Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seize the Day!!!

Every couple of years I help write and direct a production called Lights On Broadway. We feature amazing songs that help drive home a theme, that moves the show along from start to finish. The goal is for everyone to have fun, but to bring the audience to a renewed hope, happiness and empowerment. This song, "Seize the Day!" is from one of my favorite Disney shows, Newsies, written in 1992. It's actually being revived on Broadway this year. What a great message this song delivers. (Click link above to see song performed in the movie.) Take those words and create your own personal momentum! Seize the Day!

Start today and take a moment every morning to empower yourself with good, motivational thoughts, jumping jacks and a brisk walk with up tempo music playing in your ears as you walk. Seize the Day! Seize the Voyager opportunity in a huge way. It is mammoth! Run fast. Work hard. Talk to everyone. You are here first and have this gift being handed to you on a silver platter. Someone cared enough about you to share it with you. Seize the Day!

Write new goals. Write your "why." Find a quiet place, sit down, and dig deep. Your "why" will move you forward with focus and conviction. Write your Prospect 200 list. Start with family and friends. They trust you. Gather business cards. Join groups. Meet new people. 3-way call with your sponsor. Make things happen! Use that One Minute Message, then the new 90 second commercial being released this weekend, then the hotline (949) 266-5837 and say, "now you can see why I'm so excited!" Tell them you want them to partner up and rock 'n roll right along with you with this amazing new project. Sponsor them as soon as they swallow your incredible V3 pill. Sell the dream of hope and possibility! Seize the Day! What you have, everyone wants. What you have, everyone needs. It's your blessing and privilege to have something so powerful in your life to share with others. Use the tools at, and ... Seize the Day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Secret Weapon (Tool) for Weight Control!

We have it. What, you ask? The secret weapon with weight control. The perfect TOOL to help get us all losing weight and living an optimum, healthy lifestyle. We are, for the most part, a fat, depressed, broke nation. Look around you. We are out of control with portion sizes, bad food choices, over-eating, snacking to late at night and we all need help! We need a tool. I know I did. I felt totally out of control. (Maybe watching the Food Network all of the time makes me want to cook, and eat!) Besides over-snacking late at night, I was struggling with that "mom thing" --- empty nest syndrome with all five of my children grown, gone and having families of their own. That's a good thing, but we women just don't always deal with them leaving home without us. :-( But I now have a Secret Weapon for mood, energy and appetite - all in one little "magic" pill! And guess what? Everyone can now enjoy its amazing benefits!

Statistics don't lie, that's for sure. They are telling us that in 2009 we went from 16% obese as a nation, to 37% in 2010! Wow...think we all need to get serious about sharing what we've got here with our new diet pill, and start talking to more people about it. Sometimes the best kept secrets need to be aggressively shared! Where do you share what you've got? Start with your family and people you know. (warm market) I know, I know... they can be tough to talk to. But if there is a need, share it. Simply say,
"I've got an incredibly exciting project that I want you to take a look at. I've found a little pill that brightens your mood, gives you a boost of energy, and totally slams your appetite! Everyone is losing weight with this. You'll love it. In fact, you need to do this with me.
We can't tell people fast enough about it!"

Then let them listen to one of our recorded 2 minute hotlines (949) 266-5837 or (949) 266-0344, give them a sample and have them look and listen to the information at our team support site Give your sponsor a "heads up" on who you've sampled, then together do that important 3-way call to validate your product and business, and then anchor them in with our Thursday night 18 Minute Biz Briefing Call at 6pm PST (213) 289-0500 code 303063#. After hearing those live incredible product testimonials, they will catch the vision of how amazing you have is, and they'll get involved so that they can help share in the excitement, and at the same time...make a difference with the people they know!

What a gift we have with here. What a blessing in our lives. Here we have a TOOL that helps you feel happy, gives you an energy boost to get out and exercise, and takes away your appetite so that you start to make lifestyle changes. And that's the real point of the pill - isn't it? To help us make changes that last forever. Again ... what a gift. We truly have the Secret Weapon with Weight Control, and we haven't even officially launched! PS - Did I mention that we have the only final formula of this product that is filling a 2 billion dollar a year void in the marketplace??? It just doesn't get better than this. Don't keep our Secret Weapon a secret anymore. Share it!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our 4-Step System!

"A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there." - H. Stanley Judd

I have learned after many years in this biz to develop a 4-Step System, work a 4-Step System, and teach a 4-Step System. It's simple to use and teach your team to use. After delivering that One Minute Message ...

"I've got on amazing project I've just starting working on with an incredible hot, new diet pill that boosts your energy, brightens your mood, and completely slams the appetite! You've got to do this with me. You are going to love it, and we're going to have so much fun and make great money!" Then say ... "Listen to this!"

Then hand them your phone if you are in person, or 3-way them into (Step One) the Hotlines (949) 266-5837 or (949) 266-0344. These recorded Hotlines open the door for you with the next step. Step One can also include the new 90 Second Commercial. Instead of "listen to this," say "look at this." These introduce your opportunity and at this point, simply share your story and move to (Step Two) sending them to your Website. Give them 30 minutes to kick the tires there, then call them back (exactly 30 minutes later) to answer questions and go to (Step Three) - the 3-Way Call. This call is done with your sponsor. Introduce them to your sponsor, then "hush" and listen. They will validate you and your opportunity.

Now it's time to invite them (Step Four) to an event. An event can be a Webinar, Thursday 18 Minute Biz Briefing Call, an In-Home meeting, or a Face-to-Face appointment. You choose.

With every step, ask them to get involved with you. Most often they get excited after listening to the Hotline and trying a sample of the product, and want to sign up right there and then. Do it! Get them started in the business by teaching them how to use this excellent 4-Step System!

The steps are little exposures to this phenomenal business! Teach and take the steps (4 of them) necessary to get your Prospects enrolled. With each step, they will come closer to seeing how fantastic the Voyager opportunity is, and will need this 4-Step System to build their business. Have fun with this. The System makes it simple.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Self Motivated!

“Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” - Lou Holtz

I have trained independent distributors from coast to coast on how to build a business from home for the past forty years in both Direct Sales and Network Marketing. And I've met some incredible people. I've watched people grow and develop in this business in ways that they couldn't have imagined. Shy people who were scared to talk to people, became great public speakers and motivators. People having only determination when they began their Networking careers, literally went from rags to riches. And the phrase, "you can make excuses or you can make money," rings true when you are your own boss. The key to your success lies within you. As Coach Rick Pitino's title of his book (which I have a signed copy from when he was in my home recruiting both my sons, Chris and David for college basketball) - "Success is a Choice."

You see, my Voyager friends, I can train you the strategies and shorten the learning curve with Network Marketing, but the motivation to be a major success with this business lies within each of you. You have to be self-motivated enough to stay on track with your original goals and dreams, and do the consistent daily work of sampling and following through on your own. I can't do that for you. As the quote says at the opening of this post, “Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” - Zig Ziglar

Kind of funny quote, but so true. We hop on calls, attend meetings, get excited, right? But we have to stay excited to see our dreams come true with anything we do. People give up too quickly. They start to settle for just getting by, or making ends meet. And there is so much more to be achieved, but you have to motivate yourself every single day with building your business.

I used to teach a concept that I called "Business Energy." It's the energy you have right out the gate where you are talking to everyone that fogs a mirror! It's that brand new distributor energy that is fearless. That dims as the days go by and someone is negative or says no to you. You've got to keep that energy with you until your goals are achieved. There are little things you can do like listening to upbeat music first thing in the morning. Take a brisk walk for 45 minutes everyday, noticing all of the beauty around you and counting your blessings. Do jumping jacks, self-talk, and of course, listen to or read motivational books everyday. Write down your schedule for the next day at night before going to bed. Avoid negative people. Hang with those who are self-motivated and positive. And sponsor at least one new person every week. That new person's excitement is contagious!

Bottom-line team, you have to motivate yourself. Stay plugged in. Be on every call. Take notes on the testimonials and share them with others. Empower yourself. Celebrate the things you do well. Call your sponsor and report in. Read these blogs. Listen to the posted calls and messages at and the recorded hotlines. Do whatever you can do to stay on track. I am re-recording "Why This? Why Now?" today. I will make it more exciting. Listen to it as often as you need too. And decide now to be the best Voyager Associate on the planet! Decide then do. We love you and appreciate everything you are doing to grow this business. You are important to us.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fortune's In the Follow-Up

Most of us have heard the phrase, "The fortune is in the follow-up!" This is so true. When you learn to effectively follow-up with a very simple system (of course I'm going to explain how to do that with this post), you will reap the rewards that come in a big way!

If you are consistently doing this business the correct way, you will be talking to tons of people everyday - whether in person, on the phones, at meetings, in the mall, at work, at church, at your kids soccer games, cheer practice, online with Facebook...literally everywhere. And since we've all agreed that everyone needs and will love our V3 hot new diet pill, and the Voyager business opportunity (what's not to love here?), our only job, and most important job, is to make sure these individuals are exposed to what we have here, by first handing them a couple of samples, getting their business card and contact information, then plugging them into our Team's 4-Step System - hotlines, website, 3-way call, event, then efficiently following up. (Listen Saturday for details on this awesome system!)

Following up is simple and fun when you are ready to proficiently follow-up. And you must be ready, otherwise awesome Prospects will fall through the cracks. It starts with a simple Biz Binder. Look to the left (click) and you'll see what this is. You can find it at any office supply store under the name "Ready Index."

Here's your to do list:
Purchase a 3-Ring Binder, Clear Page Protectors, and the 1-31 Tickler. Then run copies of the Prospect Worksheet at our Team Burgess support site - Go to TEAM TOOLS at the site and print out the things listed under Presentation Pages. Place these pages in the front of your notebook in the purchased clear page protectors. These visuals assist you with presenting the opportunity. These are followed by your 1-31 Tickler and blank Prospect Worksheets. Run adequate copies of this worksheet. You'll need one per Prospect.

Now you are ready to make your fortune when you aggressively follow-up. Example: today is March 23. You make a contact with a friend, deliver them a V3 sample after having them listen to the recorded hotlines. You write their name and information on a Prospect Worksheet and record what you did (i.e. left sample, hotline, etc.) Then you put that Prospect Worksheet under the number 24 in the 1-31 Tickler. Tomorrow (the 24th) you will open up your Biz Binder to the #24 tab, and there are the Prospects to be contacted and follow-up with. See how simple that was?

It is simple. Use this proven system. And never leave home without your Biz Binder, samples, product to sell, and your cell phone. Gather business cards and staple each one to a Prospect Worksheet, then file it under the date you need to follow-up with that individual.

I've used this system for years. It works. Distributors are notoriously known for disorganization. They write names and numbers on napkins, paper towels, their hands or post it's. Yikes! No wonder business is not built and Prospects aren't slam dunked into the business! Get it together people :-) Keep things simple. Every person "signed, sealed, delivered" is worth that wheel barrel full of money to you ... or to someone else who actually followed-up with them and brought them into the business. Don't let that happen. Just put together that Biz Binder right now after reading this post. Make things happen, don't wonder what happened. Follow-up until you have them in the system.

P. S. - If timing isn't right for them to get involved right now ... put their Prospect Worksheet under #22 to touch base next month. When you use this system, you'll be amazed at how effectively it assists you with closing business. And, tune in Saturday for details with the full 4-Step System! For now... get that Biz Binder together and start making your fortune!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why the 3-Way Call???

No, these cute little girls to the left aren't three of my grand daughters, although I have eleven! I just liked this photo when discussing the 3-way call. Maybe you will all lighten up with this important step with the 4-Step System with looking at this fun picture. :-)

Why does every Network Marketing pro who has made 5 and 6 figure a month bonus checks stress the importance of 3-way calling? And if they are saying it is "key" to big bonus checks, why are you hesitating to do them?

Maybe you just don't understand how and why they are done. Let me break it down for you in a simple way. First, it is part of our 4-Step System. It is step 3 that follows (1) Recorded Hotlines -and new 90 Minute Commercial!, (2) Website, (3) 3-Way Call, (4) Event. One for the money ... two for the show ... three to get ready ... four to go! Right? Secondly, it validates you, your product and business opportunity.

Your 3-way is another voice that says that what you are saying is true, and what you are sharing with your Prospect is important. Sometimes you just need a "back up" ... a voice of experience ... a friend to assist you with delivering your message.

When you are sharing this phenomenal business opportunity, bottom-line guys ... don't work alone. The power of Network Marketing is the NETWORK! Use it. Abuse it (in a good way). Don't work alone or you'll always be working alone - which equals zip money!
Make the call to your sponsor. Then make the call with your sponsor on the line to your Prospect. Ask if it's a good time to chat for a second. Introduce your Prospect to your Sponsor like this: "Jane, I've been telling my friend, Sandi, all about you. And she wanted to say "hi" and share her story about the fabulous V3 product." Then BE SILENT and listen, learn and earn.

That's it. Your sponsor will say "hi", share their success with the product and business, validate you and move your Prospect closer to saying "yes" with the opportunity. You win - they win - it's a win-win! Do 3-ways now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just do them and the results will $peak for them$elve$. :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Borrow Belief!

I love this picture. This was taken last weekend at Newport Beach, California. That's my 3rd son, Josh with my 15th grand child, Siri. It was Joshua's 30th birthday. We brought them in from Utah to celebrate the weekend with us, starting with Disneyland all day on Friday, then the Swap meet Saturday morning, followed by the beach there on 15th Street. The weekend cost us a bit of money, but that's why we do this business. Family is everything to us.

Dig deep for your "why" with doing this business. Write that why down. Be crystal clear with it. Then write your goals starting with long term, short term, then chunk it down into monthly, weekly and daily goals to achieve your "why." It starts with your "why" and you must have a burning passion for that "why". It will motivate you to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Make a commitment to yourself and your sponsor. Write it down and email it to them. Block out specific time to do your business everyday. Maybe it's an hour a day. Maybe it four hours. Whatever it is, schedule it - block it out - then work the business consistently everyday in that block of time.

Use the tools at to keep you focused on your goals. Set yourself on fire to accomplish those goals. Rank advance using the Go Director! and Go Executive! charts. Keep rank advancing and don't stop until you are at the top of the pay plan. Use the tools to make things happen. Believe in yourself. Borrow belief in the beginning if you have any doubts about achieving your goals.

"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." ~Vincent Van Gogh

Dream bigger. Plan bigger and know the sky is the limit for you. Celebrate the victories along the way. With every success, say out loud, "you rock!" Know that you have a gift to give others and that you are important. Make a commitment. Make a difference.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nooks and Crannies!

I'm late getting out of the house today due to a Leadership call with the company, answering email, and 3-way calls. Was doing those calls as I folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher, took out the trash, made the bed and vacuumed my house. Walkin' and talkin' builds the business. No suit required. No definite schedule to follow. Just rockin' and rollin' wherever and whenever. Some call it officially "conversational marketing." I call it just doing the business and making things happen in the "Nooks and Crannies" of your day. Know that your cell phone is your friend here.

The real "magic" or beauty with working from home with this awesome business, is the amazing freedom it gives your life. Freedom from fighting traffic. Freedom from a boss telling you what to do. Freedom with having no limits to what you can make. Freedom to work in you pj's! I love it! And guess what? The busier a person is, the more they seem to accomplish with building their business. Somehow the
y find time to talk to people wherever they are. It's in the "Nooks and Crannies" of your day that you make quick calls to your Prospects, with your team, your upline and with your customers to get them join your team.

When you are hot, you are hot with this business. What does that mean? When your "why" is strong and in focus, you make things happen - no matter how busy you are. When I made the most money in a former company (over $200k a month!), I was beyond busy. I had 35 vocal music students, I was directing Oklahoma! at the high school, flying to North Carolina to watch my son, Chris, play basketball at Duke University, flying up to Utah watching my daughter, Angela, playing basketball at BYU, back to California to attend my son, Josh, basketball games at the high school, and doing meetings and calls in and out of that crazy schedule - along with normal family responsibilities. It's all about taking advantage those little recruiting moments you have in a day to share this phenomenal product! "Nooks and Crannies!"

We do this business to give us optimum freedom. To live the American Dream! Physical freedom - mental freedom - financial freedom - time freedom... the list goes on and on. And when you're hot, you're hot. I used to say (due to being in NC and Tobacco Road) ... "I'm smokin'!" And that silly phrase kept me excited and pumped up to do this business at a rapid pace in the "Nooks and Crannies" of every day everywhere I went!

Find "you're" motivating phrase that kicks you into high gear we sampling and sponsoring new people everyday. Whether it's "Lookin' and Cookin'!" "Dialin' and Smilin'!" "Screamin'!" "Melting like a Popsicle". It doesn't matter. Find your motivating phrase, say it often and out-loud everyday, and nail it with ACTION - sampling, selling, sponsoring. Celebrate the victories along the way. Brag upline to empower your actions. And in the "Nooks and Crannies", make time to make things happen in a big way with your business building success!

You can either make money or make excuses. It's your choice. Everyone has their share of "Nooks and Crannies" in a day. Use these "Nooks and Crannies" to create your personal empire. Work hard and laser-focused for three solid years, then you'll find you hardly work for money that you can't believe was possible! Once that team is built and anchored deep, the sky is the limit!

So...get out there and fill your "Nooks and Crannies" with sampling, selling and sponsoring - no matter where you are, share V3 and the fabulous Voyager business opportunity. You have what everyone wants and needs - hope and health. You will be shocked at the amazing results you get if you will just open your mouth and talk to people. This business will change your life and definitely your lifestyle!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Steno Pad

I have trained independent distributors the nuts and bolts of business building for near 40 years now. I have traveled from coast to coast, stayed in distributors homes, motivated, updated, communicated, and even organized their personal at-home work places in those homes. But until distributors learn to manage their time, they get very little done with building their businesses.

"Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week." - Charles Richards

I have built empire-sized businesses with Network Marketing ever since I married my handsome husband, Ken, 37 years ago. We've raised six children - now have 15 grandchildren with 1 more on the way in August. We've always worked from home. We've juggled all of them with piano lessons, soccer, baseball, basketball, music, school plays and concerts - see - my daughter Angela Villa - and are known by our friends with even doing 3-ways and conference calls at half-time in the halls, bathrooms or phone booths when it was raining outside. Nothing has stopped us from doing this business in a big way. Why? Because we wanted time and money for our family. But it takes time management and organization.

Don't waste time. Use a planner, calendar, tickler file with your Biz Binder, and STENO PAD. This simple steno pad has kept me on track with achieving daily goals, which equal weekly goals, which turn into short term then long term goals. You have to chunk everything you do down, track it and achieve it.

Every night I divide what I have to do like this on the steno pad. Across the top I write the day and date. On the right side I write the things I have to do for the day. I list simple stuff like: bed, laundry, kitchen, vacuum, study scriptures, walk (that's my 1 hour morning walk). I then a put line under those "have-to's", and list business stuff like - calls - Shelley, Elaine, Nancy, Cynthia, Carol, etc. Then I list business have-to's for the day like - update website, blog, welcome new distributors. As I do these things, I check them off.

On the left side I only record actually income generating activity that I have initiated for the day. Example: 3-way Shelley - and names of those Prospects we did the 3-ways with. Calls placed to new Prospects, appointments made, samples given, product sold, etc. At the end of the day, if my listed right side items were not fully completed, I flip the page to a new page, put the date and day at the top, then list things I have to do as soon as I get up, including those calls that weren't returned, etc. If I've left a message I put an "m" and circle next to name of person I left the message. I then record activity on each Prospect Worksheet and move their sheet to the day in the tickler to follow-up. This is done at the same time that I'm recording activities on my steno pad.

I can tally my success for the day by looking at this steno pad. How productive was I? How many samples did I hand out? How many calls did I make for new Prospects? What did I accomplish? Important Goal for Each of You : Sponsor 2 a day, Sponsor 2 a month minimum. Break that down and do it!

Team - Use those nooks and crannies to make things happen. My favorite thing that happened the past few weeks with the business was a 3-way call Shelley Ball had me do with her. Once I did my validation message with her new Prospect, Shelley got back on the phone and said, "hold on, I'm at the dentist and I need to spit!" So funny. That's called "nooks and crannies!"

Plan your days to see success. If you don't plan and management your time, your day gets away from you and you get zip business building done. Bottom line ... you can make money or make excuses. It's your choice. You work this business casually ... you become a casualty of it! Don't let that happen. Plan for success. Work that plan every day. Don't waste time. Do it!~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"If You Dream It, You Can Do It!" - Walt Disney

"If you dream it, you can do it."
- Walt Disney

For my 3rd son's 30th birthday, he drove down from Utah where he is finishing schooling at BYU, with his wife and two wonderful kids (4 & 7 months), to spend a couple of days with grandma and grandpa Burgess in warm weather, go to Disneyland, the Newport Beach swap meet and beach. We had a wonderful three days with family. It got me to thinking about why we do this business - our goals and dreams.

As I thought about all of the quotes on goals and dreams out there, and Walt Disney's quote came to mind. Maybe it's because I was surrounded until midnight on Friday by the magic of Disneyland, especially seeing Tinker Bell flying all over the park during the fireworks. And all of that fun reminded me about this business that we work into the nooks and crannies of our days, or with some of us - full time - night and day. Why? Because we have dreams and goals for a better life filled with freedoms. This Network Marketing business is the only way to really experience that. But it takes hard work.

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."
~Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson says it best. Yes, we are so blessed and lucky to have Voyager in our lives and the V3 product. And now we take that luck and work hard until our goals and dreams are accomplished. Do you realize in only 5 weeks in business Ken and I have made over $54,000.00 with Voyager? That's unheard of, especially with a new start-up company in soft-launch with no credit cards! How did we do that? Hard work. The basics - talking to people, leaving messages, 3-way calling with each other, putting them on Monday night webinars and plugging them into Thursday night Team calls. Following up with determination and passion and staying positive and focused. Hard work. No short cuts.

We start our Saturday Success Series of team training business building strategies this Saturday, March 19 at 7am PST (8MT, 9CT, 10EST) Call (213) 289-0500 code 303063# - announce yourself then mute out *6. Don't miss these. Developing these trainings comes from 40 years in this Network Marketing business. They are for you. We want to see you create "magic" right there in your backyards.

As I once was told, "you can make excuses, or you can make money." Nothing more blunt and true can be said. Make the "magic" happen. Don't watch what is happening or wonder what happened when this opportunity is hitting momentum and you have missed it. Do it. Do the basics. Use the tools - the 4-Step System and let's create a healthy, wealthy world together.
"If You Dream It. You Can Do It!" and personal note: LIVE IT!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's facinating to see the way independent distributors try to approach people about the business. They are excited and they truly want to share their passion, but are either hesitant on what to say, or try to do a full meeting right there on the spot (overload of information), or stumble with something like this, "I couldn't help but notice that you really need to lose weight..."

Yikes! So a few years ago, I came up with an easy opener for approaching people with the business and product. I call it the ONE MINUTE MESSAGE.

This important and simple ONE MINUTE MESSAGE makes talking to anyone easy. In any situation - on the phones, in person, whether on purpose or by accident - after asking them how they are and what have they been up to lately (which is important to start a conversation) say this ...

"I'm working on an amazing project that I'm very excited about, and would love for you to take a look at. I've discovered a hot, new little diet pill that is unbelievable! It helps you feel happy, energized and absolutely slams your appetite! And everyone, including myself, is losing weight! You are going to love this. In fact, you ought to help me spread the word!"

Then all you do is share your story, give them a sample and follow up to get them enrolled in the business! Know this guys - everyone on planet earth is looking for what we've got here with V3. A simple pill to help you feel happy - especially the dieter. Dieting makes you grumpy and in a constant bad mood. Note: My kids used to warn each other when I've dieted in the past - "mom is grumpy...she's dieting...let's get out of here!"

A simple pill that gives you a boost in energy. Dieting makes you feel sluggish, tired and lacking energy. When cutting calories and changing portion sizes to lose weight, you seem to drag, and don't seem to have that get-up-and-go to do what you need to be doing - let alone go to the gym or add exercise to the mix!

A simple pill that slams the appetite. Feeling hungry all of the time, or deprived is also very common with dieting. That's why diets fail and the country is going from fat to obese overnight! We need something to suppress that appetite so that we can stick with our weight loss plans, eat less and make lifestyle changes and smart food choices.

This simple ONE MINUTE MESSAGE helps you spread the word quickly and effectively. It takes the hesitancy out of approaching anyone and everyone. It makes talking to people easy and fun. Memorize it. Practice saying it out loud. Challenge yourself daily, with seeing how many times you can give this message (along with a sample of V3). Use it. Abuse it. Let it help with creating an empire business for yourself. Let it open the doors to your success. One minute. That's all it takes. Share it now. :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My oldest son, Ben and his wonderful wife, Cooper, live on the East Coast - currently in State College, PA with five of my fabulous grandchildren - Adelaide, Nolan, Calvin, Jane and Oliver. When I have visited them, the younger children and "grandma" have watched a lot of Bob the Builder. It reminds me of our Network Marketing business.

I try to sponsor "builders" with this business. I don't look for people who want to "sell" the product. I want people who want to "build a business." There's a huge difference. A business builder is one who catches the big vision, sees themselves at the top of the company, has a strong "why", understands the basics and gets to work sampling and sponsoring people.

Business Builders use the tools. They don't try to reinvent the wheel, they duplicate what their leaders have are doing, then teach their team to do exactly the same thing.

They use the tools provided at the team support site. They stay plugged-in to keep their inner batteries charged. They stay focused on their task at hand and create the foundation of their team by first finding a business buddy to run with, and team up with that buddy to build their backyard first.

They work the business smart. They have their Business Binder ready for follow-up, they've started their Prospect 100 list, and they work the business everyday making sure to sample two a day and sponsor two a month. They learn the basics of the comp plan, then get to work with the Go Charts to rank advance. The charts are blueprints for them.

Be a BUILDER with this business. Retail to recruit. Strategically work the pay plan. Stay plugged-in. Be consistent. And have fun sharing this mammoth opportunity with everyone you know and meet. Think like a BUILDER and all of your goals and dreams will come true.

Monday, March 7, 2011


"I'm screamin'!" are words that warm my heart with a new Executive, Shelley Ball of West Virginia. Here's a gal that is a full time school teacher and full time grandma on the weekends, but in the nooks and crannies of her day, i.e. recess, lunch room duty, study time, she is text'ing Prospects and new Associates about Voyager. And as soon as that 3pm EST bell rings at school, her cell phone is on her ear calling Ken or I for a 3-way or conference call with key Prospects and new team members.

Shelley's energy and positive outlook and love for life and this business is contagious! She is absolutely magnetic, and every time we speak, I smile and want to sign up with this business all over again. Her passion for the product (where she says "I'm melting like a Popsicle!") and determination to get out of her J-O-B (Just Over Broke), keeps her laser-focused on her goals; no matter how many papers she has to grade after school, how many challenges come her way, or how tired she is at the end of the day. She wants success with this business with every fiber of her being, and knows with daily, consistent hard work, she will achieve that goal.

Being magnetic means staying positive, excited and consistently taking daily action with talking to people about your business. Your enthusiasm will naturally attract others to you. People around you will want to know what it is you are doing, and why you are so excited. Being magnetic with see wanting to be around you. They will want what you have. And they know that they must be missing out, and want to be that excited about something - anything!

"Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away." - Denis Waitley-

Having a positive attitude is great. But better is consistently taking positive action that move you to your goals. Celebrate your victories and focus on what is happening, not on what is not happening. Set new goals for yourself. Be happy. Share that happiness with everyone around you.

Have that "attitude of gratitude" for what you have been blessed with, and love the people you prospect and your team. Share your inner fire - your passion. And remember :"you can't say the right thing to the wrong person, nor the wrong thing to the right person."

Place a mirror on your desk and look in it and SMILE. It's amazing how that changes your entire outlook, face, features, attitude and success with this business. Take that a step further. Smile every time you look into a mirror and empower, congratulate, and see your attitude change.

So whether your phrase is "I'm Screamin'!", or "I'm Cookin'!", or "I'm Amaking!", or just ... "I'm making things happen!" Step up your game, and reach for the stars with this business. And let your attitude determine your altitude. BECOME MAGNETIC!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Building a Strong Team!

The true "magic" of Network Marketing hit me right between the eyes when I was in Everett, Washington, back 30 years ago. I had sponsored a shy gal that I had briefly met with a small skin care direct selling company that I had been involved with, and had just started my Network Marketing career with the Cambridge Diet. I took a day, when she came to town, to train her the basics of working a home-based business with the diet. We did this casually around my kitchen table. I stressed the importance of doing weekly In-Home meetings and 3-way calls with me. She got a little excited, headed home, and started sharing the diet and business there in her "backyard". We communicated daily with 3-way calls, and she started her weekly In-Home meetings. I really hadn't noticed how many calls we were doing, because I was also busy sponsoring new people around my area, doing weekly In-home meetings, and training my new people the same way I had taught her. Nothing complicated. Simple strategies that work.

A couple of months later, my Washington gal called and asked if I'd fly up to Everett, Washington to do a hotel meeting for her. I was hesitant at first, but said, "sure." The following week I flew up to Washington, trusting that my quick trip would be productive. She and one of her friends (personally sponsored by her) picked me up at the airport, and took me to her home where I would be staying. It was only one night, so one of the twin beds in her children's room would be fine for me. A quick change of clothes and off we went to the local Holiday Inn for the first hotel meeting. (Keep in mind that I was hoping for at least 25 people to be there at that first meeting.)

I was shocked! I walked into a room filled with over 400 people - all there to hear me! Are you kidding? I thought. Where did all these people come from? I only knew and sponsored this one shy gal from Everett, WA, took a couple of hours around my kitchen table to train her the basics, doing the daily 3-way calls with her, and touching base a couple of times a week to answer questions and give her a pep talk. From that one person, she had created an explosive strong team! That's when the Network Marketing "magic" light bulb went on.

What an incredible concept this Network Marketing business was, and how many people can be touched with it - just be sponsoring one person and teaching them to do what you do! And the key for me was - to continue personally recruiting people, setting the pace for those I sponsored so that they would do as this girl had done.

Your team will do exactly what you do! Let me repeat that. Your team will do exactly what you do! If you sponsor and continue to consistently sponsor new people, adding to your team, doing the 3-way calls and In-Home meetings, your team will follow your lead and also consistently sponsor new, do the 3-way calls and In-Home meetings!

The opposite of building a strong team, is to see a distributor sponsor personally for about month or two, then kick back and try to manage their small team, often finding busy work to fill their days, vs being productive with continuing to sponsor personally, setting the pace for the team. When this individual's team sees them in what I call "management mode", their team will also kick back and do EXACTLY that same thing. And, instead of seeing an explosive, strong team developing over the years, creating large 6 figure a month bonus checks, they start losing site of why they got into this fabulous business in the first place, and will become a bit negative.

Moral of the story (post) ... be a super hero with your team. Create super hero's within your team. Set the pace. Continue sponsoring new people for 5 years, and you'll be shocked at the explosive "magic" that will happen!

Build strong. Build long. Move up the ranks with Director, then Executive, then Regional and National. Let the opportunity take you to places and heights you could never have imagined. One day soon you too will walk into a room with thousands of people, and realize that they are all a part of your team!


My favorite phrase about goal setting is, "a deadline is your best motivator." Such a true statement. Without a deadline, procrastination sets in and nothing seems to get accomplished, right? For me it's true. I love daily deadlines, weekly deadlines, monthly deadlines and 90-day March Madness Blitzes because it creates that urgency to accomplish goals within a specific time frame. Then when that goal is accomplished I always celebrate in some way and say out loud - "I'm smokin'!"

SMART goal setting stands for S - Specific, M - Measurable, A - Attainable, R - Realistic, and T - Timely. Bottom-line with this one word description is to be crystal clear with your goals (and your why) and give them deadlines to be accomplished. In order to achieve your goals, you have to write them down and determine what you are going to do daily, weekly, and monthly to get them accomplished.

Let's start with just sampling two people a day, and sponsoring two new Associa
tes a month. For the part-time person, that is attainable and very realistic. For the serious business builder who wants to see career-altering monthly bonus checks, you need to sample five people a day and sponsor five new Associates a month. With a hot diet pill that elevates the mood, gives you a burst of energy and slams the appetite, this is very attainable and realistic. If we were pitching water filters, this wouldn't be realistic at all! Not for me anyway.

Start SMART and simple. Sample two people a day - and never leave home without samples, a couple of bottles, business cards and a few product fliers. By the way, talking diet is easy because everyone wants what you have. So don't be stingy with your secret weapon with weight control. Be SMART. Tell everyone you know and meet that you have a hot, "magic" pill, then get their business card and give them a sample.

Have fun with your business building. Celebrate your victories every step of the way. When you accomplish your daily and weekly goals, treat yourself to a trip to the spa or nail salon. (Sorry guys ... not sure what you do to celebrate?) Just love the journey and let everyone you know, including yourself, that you are "smokin'" with the business and working very SMART!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In-Home Events Make it Happen!

I've been leaving little post hints on the how to's and why's with In-Home events, i.e. Skinny Pill Parties, meetings, team gatherings, open houses. Call them what you want, they are all basically the same thing. They are fast-paced meetings to share, sample & sponsor people into your business. Fast-paced means get them signed, sealed, delivered in 45 minutes. Don't bore and snore with these meetings. Have fun. You want people to say two things ... "I can do this." "I want to do this now!" And...keep it fun!

Four points are covered to include: Company - Product - How to Get Involved - Timing. Team-up so you have double the guests and a couple of ready-made testimonials. Keep things simple - like the chips, chocolate chip cookies and bottled water for starters. Simple with presentation.

1) The company is in pre-launch, is brand new, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, backed by a publicly-traded company.

2) The product is rock'in roll! Handles all three major challenges of the dieter - elevates the mood, boosts the energy and slams the appetite. Then have anyone that has lost weight stand up. Here's where you do a Weight-loss Count Down. Have people continue standing as you count up. Who has lost 5 pounds or more keep standing ... 10 pounds or more, etc. Then pick 3 (only) testimonials to share their success. Done.

3) Now tell everyone how to get involved ($25) and handout the flyer with the packages. Describe the benefits and encourage all to go with Professional Package (listing the outstanding benefits!)

4) Now talk TIMING. This is the most important factor. Eight year void in the marketplace. We fill that need. Buh-duh-bang Buh-duh-boom! Now...get them signed in and working on the checklist - Your First 48 Hours in the Business!