Friday, December 30, 2011

S.M.A.R.T. GOALS 2012!

Cathy Stroud, Executive Director (NC)
All things are created twice. 
There’s a mental or first creation, 
and a physical or second creation of all things.
You have to make sure that the blueprint, the first
creation, is really what you want, that you’ve thought
everything through. Then you put it into bricks and
mortar. Each day you go to the construction shed and
pull out the blueprint to get marching orders for the
day. You begin with the end in mind.”
—Stephen Covey

Cathy Stroud of NC achieved Executive Director during the toughest business building month of the year. She also qualified for the December Bonus Pool. Why? She set a goal, was plugged in with all of the scheduled weekly calls, and reached her goal by first understanding the importance of playing it S.M.A.R.T.

Only 3% of adults have clear, written, specific, measurable, time-bounded goals, and by every statistic I'm reading to date, they accomplish ten times as much as people with no goals at all. Why do you think it is that most people have no goals? We'll explore 5 main reasons on Saturday morning's Success Strategies call at 9am.  For now, let's just realize that the only way we can reasonably decide what we want in the future and how we will get there, is to first know where we are right now (this very moment) and secondly, what our level of satisfaction is for where we are in life right now, then get S.M.A.R.T. in our plan of attack with goal setting. 

After taking a moment to evaluate where you are and reflect on what you want to achieve, put the S.M.A.R.T. to work in your behalf with your goal setting. That means to be: Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Realistic - Time-sensitive. Don't be vague, be specific, right down to treasure mapping it and writing those goals down.  Then be honest with yourself about what it is you want to achieve, and when you can reasonably accomplish those goals (taking into consideration your current responsibilities). Then make it do-able, or realistic (ask your sponsor for some help here), and set deadlines every step of the way to achieving every goal you've written down. A goal is just a dream with a deadline - bottom-line!

So, here you are at 2012's doorstep. Don't let day one of 2012 come and go without you sitting down, reflecting, dreaming; then write down new goals for yourself - knowing that we (your upline team) are here to support you every step of the way to seeing you - just like Cathy Stroud - achieve those goals, starting with December 31st's call at 9am pacific (940) 287-4000 code 303063#. See you there! Remember: Start (today) S.M.A.R.T. :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Management and Maternal Mode

The easiest two traps to fall into with Network Marketing, after only the first few months and sponsoring 15-20 people, is the "management mode" trap and the "maternal mode" trap. Now keep in mind that I'm first and foremost a mom with big time maternal instincts. I've raised six fabulous kids and have sixteen (16) grandkids. I adore them. And with this maternal instinct running through my veins I have always wanted 100% of the people I talk to about the business to enroll, and 100% of those I sponsor to succeed. And I've gotten caught in both management and maternal mode with my groups. However, eventually I learned that both are traps that both stifle growth and discourage business building. So, learn from my mistakes and avoid these two traps that will kill your business and stop your success.

Sandi with PA grand daughters Addie & Jane 2011
There's a huge difference between the important action of "supporting your team" to being trapped in "management mode." You effectively "support" with weekly team calls and communications, 3-way validation calls, welcome calls, and motivational activity to keep your team pumped. "Management mode," on the other hand, sees your recruiting efforts stopped after only of few months of business building to focus 100% of your energy with trying to push people who really don't have that desire to success, or by "rackin' and stackin'" where you are placing people under people, and hoping they do something...eventually. This is not right action, it creates weakness and co-dependency. And your goal as a business builder and leader is to build, recognize and support leadership under you, creating "walk away" residual income. And this is where the "magic" of network marketing begins and the fun begins.

Ken with grand daughter, Sutton 2010
Yes, we all want everyone to succeed. However, those that will - WILL - with or without you. And the more you help someone the weaker they become. The individuals that catch the vision of how incredible network marketing is and your opportunity is, will run from the get-go with passion for the business and the product. They will use you for the 3-way calls. They will initiate business on their own. When they need you to validate with a 2-on-1 appointment or a 3-way call, they will use you as their sponsor. They will ask that you help them launch their business, but then they will take off on their own and build their business. They will be team players and will step-up and be key leaders for you. You don't have to push them to succeed. They will succeed. 

Your job? To keep on recruiting and building your team until your income provides you with a comfortable lifestyle - the American Dream. So...if you aren't where you want to be with the business financially? Keep building and recruiting, and avoid (like the plague) falling into the management and maternal mode. Now that you are aware of it? Go recruit!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Say Less to More People!

Ken Burgess on right talking the business.
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world..."

One of my all-time favorite shows is Funny Girl starring Barbra Streisand. And I remember singing the song "People" from that show many times during my college days. In thinking about this wonderful heart-felt song, and the topic I discussed on our Mentoring call this past Monday night, I need to stress to the Network Marketing world that this business is all about people needing people, and people talking to people everyday! You must get out there and talk to more people, and know that this business is literally for everyone. There is a place for all. Some are wholesale consumers, some are part time retailers, or part time biz builders. A handful are full-time biz builders, and eventually they grow into being very key, top leaders.

The bottom-line with building a strong network marketing business - you must like people, and you have to talk to a lot of people. Saying less to more people is done by using the tools with our system that include showing your 90-second commercial, using the recorded hotline (951) 262-3873, the Tuesday night Biz Briefing calls, Thursday night webinars, your website, Facebook V3 Success Stories group, your sponsor for 3-way calls and Launch Parties! These tools effectively help you tell the story of the business and product.

Sandi (me) in Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort doing a 3-way call!
No matter where you are, you can build this business. You must talk to a lot of people, gather piles of business cards, constantly make new friends, re-acquaint yourself with old friends, and let people know that you have a serious business with a fun little all-natural "happy skinny pill!" Spread the word about yourself by starting the "process" with filling up your Prospecting Pipeline. Always have "ten in motion" with business building. That means always having ten people you are parading the business in front of. When you enroll one of those ten, add another to the "pipeline." 

Not seeing the results you desire ($)? Talk to more people. Use your sponsor to launch yourself over and over again. Re-launching is part of the winning game we play. Team not recruiting? Go get another team! Set the example. Set the tempo for your team to follow. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from seeing success. It's all about "saying less to more people!"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Re-Sell the Dream!

There are three reasons we have done a weekly Biz Briefing call, and a weekly Saturday morning training call since before we opened our doors for business on January 28, 2011. First and foremost, to re-sell the dream to the existing team, secondly, to sell the dream to our prospects, and thirdly to personally stay on track with our goals, and stay excited about the business. You and your team should never miss a call, no matter what. Even if you have to listen with a Blue Tooth while sitting at a ballgame. (Been there, done that...many times!)
Sherry Holmen (AZ) - Marty Weeks (CO) Lost 90 lbs!
Every week our Tuesday night Biz Briefing call features one of our leaders and their team of testimonials. Every week the call is different. Every week we hear new, amazing product testimonials that blow us away. Every week we are inspired to share V3 because of the stories we hear. 

No matter how difficult the week has been, or how many of "life's" obstacles seem to interfere with your goals, getting on these calls pumps you back up. That's why, even when Ken and I are totally exhausted from being up at 5am working with corporate projects, we do the Tuesday night Biz Briefing call, and the Saturday morning Success Strategies training call. We are re-selling the dream to our "core" team, our prospects, and ourselves. 
Billy Banks, Executive (TX), has Lost 30 lbs. on V3!

And re-selling that dream guarantees that you - our fabulous team - see's the big picture, sets new goals for yourself, stays focused and on track with achieving those goals. Those that don't get on these calls quits the business. Bottom-line, they just don't stick around long enough to see their dreams come true. And that is sad. Why? 
Shelley Ball, Executive (WV) has Lost over 35 lbs. on V3!

Because down the road, say in a couple of years, Voyager will be the biggest opportunity going, and those of you who are on these calls, promoting them with your teams, will be at the top of something very, very special. And if you consistently sample and sponsor new people every month, you will be an exclusive member of that "millionaire's club!" 
Shedrick Sims, Executive, has lost 70 lbs. on V3!

Stay focused on building your Voyager business with the hottest product in the country called V3, and never, ever miss a Tuesday Biz  Briefing call, or Saturday morning training call. You and your team need these calls to RE-SELL THE DREAM to yourself, empower yourself, and excite your imagination for dream building every single week! You need to stay excited, focused and working at achieving your goals. Have you filled out that Commitment Letter at Hope so.  See you Saturday morning! xoxo

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Focused, Festive Fun!

Tis' the Season...part two is about doubling your efforts, turning up the momentum in the nooks and crannies with decorating your home, shopping for your loved ones, making those homemade truffles and attending those neighborhood holiday parties. You literally can do it all during the holidays. Just chunk it down. Give two focused, fun hours a day to leaving voice mail holiday greeting messages with prospects, writing that holiday family letter making sure to add that you've invested in a new little home-based business with that fun "happy skinny pill," and plant those seeds for sponsoring everywhere you go!

"Tis the season for gathering business cards, attending every local festive event possible, asking tons of questions, and making friends. Give your samples a festive look with holiday ribbons, bags and bells. Attend every craft show you can in the area. These home-spun "artists" are ambitious! That shows in the time they spend making their holiday crafts. Start talking to them. Ask questions and tell them you have a special gift to give them called V3! Meeting face-to-face with telling your prospects that you want to whisk them away from the hustle and bustle over a cup of tea, or bowl of soup. Discover their wants and needs, then tell them you've got something to share that will change their life.

Host your own "Carols, Cookies and Cocoa" neighborhood sing-along where everyone brings their favorite cookie to share, and you gather around the piano and sing carols. Get acquainted with these special people, ask questions about them, and tell them you'd love to get together and share a fun project you've been working on.

Keep your holiday festive and fun, but focused on what you want to do, and that is to build a dynamite team of business associates where people can achieve those top two (#1 & #2) New Years #1- lose some weight, and #2- make more money. have what they want but guess what? They don't know about it. So, put yourself out there ... caring and sharing holiday cheer at the same time...share your incredible business of Voyager and that magic "happy skinny pill" V3!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis' the Season!

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ..."

Tis the season to share the Voyager business opportunity in the nooks and crannies of your busy day. It's done subtlety with a smile and a sample. Subtle hints with every encounter. "Got a business card? Love to keep in touch and possibly meet up for a cup of tea after the holidays!"

Try not to wear that V3 button or glitzin' V3 shirt to holiday parties with friends. You'll find yourself un-invited next year. Attend as many gatherings with friends, families and neighbors as possible. Holiday sharing is done with subtle hints. Ask lots of questions about them. Take mental notes. Radiate happiness and they will ask "what's up with you?" You answer with just a hint of, "I'm working on a little project that we'll get together a chat about ... maybe after the holidays. It's pretty cool." Then turn the questions and attention back to them. Show interest in them and you'll know when the timing to share Voyager with them is right. Make sure to throw in a few samples in your pocketbook or pocket. You may need them if you are asking the right questions.

In your Christmas card letter, merely mention (not try to recruit them in writing) that you are excited about a new business venture that you've invested in. Hint that you are having fun, losing a little weight, and life is good. (those are perfect subtle hints.) Add a personal hand-written message in the card that merely says, "love to catch up after the holidays...let's meet for lunch.  I will call you."  Renew old friendships by sending a card. And host a little "Carols, Cookies and Cocoa" gathering of friends at your home. Have your friends bring their favorite cookie to share and sing Christmas carols around the piano. Leaving a basket of samples out in the kitchen, someone may ask what they are.

Gather your teams with grateful hearts, love and support. Let them know that they are invaluable to the team. Create team spirit and friendship, have everyone bring something to share, and plan 2012 Voyager activities for the area. Hug, brag on each other, and ring in the New Year with new goals and dreams!  Tis' the Season, as they say.  xox

Monday, December 5, 2011

Work On Yourself!

The most important question to ask on the job is not "what am I getting?" The most important question to ask is "What am I becoming?" 

A few weeks ago I started a Monday night Mentoring Moments call that takes an Associate from A to Z with business building. It's a true nuts and bolts approach to teaching the crucial basics for building a business. I started this because we, as experienced leaders in Network Marketing tend to forget to teach the basics with our new people. We often get caught up in the latest lead generation system or social media outlets. And we skip over those core basics with business building that we learned over the years, and must be taught to our team. I teach these in "digestible doses" so that the new and established distributors truly begin to understand how this business is built, from the inside out. 

We started with writing goals and the commitment letter. Truly deciding that this Voyager business is what we really want to do, determining why we are doing it, then writing down our plan of attack to achieve our goals. 

We talked about writing that important Prospect 200 list where we have to dig down deep and rack our brains, use the Memory Jogger, and write down every possible person we've had any encounters with - personal or business, realizing that everyone is a prospect.

We talked about the 3-way call and how it is critical for each of us to call our first ten people with our sponsor, then keeping that 3-way call going with every person we contact as part of the 4-step system. And we discussed the importance of working on ourselves so that we are bullet proof with this business when talking to others about our wonderful business opportunity.

You see, we must all lead with the heart, not the head, when building this business. When we do this, we will passionately build our business, and will see our goals and dreams come true. Personal growth is the biggest benefit that comes from working in the Network Marketing arena. We all start out in this business BAD. As we do the business, attend events, and learn, we become BETTER. As we develop ourselves, learn to develop others, and gain confidence we become BRILLIANT. This personal growth must be our goal and it must happen every day in order for our presentations to come from our heart vs head. 

Read personal growth books. Start with "The Power of Positive Thinking." Then "Think and Grow Rich," "The Greatest Salesmen in the World," and so on. 

READERS are LEADERS in every sense of the word. Use your car as a rolling university where as soon as you hop into your car, pop in a motivational, inspirational CD to listen to. Do this with your iPod as you exercise and do your daily chores. Learn about yourself along with learning about this business. Gain confidence and stay positive. This all comes when you are working on and developing yourself. 

You are all very special to this world. You are each unique and talented. You bring light to those you meet everyday. But that takes, like everything worthwhile, takes constant daily work. 

Give so much to the improvement of yourself, that you don’t have time to criticize others.
Jim Rohn

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Whatever you do, don't work alone when attempting to grow your Network Marketing business.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't try to shortcut the system.

The 4-Step System works. It is the proven way to build and grow your business. Taking your prospect through the "pipeline" is a definite process of exposures to the tools. Whether you refer to the 4-Step System as some sort of baseball diamond or football field, it is the same thing. A series of exposures to the tools gets your prospect from "looking" to big time "cooking" with the business. Each step gives them a little more information to making a decision to be involved with you in Voyager. Each tool gives the story ease in telling, sharing and duplicating. You use the 4-step system and the tools, your prospect will do the same. And they will realize that building a business with Voyager is easy, because of the 4-Step System.

Step 1 is you calling the recorded HOTLINE and having your prospect listen to message #1. After listening together say, "now you can see why I'm so excited!" Then have your prospect go to the next step #2 with checking out and your Voyager WEBSITE. Give them a few minutes to kick the tires there, then call them back to answer questions and move them to the next step (exposure). Step #3 is The THREE-WAY CALL with your sponsor to validate you and your opportunity. Once they've spoken with your sponsor, take them to step #4 an EVENT. An event can be the Tuesday night Biz Briefing call, a Thursday night webinar, a local meeting, a home party or face-to-face appointment. Say, "the next step for you is..." taking them somewhere to get your prospect to the point that they want to get involved with you.

Step-by-step your prospect will see what you see, feel what you feel, and do what you are doing. It may take 2-3 Three-Way calls, 2-3 events to get them involved, but ask them every step of the way to enroll with you, and when the timing is right, their vision for Voyager is focused in, they will enroll and your steps will begin to pay off. Use the 4-Step System and build your Voyager empire!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turn to the Tools!

Over the river and through the woods...this grandma (and grandpa) are off to spend Thanksgiving with our eldest son, Ben, his beautiful wife, Cooper, and their five wonderful children. Many of you have gotten to know my family if you happen to follow me on Facebook. As you can tell ... I love my family. There's nothing better. And as I was thinking about my previous visits with Ben and his family, I thought about the special times we have spent together, going to the pumpkin patch, the Christmas tree farm, the historic parks, and (smile) watching Bob the Builder with the younger kids. The kids seemed to love that cartoon, and so did I, actually. I liked the talking tools (wink, wink). Now you see where I'm going with this post.

You'll hear me always say, "let the tools talk" quite often when I'm teaching the basics with building your Network Marketing business. In fact, the more you can turn to the tools the faster you'll grow your business. You see, prospects are asking themselves three questions while you are presenting them the Voyager plan:"What's in this for me? Why should I do this now?" and "Can I see myself doing this?" You've got to answer these questions in your conversation with them.  

Ken Burgess
Showing the 90-second commercial from your smart phone sells the V3 product. Once you've done that, you must now talk about the business, and the best way to do that is to immediately call the recorded hotline at (951) 262-3873 and press #1. This message is recorded by Ken Burgess and introduces your prospect to the opportunity. How easy is that? The hotline takes away your excuses, fears, or hesitancy with introducing your prospect to the business. Once listened to, just say, "now you can see why I am excited right?" Then take them to the next tool, either your website, a Tuesday Biz Briefing call or Thursday webinar. Easy!

If you will turn to the tools with each step in the prospecting process, you will have answered those three questions. They will see that Voyager is an incredible opportunity for them to make money and lose weight. They will realize how perfect the timing is, and will want to get immediately involved in the business. And they will feel confident with seeing themselves doing what you are doing because the tools you used are available to them! How easy it will be for them to do what you do. Tools: 90-Second commercial, Hotline (951) 262-3873,, Tuesday Biz Briefing Call, Thursday Webinar, Saturday Success Strategies Training. It doesn't get easier than this. So...turn to the tools and grow your business!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Start in your backyard. It's so much easier to build a Network Marketing business locally than it is to sponsor long distance. Save the long distance sponsoring for later on, once you are established and making enough money to travel. This is why doing those weekly home meetings or parties is the best way to build locally. Start small, then expand from there as your team grows. Start by finding someone like you.

Building your backyard starts by first finding someone you can run with. I call that your "backyard buddy." You need them and they need you. Talk everyday. Strategize your plan of attack to take on the area and explode it. Sizzle, motivate each other and definitely team-up with meetings, face-to-face appointments and cold calling on Wednesday Walkabouts (where you gather business cards.) Working together makes it more fun and successful. Compete with each other. Hold each other accountable. And celebrate your sponsoring victories together. Example: when you both make Director go celebrate and spend the day at the spa or golf course. Just buddy-up and make things happen!

Sherry and Barry, Arizona
Vicki and Shelley, West Virginia

Elaine and Karen, Michigan

Friday, November 18, 2011


Two weeks ago I started Monday Mentoring calls at 6pm pacific. The first session I talked about understanding Network Marketing and making a commitment. I asked people to write down their "why", their goals and fill out the Commitment form at and submit it to me. I immediately received these letters from executives, Billy and Eltha Banks of Texas, and Shelley Ball of West Virginia. And that's why their groups are exploding right now. They are committed, show true leadership by setting the example. In fact, both are qualified for the builders bonus pool!

You have to first decide that you are going to build a big business with Voyager, that you will do everything possible to make that happen. You can't hope it happens. You have to sit down, write down "why" you are doing the business, write down your goals - long term and short term. Then write down the dates you plan to accomplish those goals. You have to make the commitment.    
"A goal is a dream with a deadline."

Once you decide that this business is what you are going to do, you make the commitment in writing, then take action --- Plug In, Participate, Promote everything Voyager from the text message updates, calls, webinars, training's, to subscribing to receiving the Burgess Biz Blogs. You are committed to building your business. It starts with making the commitment and taking consistent action everyday.

If you make the unconditional commitment to reach your most important goals, if the strength of your decision is sufficient, you will find the way and the power to achieve your goals. - Robert Conklin

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There are a few proven basic activities that independent distributors must do to build and grow a large business with Network Marketing. These basics are often ignored by new people to MLM because they think that there is a better, faster way to recruiting people and making the big checks. But after 40 years in Network Marketing, having made those 6 figure a month bonus checks with (3) three different companies prior to discovering Voyager, I have found that working the basic principles is the only effective way to build the business.

That being said, if you want to succeed you must start writing your list of 200 Prospects immediately. This is like learning to dribble the ball in basketball. It's where the business starts. Start now with creating a new Prospect 200 list. Dig deep and search through every nook and crannie of your life to find people you know. Then write their names down on the Tracker Sheet found at Start with your family, friends and neighbors. Then look at your acquaintances and those people who have at one time passed through your life. Who does your hair, your lawn, your cleaning and nails? Who do you take your printing projects to, or plumbing needs to? Who teaches your children, heads up the school booster club, or is the cashier at the grocery store? Who are the people who come in and out of your life, and who have you known in the past? 

Look at Christmas card lists, choir rosters, church groups, clubs you belong to, and yearbook friends? Who are the influential people in your community? Who's businesses have you given money to? What sales clerks have you made friends with? Where do you bank? Where do you shop? Is there someone there that you have become friendly with? Where did you get those curtains made, or who did you pay to groom your dog?

Guess what? These are the incredible contacts that will love V3 or know someone who will. And these people would totally like to make extra money, and a few will take Voyager on as a career move and be a huge business builder for you. You just never know. Everyone is a Prospect. Just say, "I'd love you to take at an amazing new project I'm working on with a hot all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams your appetite! Everyone loves this, are having fun,losing weight and making money." Then book appointments to sit down and give a presentation face-to-face. Show the 90-second commercial on your iPhone or iPad right there on the spot and let them listen to the recorded hotline (951) 262-4000 - press #1 opportunity message with Ken Burgess. This all starts the process.

It starts with writing your Prospect 200 list, adding to it constantly. Look over the Memory Jogger at before going to bed. Place a steno pad by your bed and as names come to mind, write them down and add to your list. Walk around your home and ask yourself questions like, "who framed the pictures? or who sold me my furniture?" Get the drift? You know more people than you think you know. That carpet cleaner may be one of your key leaders in the future, so for goodness sake, contact everyone you have ever given your business too. It's their turn to reciprocate and do business with you! Now - start making that list!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Stay Excited!

Caroline Barrow, Deb LandremanTracy Tischendorf-Sinclair
and Marianne Pelini.
"Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit." - Gordon Parks

I love excited, enthusiastic people. Their enthusiasm is contagious. New Voyager Associates that are excited about sharing their business are magnetic! People are naturally drawn to them. And it starts at the top with the leaders, and trickles down into their group. There's magic with these excited groups. And they are the ones that are growing and exploding ... having fun, losing weight, and making money! How do you maintain that enthusiasm? Three ways: stay plugged in, team-up, and consistently sponsor new Associates into the business.
Wear Your Button!

Everyone starts their business out excited. They've most likely had some immediate results with the V3 product, and people are noticing those positive changes in them with their mood, energy and weight loss. And they immediately start talking to family and friends about the product. So, here is the key to making the big bucks with this awesome Voyager business (and Network Marketing in general) - STAY EXCITED! Staying excited starts and ends with never missing those Tuesday Biz Briefing calls, jam-packed with V3 testimonials. Hearing those testimonials fires you up, and gives you the courage to talk to more people about your business. Never miss those Saturday morning Success Strategies calls. They drive home important business building concepts that you can never hear too many times. And if you are really serious about making money, plug in with the new Monday Mentoring call.

"Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow it to take hold and dominate their thoughts find that new worlds open for them. As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities." 
 - Norman Vincent Peale

Robin Southern, Pam Hatcher, Mary Kirk and 
Shelley Ball
Secondly, team-up by first finding that local backyard business buddy to run with. Sponsor someone close by who shares your excitement. Then the two of you run fast and grow your business together with holding meetings, attending fairs and expo's, meeting 2-on-1 until your team doubles, triples and explodes! Continue to stay connected as a team with daily calls and activities, i.e. Skype group calls, conference team calls, Facebook group postings, etc.

Then consistently sponsor new Associates personally every month. Qualify for the Fast Start Bonus Pool by sponsoring three (3). And keep your team excited and moving forward until momentum is established and you are all "having fun, losing weight and making money!" Just stay excited and your dreams will come true with this business.

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!"  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.
- Anthony Robbins

The first mentoring lesson I taught on Monday night talked about three important things: Understand what Network Marketing is, and how it differs from Direct Sales. Making the commitment to do the business, and personal goal setting. When you look at doing a business from home, it's easy to sort-of do the business so casually that you become a casualty of Network Marketing. Like anything else you are determined to do, whether it be to graduate from college, pursue a career in dance or sports, you must decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. If you sort-of go to college, never meet with your counselor, don't finish your general ed, and aren't consistent with attending classes and taking the final exams, you won't graduate. If you don't attend practice with a sport, for example, and attempt to show up at games only, you won't play or excel with that career choice.

Network Marketing has proven over it's 90 year span, to be a viable career choice. This powerful people-to-people marketing strategy works. It can be a part-time thing, and that's OK. For those who are serious about making money with it, you must DECIDE that that is what you are going to do, and you must make a commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your personal goals. You have to decide what you are going to give up to build and grow your business. The things you select may be that you miss out on a few television sitcoms, or leisurely moments. Instead, you are making calls, meeting Prospects face-to-face, holding home gatherings and parties, and talking to people consistently. Your mantra should always be "two-a-day, everyday." This builds consistency, even if your time is limited. 

Our 16 grandchildren. Missing newborn Beckham.
You don't have to sacrifice those things that are most important like your family, community involvements and church callings. These are priorities with your life. Ken and I have raised six wonderful children. The business has allowed us time freedom to be a huge part of their lives. We have always worked from home in this business, and that is why we could attend, no matter where in the country they were performing, all of their basketball games, music concerts, etc. And, Ken and I don't work on Sundays, we never have. It's the Sabbath day, and people have always known that we are very involved in our church, and have respected that. We have always been successful without sacrificing raising our family, helping in the community and serving in our church callings.

Making the Commitment means that you write down your "why", your goals, what you want from this business, and what you are willing to give up to build it. The person that does this, will achieve their goals, bottom-line. Those that don't, won't. Treasure map your wants and put pictures of those wants on your refrigerator. Look at them everyday. Post Og Mandino's phrase that is on Read it out loud everyday to empower yourself to move forward with achieving everything it is you want to achieve. You have a new company where you have the chance to be at the top. You have a premier product with V3 that is exactly what this country needs right now. A simple all-natural pill that brightens the mood, boosts the energy, and completely slams the appetite. In a world plagued with depression, fatigue and growing obesity challenges, you could not have been more blessed with something that can make such a powerful difference. Take that to heart, make the commitment and truly GET ON BOARD!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Life-styling the Business

A huge congratulations to Executive Directors, Gail and Al Cashman of South Carolina who have not only had great success with the V3 product personally, are very busy with business, travel and family, but are first to qualify for the new Fast Start Bonus Pool. Al and Gail's secret? They "lifestyle" the Voyager business and never go anywhere without taking their V3 and talking to people about the Voyager business. 

With all of the modern technology available today, and the incredible tools we provide, Al and Gail always leave home "armed and dangerous" wherever their travels take them, with V3 packets, their smart phones to show the 90-second commercial, their laptops to sign people, Biz Binder to do on-the-spot presentations, and they use the 24/7 recorded hotline (951) 262-3873 - which they even have printed on their business cards. They are always working the business, no matter how busy their professional and personal lives get. They understand how to life-style the business. 

The Cashman's take full advantage of technology, tools, local fairs, and those spare moments where the majority of America is lazily watching television, Al and Gail share the business. They don't do Voyager full-time because they do run a thriving business that takes them out of the country often. But even when at various resorts around the world, they can be seen wearing their V3 buttons and sampling people on the product. And that, my friends, is why Al and Gail are successful and building one of the largest teams in Voyager. They understand life-styling.

The true beauty of Network Marketing is the freedom it gives your life. You are living your life, possibly punching a time clock, but still take those free glimpses of time to talk V3, Voyager, sample and enroll new team members. You set your goal - starting with always qualifying for the bonus pool. That goal requires you to enroll three (3)  new people a month. Using that as your minimum monthly goal will build your business. The 4-step System and the tools make it easy to build a business part-time, full-time or anytime. Just leave your home prepared to share the business. Make calls on your lunch break. Return calls, book appointments, talk the business whenever a free moment presents itself. That's what life-styling is all about. I can not count how many weekly conference calls I have done outside of a basketball gym at half time, or how many 3-way calls I've done while on my 45 minute walk in the morning. Last night at dress rehearsal for a production I am directing (opening tonight), I did three (3) 3-way calls, was answering email and IM'ing on Facebook, answering questions, as the scenes were running on my iPad. And after giving notes to the cast, I started writing communications, training modules and updating And that is what this business is all about. 

You fit business building into the nooks and crannies of your day, go without watching General Hospital, and do whatever it takes to build for your future. Just catch the dream, use the TOOLS (tools are jewels!), build consistently everyday, give up something to build it now so you can enjoy the benefits of it later. It's about living that American Dream. And your business is really built by life-styling it into your day...every day - consistently.'s so simple with V3, the 90-second commercial, the hotlines, the team support site, the weekly calls and support. As I've said in past posts, you can make excuses or you can make money. Al and Gail have chosen to make money. How about you? Just use the tools and start Life-styling today!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Whatever it takes, do it. Maybe you are most comfortable meeting people face-to-face sharing the business, listening to the needs of your Prospect, and catering your presentation to them as they share their hopes and dreams with you. You love the interaction when you meet eyeball-to-eyeball. You've picked out your favorite location, like a local coffee shop or a hotel lobby. And you keep yourself booked with appointments. Great! Just make sure to meet consistently week after week, sharing and sponsoring new people into your business. Key: Consistency.

You may like hosting a weekly home meeting where you invite your friends and neighbors over for a casual get-together with simple snacks. Nothing fancy or complicated. Items you can even ask other team members to bring, to include chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, and bottled water. No fuss - no muss. And you always make sure you ask guests to bring ice and extra chairs so that they attend. Just be consistent - same time, same place every week to grow your business and sponsor new people. Key: Consistency.

You may love giving parties and meeting new people. And nothing is more fun than throwing in-home "Happy Skinny Pill" parties! It's a known fact that the party plan scene has successfully introduced people to products from candles to plastic containers, to "interesting" underwear. They flat out work with taking products to the people! So, if this venue is your "cup of tea" great! Just spread the word that you are a "party girl" (or party guy) and ask for favors from every family member, neighbor and friend you know to host a "Happy Skinny Pill" party with their friends. Remember, it's not who you know it's who they can lead you to. Just stay booked. In fact, book, overbook, and party on! But your mission: TO RECRUIT and GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Key: Consistency.

You have everything you need to succeed. Use the tools, the weekly Tuesday Biz Briefing calls, the scripts, the power point presentation, the recorded Hotline (951) 262-3873, the team support site, Skype, speakerphone in your upline leaders, team-up, 3-way call with your sponsor - do whatever it takes! Build and blast your biz, have fun and ask everyone to GET ON BOARD!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Wonderful Team

Sandi and Ken Burgess, July 2011

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving; we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it ... but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

The best part of Network Marketing all of these years has been the friendships we've made. We treasure them. With each new adventure we have been blessed to meet new, positive people who truly want to change their lives and make a difference on this earth. This business attracts amazing people. People like you who take the time to work in as much business building as you can, in the nooks and crannies of your long, jam-packed hectic days. You give up leisurely moments to make phone calls, book appointments, hold in-home meetings, and talk to people. You hold up grocery  lines talking to the clerk, or answer questions on why you are wearing a glitz-blitz V3 t-shirt or big crazy weight loss button. You go the extra mile to care about people you sponsor. You attend meetings at odd hours, hop on phone calls at dawn for extra training. You care about your friends and family, even if they give you grief. I know. I get your emails, text and IM messages, and Facebook questions and concerns. You love life. You love people. You love what this business offers you. This world would not be the same without you. Every little effort you make and have made to build your business is making a difference. Lives are changing because of this one little magic V3 pill. People's lives are changing all because you cared enough to share. Thank you for that. I look so forward to  meeting with you, hugging you, shaking your hand and truly thanking you in person for patience, long-suffering, determination and hard work. Many of you are dealing with overwhelming challenges with the loss of, or sickness of loved ones, a devastation with a home fire, or loss of a child. Our heart goes out to you. Ken and I's prayers include you. Please know that every effort you have made to keep yourself moving forward and growing your business, we love and never take for granted. You are our "volunteer army" of hope and possibility. And we thank you and want you to know we care about you, your families, and want only the best for you - our wonderful team.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our New V3 Buttons

Our Be Free Buttons

I'm quite honestly not a real button person, never have been, probably never will be. However, I'll wear a flashy diamond studded awards pin, talk to everyone I meet, but a button...I'll leave that to Billy Banks :-)  When Billy and Eltha visited us at our home here in California about a month ago, Billy never went anywhere without that V3 button with the weight he'd lost written big and bold. He knows the power of being a billboard. And once they started asking Billy about his button, he was off and running to races with the opportunity! 

Any button you wear will get everyone looking, and some asking what that is all about. (Yea!) That's a lead-in, door opener for conversation about the Voyager opportunity. Just make sure you are "armed and dangerous" with V3 samples and product, business cards, 90-second commercial, cell phone with the HOTLINE on speed dial, and something to write down contact information when giving out samples and selling product.

Some people, like my husband, definitely needs something pinned on, sewn on, or clipped on to get people asking him what Voyager or V3 is. Once asked, he's good to go and unveil the magic of Network Marketing and the off-the-charts business opportunity with Voyager. He'll even flash a copy of our last bonus check! But, it seems to take the "billboard approach" to get him talking to people sometimes. And that's OK. Different strokes for different folks. As long as you get talking about the business, whatever works. I call it "glitzin' and blitzin'! (See cute V3 shirts from Shelley Ball's team.)

Pam Hatcher, Mary Kirk, Dr. Oz, Shelley Ball & Robin Southern
Whatever you need to do to get people asking, do it. Shake the bottle before a meal when eating out and say loudly, "glad I took my V3 before eating here...completely slams my appetite!"  Then check around and see if anyone heard you. If not, shake louder and raise your voice (LOL). whatever is comfortable, but do something. 

I like to pull the packets out when I'm in the restroom before washing my hands, it always gets someone asking about the V3 packet.  Yea!  "Oh this is that new, hot little happy skinny pill everyone is raving about. I've already lost 15 pounds! Better yet, it makes me feel happy! It's incredible. I'm sure you've heard of it. You'd love it." Then come the questions...WEAR - CARE - SHARE!!! Get the picture? 

The Billboard Approach is a kind of "wear and share" approach where you do or where anything to get people asking questions. Just don't trip people if they don't immediately respond to your "bling!" 

Al & Gayle Cashman shaking their V3 bottles!
Here are some basic Billboard Approach do's: Smile at people, compliment something (I love your briefcase, shoes, handbag, etc.). Ask them for the time (just don't have a watch on.) Make conversation while shopping - "Do you know which isle the organic foods are in? I've just lost 50 pounds and am finding that I'm eating healthier." Again guys...get the picture?  Just be friendly, pumped, happy, energized (as in MOOD - ENERGY - APPETITE), wear Voyager "stuff" and get people lookin' (and cookin'), and asking you what it is you are doing, and what is V3? It's fun. In fact, get out there every Wednesday (Walkabout) and meet, greet, and compete...with yourself. HAVE FUN!  Team-up and do this together. If it looks fun, people want to know what's up? Challenge yourself, and your team, to meet new people, make new friends, and sponsor new people every week!  Just BE A BILLBOARD for health and wealth...V-Style!