddy-up factor does. They play different roles on the team - one a center and the other a power forward. But they are there for each other as teammates and as brothers. I have a priceless picture where Chris (on the left) is giving David (on the right) a dirty look. Who knows what the conversation was, all that matters is that they are empowering each other, have each others back, and they are making things happen together on the court.

So what does this have to do with your business? A great deal. First - don't work alone. (The "No Man is an Island." song is now running through my head.) This wonderful networking business is about teaming up, empowering each other, holding each other accountable, sharing in each other's successes, and validating each other and the opportunity (3-way calling).

So as you begin to develop your team, find someone you can truly buddy-up with in your area. Call each other daily and hold each other accountable, strategize together on how to grow the area, report your successes, keep each other motivated and working towards both of your written goals. Do in-home meetings together, walk-abouts together (where you get out there meeting people and gathering business cards), and make things happen together. It works.

Have fun with this. Remember: if one of you misses the shot ... the buddy will rebound and make the basket. The outcome? More fun and bigger success for the both of you!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You are an Event Promoter!

"Extra ... Extra ... Read All About It! " is the name of the game with this biz. The better at promoting you are, the bigger the bonus check you'll make!

You have a Ken Burgess Kick-Off Meeting Road Trip coming up. Be strategic. Look at the calendar under - tab CALLS & EVENTS. Don't wait until Ken comes to your area, then get sad because you're area isn't listed on the calendar yet. (It will be with hard work!) Look at where he's going and who you know in those areas that you can slam into the meetings. Lay that calendar out on your desk and work at getting people there. Who do you know? Who does your team know. Do a strategy call with your team and see who has contacts in those areas.

Who do you or who does your team know in: 2/7 Grand Blanc, MI, 2/8 West Bloomfield, MI, 2/9 Kansas City, MO, 2/10 Dayton, OH, 2/16 Southold, NY, 2/24 Myrtle Beach, SC, 2/28 Valdosta, GA, and 3/1 Tallahassee, FL?

Getting people into those meetings will explode your biz. Ken is there to paint the picture, give vision to the opportunity, to motivate the teams there, to excite the guests and to train everyone on how to make money with this biz! That's his job. Your only JOB is to fill the room with team members and Prospects.

Once you truly understand that this biz is all about promoting the next event, your group will anchor in and then explode. Promote your team and Prospects to hop on the webinars on Monday, listen in on the calls Thursday, attend in-home meetings, special calls, company conventions and trips, become a FOUNDER, advance to Director - then Executive - then Regional - then National!. You don't ever stop promoting and INVITING people to take a look - take a listen - take a sample - take a spot on your team - until you are making more money than you can spend. There's no limit to what you can make when you truly become proficient at promoting events. End every conversation with..."The Next Step for You is..." Then get them to the next meeting, call, position, webinar, event, 3-way call ... moving them to the top with you!

Event Promotion Tools - Emailing, texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, Calling, Face-to-Face Meeting. In other words ... circulate to perculate. Create personal momentum and have fun. Challenge yourself. Challenge your team. Be the best darn promoter there is. Then ... EXTRA EXTRA ... we'll be all reading about you!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ziploc Bags

I just got off the phone with a person I haven’t talked to in over twenty years. She’s a recognized networker and, of course, I was contacting her about our new business. She said something interesting to me that triggered this post. You see, in discussing the success we had had in a former company that starts with “star”, where we had been the first distributors (which was very hard work with no literature, no websites, no sample paks – other than Ziploc baggies – no great packaging, no experienced marketing team – absolutely nothing). All we had was enthusiasm, determination and consistent action. It was just the three of us blazing the trail, so to speak, pushing the cart uphill, weathering the start-up bangs and bruises. She then mentioned that she had been approached to come on board about the same time we had been presented the opportunity, but she had passed on it because it was a start-up, and she had gone with another company (actually five). Then she cockily said - “I could have made the millions you did had I stayed there.” My question to her (which I kept to myself) was … “then why didn’t you?”

That’s a good question – “then why didn’t you?”

So many people miss out on a true opportunity because of lack of vision. Then after they see someone experience great success they say … “I could-a, would-a, should-a…” Well…they didn’t. Those that do … do. Those that don’t … don’t. That’s the bottom line. They didn’t have your vision. And, yes, being first will have it’s struggles, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

You are here first. With consistent, daily hard work (income generating activity – sponsoring, sponsoring, sponsoring) you will be at the top of the game, which means the top of the money earners! Being here first is exciting. You are able to establish the name of the company and product. You get to pave the way for others. You get to set the pace of your team. You get to reach the top income levels first. You will be on the first Trip of the Lifetime! You will attend the first convention. Just think … you will be followed and applauded for your success. You will be recognized for a job well done. All it takes is what we had 20 years ago in a hotel room with only Ziplock baggies of product … vision, determination and hard work. What was the outcome of all our blood, sweat and tears? LIFESTYLE. It was living the American Dream in full glory. And…there’s nothing better.

Remember .,.. you are here first!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Know!

I'm a communication nut! Yes, I said it. I overdo on communication to my team because I've found distributors (we call them associates) who quickly fade into the sunset and lose interest in a powerful business opportunity, do so because they were out of the loop. Or not being as efficient with building their business because they were not aware of latest technologies, social media tools or basic training concepts.

So, yes, I overdo the communication thing with a team support site, email messages, text messaging, IM access, Facebook Twitter, etc. for very important reasons. The #1 reason, of course, is that I want to keep my team on track with their original goals, and I want them to be successful in a very big way. That brings me to the importance of the secret four "P's" - plug in, participate, promote, and pass it on.

You must plug in with all activities. That includes weekly webinars and calls, area events, and company scheduled plans and programs. Staying plugged in keeps you excited. Hearing the different live testimonials every week ignites your commitment and courage to talk to everyone you know. It may often trigger your thinking cap with regards to contacting new people you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Participating in the calls and activities, empowers you. Promoting all activities and calls with your team assures strength and depth building, which equals big money to you. Passing on info also sets you up as a key leader with the company. And leadership is where you want to be if you are serious about making money with building your team.

First things first, now that you have a grasp of the four P's. YOU need to get plugged in and stay that way from the minute you sign that application. Secondly, YOUR TEAM needs to be plugged in. And thirdly, your PROSPECTS need to be plugged in. It's all about getting and staying excited about this business and building a team of satisfied customers and awesome distributors (we call them associates.) Seeing these people succeed is priceless. It's like watching your children reach their goals (and slam dunking a basketball on national tv!). Quite honestly ... there's nothing better that seeing your team succeed. Lives change. People are empowered. And you know you have had a hand in making a difference. Pure joy!