Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's All About Lifestyle!

What I've learned about this Network Marketing business is that it's about lifestyle. Here I am in Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort enjoying a full week there - all expenses paid - that we won with a former company, on the phones doing a 3-way call with one of my key distributors. If I were to go through all of my photo albums collected over the 35+ years, you would see similar pictures in Rome, London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Prague, Puerto Rico, Australia, Korea, Istanbul and Dubai (to name just a few.) And wherever I am (Ken too), we always take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, share the business and samples, and support our teams of individuals via mobile phone, internet, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Technology makes building this business easy - wherever  you are. Network Marketing is all about lifestyle. While living your life you can build your business.
Chris and I in Dubai

One example of this is when my son, Chris, was playing basketball at Duke University in North Carolina, we built a huge group there because neither Ken nor I wanted to miss a game. So we sponsored the only person we knew, and told her to simply invite over and put them in front of us to talk the business whenever we would come to town. She did just that, and the area exploded, and she made money! And that is what makes this business so appealing to so many people ... the lifestyle Network Marketing offers.

Ken in Maui 
So, my friends, after doing the basics (listen to the Getting Started training) with writing your goals, start writing your Prospect 100 list, plugging in with the weekly Biz Briefing and training calls, the area meetings, the team support site, Facebook and Twitter, just start working the business into your lifestyle, making it a way of life. Just fit it into the nooks and crannies of your day, wherever you are. And when asked what you are up to lately simply say, "I'm very involved with networking right now, working from home. In fact, you ought to take a look at an amazing project I'm working on with a hot little diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams the appetite! It is so much fun. Everyone is losing weight and making money. You would love it. You need to do this with me." Then show the 90-second commercial, share a sample and follow-up. 

At the family cabin with grandkids in Utah.

Learn to Lifestyle this business. People-to-people marketing is fun, especially with a hot little diet pill called V3! There's nothing better than working from home, when you want, in your pajamas or swimsuit, for that matter, while you live your life. At the ball field - share the product. At the mall - gather business cards and share what you do. Talk the biz with everyone, use the 4-step system and tools, and always carry samples and business cards. Keep it that simple and fun. Why? because it is. It's all about Lifestyle!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock 'n Roll Attitude!

If you want to see those big monthly bonus checks that Network Marketing is famous for (with the right company), you've got to internalize a "Rock 'n Roll Attitude"It starts with your personal excitement and passion for what you are doing, and then embraces the realization that what you've got your hands on is mammoth, will be the next legendary company, and that you were lucky enough to be there in the very beginning and are at the top! Passion - Realization - "Rock 'n Roll!"

It's now your turn to see big time success in this business! It's time to adapt a "Rock 'n Roll Attitude" with everything you do and say, first saying less to more people, then memorize a smokin' One Minute Message. Start with this: "You've got to take a look at this exciting new project that I'm working on. You will love it! It has a hot little all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and slams the appetite. You've got to do this with me. We are going to make so much money together! When can I drop by and bring you a free sample?"

Practice this hot One Minute Message in front of a mirror - jump up and down, put on some great upbeat rock'n roll music , and pump yourself up, and get those "Rock 'n Roll" juices flowing. Take your incredible V3 product and then when you start calling to book appointments with Prospects, include some exciting, fun phrases like: "you are going to love this," "hot little all-natural diet pill," "happy skinny pill", "everyone is loving this", "I am cookin' with this!", "having fun, losing weight, making money," and "don't miss this one", "this is huge!", "you've got to listen to the testimonials with me on the Tuesday night 20 minute call," "how soon can we get together?", "you've got a ton of friends that will want this, so make sure to get your order in quick!" Get it? 

And yes, it's a diet pill that is going to solve a huge problem in this country. Yes, people feel happy for the first time and years when taking it. Yes, people are finally feeling in control and are able to make better food choices. Yes, V3 can change the direction America is going with regards to obesity. All of this is serious stuff going on that we are going top help solve, but...lighten up your lingo and keep your dialogue fun, fast-paced, hot, happy, and magnetic. Get people wanting to do what you do NOW - TODAY. Sponsor everyone you know and sample. Then find out who they know and then sponsor them too. Then find out who they know, and sponsor them. It's all in the dialogue and attitude - the Rock 'n Roll Attitude!


Ken and I were watching the ABC news last night and were once again shocked by yet another obesity statistic. They announced that over 1/2 of all Americans are on a diet. We knew that we went from 16% obese in 2009 to 37% obese in 2010, according to a news commentary aired on Diane Sawyer in May of this year. But to hear that over 50% of all Americans are on a diet was even more staggering. It's now, more than ever, time for us to get V3 in the hands of the American people!  

Obesity is a very serious problem in this country. It is the cause of most health challenges to include diabetes, heart challenges, high blood pressure, etc.  We all know this.  "Eat less...Move more!" seems to always be the war cry of health and fitness professionals. We've been told to make smarter food choices, control our portion sizes, exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, watch our carb intake by eating better carbs, watch our snacking and late night eating. These things we know.  But if it were easy to do with the help of our magic little happy, skinny pill V3, the country wouldn't be getting fatter with each year, right?  

V3 was formulated to not be just another diet pill. It's not about stuffing and then starving.  It's about making lifestyle changes that are lasting and effective. V3 is the ultimate tool to assist you with doing what we all know we should be doing. It's the natural tool we need to achieve our fitness goals. Going from fat to fit is our goal. Spread the word about V3. Share your story. Share your One Minute Message. Talk to everyone. Keep it fun and simple. "I've got a exciting project I want you to take a look at..." Sample - Sell - Sponsor - Support. We are filling a need!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


We're the best kept secret in America! We are a brand, spankin' new company with the hottest new all-natural diet pill in the country. We have what everyone wants. We have what everyone needs. Our field is wide open. It's been 8 years since the ban of the last popular diet pill. We're better, more effective, safer and address three crucial needs with dieting - no matter which diet you choose to be on - APPETITE, MOOD & ENERGY. One pill a day slams the appetite, makes you happy and boosts your energy.  What's not to love here? 

We're a simple solution to a very huge group of problems that include obesity, depression, fatigue, and financial struggles. We are the answer. We have the answer. We bring hope and possibility with our opportunity and premier product V3. It's up to us to spread the word. It's our privilege, blessing and responsibility to do so, and building a huge business from home. Don't keep what we've got a secret. Spread the word. Say less to more people.

It's a simple process, one that is the very foundation of what it takes to build a business from home. Scour your files for lists of contacts, friends, associates, acquaintances, family, church members, Christmas card lists, school reunion lists, club members, owners and employees of businesses you frequent. Use the phone book. Use the memory jogger. 

Do 50 jumping jacks, run around the block, then write that list of people you know. Then use the 4-step system and your ONE MINUTE MESSAGE : "You've got to take a look at an amazing project I'm involved with. You will love it. The new company called Voyager has a hot little all-natural diet pill that everyone is losing weight with called V3. It brightens the mood, boosts the energy and completely slams the appetite. It is so cool. You've got to do this with me! People are losing weight, having fun and making money. Let's do this!" 

Use the recorded hotlines (949) 266-5837 & (949) 266-0344, team support site, 3-way call with your sponsor, and the Tuesday night Biz Briefing calls at 6pm pacific (213) 289-0500 code 303063#. Meet face-to-face with your sponsor, hold in-home meetings with your sponsor, find a buddy to run with in your area, and talk to people everyday about Voyager and V3. Work hard and transfer your personal fire and passion to everyone you meet with. Get everyone involved quickly - wholesale buyer, part timer, full time biz buildiner. Make things happen. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yes, the name of the game is SPONSORING.  Our Network Marketing business is all about consistently recruiting new people. Some will. Some won't. So what. Next! We've all heard these words of "network marketing wisdom". We've also heard "sifting and sorting." The key is to talk to everyone you know and meet about Voyager and V3. You'll then have lots of people to sort through and, of course, offer the business to. And remember, it's not who you sponsor (or know), it's who they lead you to, or who they leave behind for you to work with!

Know this - everyone needs V3. It's a given. The nation is fat, depressed, fatigued and broke! We have a premier product, V3, that addresses all four challenges. It slams the appetite to help you stay on any program you choose to be on, putting you in total control. It has a natural mood enhancer so that you are happy. It energizes you so that you have a desire to move. And because there is such a huge demand for V3, the business is a natural, organic thing that happens on its own. It's a win-win for everyone involved from the customer, the wholesale buyer, the part-timer to the career minded.

The name of the game is sponsoring. Sponsor 2-3 new every week. When you are out talking to people, presenting the plan, using the 4-step system and tools, showing the 90-second commercial, sampling the product, selling V3, and signing people up, you will make money. So "say less to more people!" Show - Sample - Sell - Sponsor ... Simple! A simple product for a serious problem. We have it all. It's a  numbers game. Show more. Sample more. Sell more. Sponsor more. Keep it simple and know that sponsoring IS the name of the game!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Karen Mora, Anne Arnes, Nancy Feinberg, Cindy Bray,
Elaine Tomrell, Vicky Tye - Team Gideon
Buddy-Up, Team-Up, create a group of excited, goal-oriented individuals, run fast, "sizzle" together and have fun blasting this Voyager biz -together!!! Friends are a big part of what makes this business so much fun. Empowering, praising each other, bantering back on forth with marketing ideas, sharing those with everyone, and 3-way calling - all add to the exciting world we call Network Marketing. Traditional business does the exact opposite. Climbing the corporate ladder often means getting what you want and not caring who you hurt or walk on to get there. The more we team-up, stay plugged in with the weekly Biz Briefing calls and trainings, use the team support site at, united and striving for the top together, the easier reaching the top will be. Together we are unstoppable!

"You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar
Butch & Liz Lafarge, Eddie & Heidi Metcalf, Billy & Eltha Banks,
Rhonda & Chris Griffin, Jeff & Danette Bourgeois - TEAM BANKS
Sherry Holmen, Marty Weeks & Liz & Butch Lafarge

My first instructive to brand new team members is to find a buddy and run. Working all alone isn't the name of the Networking game. You must utilize the "network" with Network Marketing. The more you can rally-up, buddy-up, team-up - the more momentum you'll create. Teaming-up creates magic, and is magnetic to anyone checking us out. "We're having fun, losing weight and making money" rings loudly and boldly to onlookers. 
And in this challenged economy with depression and obesity on the rise, and unemployment the highest its been in 25 years, everyone is looking. 

People are looking to have fun, to lose weight and make money. What they don't want? Another J-O-B (just over broke) where they have to answer to a boss and have no control over their time or income. It's time to DOUBLE DOWN (as they said in Las Vegas this past week at the Leadership Summit and official launch of Voyager) and share your gold of health and wealth! Get together, work closely together, create team spirit, work with your upline, sideline, and downline. It's now time to unify, stay teachable, and together there isn't a dream that can not be realized or goal not achieved. Stay focused. Stay on target with your goals. Know that you have the perfect opportunity to share with everyone. It starts with teaming up, plugging in, participating with everything the team has put together. Ken and I have "been there..done that" and have put systems in place for you to plug in and win. Thank you for being an awesome team. Las Vegas was just the beginning!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


‎"Ability is of little account without opportunity." ~Napoleon

"Men do with opportunities as children do at the seashore; they fill their little hands with sand, and then let the grains fall through, one by one, till all are gone."  - T. Jones

"Know thine opportunity."  - Pittacus

"We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents."  - Eric Hoffer

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized; they die when neglected. Life is a long line of opportunities." - John Wicker

We just officially launched Voyager Health Technologies with our V3 premier product that is simple and fun to share, and so needed, effective with mood, energy and appetite!  A product with purpose.  As of July 13, 2011, we are on track to be the next legendary company.  We now have a strong, visionary, experienced, young aggressive corporate team, backed by an awesome publicly-traded company.  We have a kick-butt V3 product that everyone loves and needs.  We have a compensation plan that is paying huge checks in only 160 days of pre-launch!  And, we have a 4-step system in place that you plug yourself in, and then your team - a true track to run on.

So...what are you going to do with this awesome Voyager opportunity?  Are you going watch what is happening, wonder what happened or make it happen?  Let's make it happen!  Hop on to Saturday Success Strategies call at 7am pacific (8mt, 9ct, 10est) with our new number (218) 862-6789 code 321914 and be a part of what is happening.  Hear from the Regional and Executive leaders who just attended the Leadership Summit in Vegas this week.  Feel their passion and commitment.  Catch it.  Run with it.  Don't stop until your checks are six figures a month!  Believe.  Work.  Achieve!

See you on the call.  xo Sandi B