Monday, January 31, 2011


I honestly know zip about football, however as it comes in live and loud at the Burgess home - first with raising 4 very athletic boys, and now, to continue the tradition, a cute husband who has turned our home into a non-stop sports center (!) - I've heard the phrase BLITZ a great deal with the game of football. Like I said, don't know squat about football, but I do know how to BLITZ a home-based business to get it making 100k or more a month!

Blitzin' means high energy, laser focus, take-no-prisoners attitude and activity, until your goals are achieved. What are your goals? Blitz it and sponsor 25 people immediately. First, before going to bed review your Prospect 100 list and add to it - every night, read your goals and read something motivational. Second, get up early, give yourself a power pep talk in the mirror, go for brisk walk with high energy music playing in your ears, then write in magic marker in large letters the word - NEXT! on a piece of paper, and pin in up in front of you to look at. Then put on your headset (Plantronics is great) and start blitzin! That means "smilin' & dialin' ... "dialin' for dollars!" You absolutely call everyone you know and everyone they know and share V3 and the Voyager message of health and wealth. Share the story. Your enthusiasm is magnetic.

If you are slow, groggy, tired, or boring ... shake it off, jump up and down a few times, power pep talk again, then go at it with vigor and passion. Run across anyone negative? Look at your sign that says NEXT and actually say it out loud. As soon as you sponsor someone, say outloud - "the next one's even better!" Technical questions that you can't answer (unless you are the formulator) ... say - "I don't know about that. All I know is this is what happened to me!" Share your story - sample and sponsor - sample and sponsor. Blitz it!

Blitzing means finding people to talk to. Write lists and constantly add to the list. Use a memory jogger, a phone book, church lists, yearbooks, whatever triggers people you know in your mind. Still no one to talk to? Are you kidding? Look around you. We are a fat, depressed nation! Everyone - I mean everyone needs what we've got! That's magic for you. Go strong and hard. Don't stop until your goals are met. Out of people? (you think) --- go out there and meet people, gather business cards and make new friends. Join groups, renew friendships.

Keep everything simple. What you've got - everyone wants - happy skinny pill that works. Don't complicate it, otherwise people will think - "I could never do or know all of that!" Just energize yourself and sponsor 25 people right out the gate. From those 25 you will find 5 great builders. Ask for referrals. Note: when you are excited and energized ... you can't say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person. You have "magic" with V3. Know it. Own it. BLITZ IT!!!!! Goal --- 25 people sponsored - work with them - then blitz again after those are anchored in strong. Blitzing keeps you excited. Blitzing gets you on a sponsoring roll. Blitzing explodes your business. Blitzing creates big checks!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I just had a great conversation with a new team member. She and I were chatting about how easy having a hot new diet pill was with building a business. She had been involved in Network Marketing before with various products, but sharing V3 was easy. She was purchasing a muffin in a popular coffee shop, and asked the gal taking her order which of the muffins were less filling because she had just lost 10 pounds with a new diet pill and had no appetite. The gal immediately asked what new diet pill is this? After a brief conversation, the gal wrote her a check for $59.95 right on the spot!

I loved this story because that's the beauty of having a hot new diet pill that works. As soon as someone hears about what you've got - they want it as soon as they can get it. No convincing or selling. It's just letting people know you have it. Bring the diet up in casual conversations. Toss a few V3 samples in your pocket, purse or briefcase, and don't let a day go by that you don't talk to people about it. Fishing is throwing out the bait and wait for the bite. Fishing phrases like ... "I'm finally losing weight and it's been easy." Or, "I have absolutely no appetite since taking that new diet pill that just came out." Work it into everything you do. Start fishing and start catching the vision of how easy this business really is when you have a product that everyone wants ... finally!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do or Do Not. There is no TRY.

One of my favorite motivating quotes didn't come from Zig Ziglar or Tony Robbins, although I do like them. It came from the popular Star War series. Yoda was talking to Luke Skywalker who said he would "try" to do a particular task. Yoda said that powerful quote, "Do or Do Not. There is no Try."

No better words have been spoken about success in life. No matter the odds of you accomplishing a task, you must begin each and every task with the conviction of knowing you are going to succeed by doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. If you begin building your independent business with the attitude, "I'm going to give it a try." Guess what? You will fail. You must get rid of doubt. You must act "as if" you are succeeding. By following the system set before you by leaders who have achieved optimum success, consistently doing the income generating activities everyday to achieve the same success, you will succeed. It's all attitude and positive positioning of your mind to make big things happen.

Start your mornings out with a breakfast of positive self talk. Things like "this is going to be an awesome day. I can't wait to share my business opportunity with the world." Empower yourself. Be self motivated. Mirror those who are successful and you will follow suit. Remove negative people from your life. If that's not possible, call upline and talk with positive leaders who can inspire you as often as you need inspiration. Borrow belief if your are lacking. Read positive books. Think positive thoughts. "Do" don't "try." Make things happen and become magnetic. Your positive energy and attitude will draw people to you. There is no "try" with this business. There is only "do."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting It Together

As I watched two of my grand daughters put together their puzzles, I noticed there was a real strategy to their success. Nothing was randomly done. They step-by-step brought the puzzles together. First, they emptied out the pieces, looked at the picture on front of the box, then turned each piece over. After all the pieces were turned right side up, they snapped together all of the edges to give them a sort of foundation to work from. Matching colors, shapes and figures, the puzzle duplicated the picture and came together.

What they were doing involved simple strategies and organization. If they had just picked out a puzzle piece from the box and tried to make sense of it, it wouldn't have come together. It was an organized, thought out procedure (step-by-step) that brought about the outcome of a completed puzzle.

So it is with our independent business building. We have to prepare to succeed by first, getting organized to succeed. So many times over the years as I have traveled meeting with distributors, I found that the biggest problem with their having little to no success, was their lack of organization. How can anyone effectively follow-up with Prospects, gather business cards and referrals, plant seeds for recruiting, make presentations, or communicate effectively with their team, if they aren't organized? So ... first thing - save a new folder on your computer desktop and name it - VOYAGER VAULT. This is where you are going to save downloads, handouts, important email, q & a's, auto responders, etc., that you will need quickly to answer questions and forward to new team members as needed.

Then, download the following tools from under TEAM TOOLS - the Prospect Worksheet, Telephone Talk Bullets, and Team Log. Then, head on over to your nearest office supply and pick up a simple 3-ring binder, a 1-31 tickler, and a zip pocket pencil holder. This will be the starting of your Business Binder. Then run enough copies of the Prospect Worksheet to handle the 50 people you will begin to contact. Note: You will use one page per Prospect. Record everything you do with each Prospect, i.e. messages left, conversations and meetings held, samples given, product purchased, etc., and you will use
your 1-31 tickler to remind you when to follow-up with each Prospect. As soon as you enroll them into your business, you'll remove them from Prospect tickler and add their name and phone number to your Team Log for ongoing support.

Remember to always collect business cards, then staple each card to a single Prospect Worksheet. What I've found is that most Prospects want to get involved as soon as they start having success with the product, especially a diet pill that works! People notice their weight loss and they start talking about it naturally! However, there are some Prospects (usually family or stubborn close friends) that may take more follow-up from you. And that's OK. That's why the 1-31 Tickler is so important to your Business Binder. Just get yourself organized with this simple binder system (never leave home without it), and those pieces of your business building puzzle will start coming together. Like magic, the beauty of this business will unfold right before your eyes!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Planning to Succeed

I had the blessing of giving birth to six wonderful children. Each one had their own very unique personality, and each one brought me great joy. All of them loved music and sports. The love for music came from me. The love for sports came from Ken. Young children are so full of hopes and dreams and endless possibility. They know as children, without a doubt, that what they dream and talk about being when they grow up, will come true.

Confidence and conviction is just part of who they are, and I loved that. They don't just talk about these dreams, they actually see themselves there, in the moment, achieving those dreams. They may be in the backyard pretending that they are on the baseball mound getting ready to hit a home run. And as I watched them doing just that, I could almost hear the crowd going wild and chanting their name. It makes me smile even now that they are all grown up.

One of my boys - Chris - wore a Duke baseball cap from 4th grade on. He talked about Duke. He saw himself there playing basketball at Duke. And when it came time for him to sign his college scholarship contract, guess where he went? Duke University to play basketball. He had a dream, worked hard and achieved that dream. He saw it. He visualized it. He did whatever it took to achieve that goal. And he worked day and night to make that happen.

We need to do the same thing with building our new businesses. We need to set our goals. We need to write them down and visualize them. Then we need to do the daily income-generating activities that build a home-based business to make it happen. Consistent focus, visualization, and daily hard work, and we'll all be wearing that Duke uniform too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making the Commitment

After recognizing what you have is truly an opportunity of a lifetime, you must make the personal commitment to do whatever it takes to build your new business. Most people tend to get temporarily excited about a new work-from-home business, then fizzle out a few months into it. Making the commitment and giving your business time to grow, and doing the business building basics will pretty much guarantee your success.

The basics are talking to people, sharing the product, and sponsoring those you share the product with into your business. For the first couple of years, you must keep yourself booked with face-to-face appointments where you are sharing your opportunity and product. Bill Cosby once said this about personal commitment ... "Anyone can dabble, but once you've made that commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it, and it's very hard for people to stop you."

That "thing" is to set yourself on fire (become very passionate), and stay focused and excited by constantly talking to people, and consistently sponsoring new people into your business every week. Don't stop until your goals are achieved with your business. Make the commitment, do the business building basics everyday, and give your business time to grow - then watch it explode!