Friday, March 8, 2013


Thank you John S.- great picture of excited distributors and their guests loaded up in a minivan headed to an exciting business opportunity meeting. This tried and true, well-known opportunity meeting is one of the oldest and success-proven secret to building a strong business in network marketing. These fun meetings celebrate the business of MLM and bring us all the important up-close-and-personal vision of the opportunity from the leaders that are actually having success with the business. And listening to the top leaders - each with their unique talents, perspectives and personalities - gives us more depth, awareness and understanding of how this incredible business really works, and how to succeed at it. And although all of the leaders pretty much sing the same song; the tempo's, pitch and tone may differ and hit just the right chord with each of us - and we finally "get it". That "I can do this" lightbulb goes on for us because someone shared the opportunity in a way that appealed to us.

Deb L & Cathy S
Hold meetings. Attend meetings. And make sure you open your meetings up to everyone. The synergy of the group is powerful. A family of distributors worldwide working together as a team creates that important "culture" totally unique to network marketing. The culture gives purpose and a sense of belonging to something that matters and can make a difference, and is why this kind of marketing strategy continues to thrive decade after decade, creating millionaires. Work together. Play together. Celebrate together. Share everything, keeping nothing a secret exclusive to your team. 

"Dependent people need others to get what they want. Independent people can get what they want through their own effort. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success."  - Stephen Covey

Cynthia Maurice Holds Open Meeting
Momentum is created when we are all working towards that common goal - to see the company succeed. Combining our own efforts with the efforts and talents of everyone will see us all succeed in a huge way - way beyond our wildest dreams. Work alone and nothing happens. Sharing the dream with an openness and love embraces an energy that returns itself tenfold. 

A true win-win for all!

Nancy Feinberg Shares the Opportunity

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Small Events Feed the Big Event!

Billy Banks, Regional Director February Meeting with Over 90 People!
There's nothing I like better than meeting face-to-face with my downline teams of distributors and their guests. The synergy of the group, the team spirit, the recognition of local leaders, presenting the opportunity and enrolling new people into the biz, creates the "magic" of MLM and builds the culture of this business.

I'm getting back on the road with my key leaders in April and May, and I'm psyched! And in order to have huge, successful meetings where incomes double, attendance soars, and new leaders are developed, individuals must "build towards the event." How? By doing the smaller events that lead up to the main event. In fact, without those smaller events, the large event will fail miserably. Do to duplicate - but only if you want to take full advantage of the big events and momentum created by it.

To'mika Cooley, Chad Rubner, Melissa Butts, Billy Banks, Karla Harms
Get back to the basics of biz building. The basics begin with talking and sampling new people, then putting them on the Tuesday Testimonial calls and Wednesday Webinars. Utilize your sponsor to assist with this and validate your opportunity, especially if you are brand new to the business. 

Hold Launch home events with your sponsor and/or your Backyard Buddy (that's someone you have sponsored in your area - your backyard.) If you have been involved for awhile - relaunch your business as many times as you need to to get things happening in your area. Shake those bushes! Hold weekly home meetings, and utilize a speakerphone to listen to the calls and watch the webinars together with your prospects. Note: Skype meetings (or Facetime) are also effective with home meetings, especially when you are new and need validation and support. Meet face-to-face with 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 appointments to present the opportunity. Hold monthly area meetings to bring your teams together once your home meetings are beginning to see success. These monthly area hotel meetings paint a bigger picture for your distributors and guests.  Also, hold Super Saturday events at your home where you gather your teams, listen to the training together on a speakerphone, then strategize and recognize everyone in attendance for their efforts. If there are guests (and there should be guests always invited) present the opportunity. Remember, all of these small events feed into the big event and will guarantee you a large, successful meeting! Be ready, get ready, use the tools and system, and build your empire with the biz!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ongoing Live Weekly Events

3-Way Into Tuesday Testimonial Calls
Network marketing is all about building towards the next scheduled event, using the weekly live events as your goal with showing new people what it is you are doing. Showing the plan, sharing the dream, and selling the opportunity is how you build your independent business to a six-figure a month income. Being consistent with this "sharing" activity guarantees success with growing your business. That is why we have always anchored in a weekly business building schedule for ourselves and our downline teams. 
Gather Prospects to Watch Wednesday Webinars

When you are seriously building your business, showing the plan and sharing the opportunity to new prospects, it is crucial to have in place a next event scheduled for your prospect to attend. Often referred to as the "process" or "prospecting pipeline," each step is another step towards them making a decision to get involved with you and start building a team of their own. 

It's not about selling product with network marketing, that is direct sales. When the opportunity is presented correctly, the product will sell itself. Network Marketing success comes from exposing prospects to the exciting culture and lifestyle it offers, creating hope and possibility for financial and time freedom. That is why we present the opportunity with weekly scheduled calls, business opportunity webinars, and face-to-face appointments and meetings.

Face-to-Face Appointment with Your Sponsor & Prospect
As you are daily building your business, you will want to immediately put your prospects onto the Tuesday Testimonial calls by saying, 
"You will love hearing the success people are having with the product and business. I will dial you in and we will listen together."  

Once the call is completed you will chat with them about the call, answer their questions, and ask them to enroll into the business with you. If they enroll on Tuesday after the call (or even if they don't), you will continue to move them through the pipeline - to the next event on Wednesday with the live business opportunity webinar. The visuals of the webinar will give a complete overview of the company, product and business opportunity. Meet with them and watch the webinar together, in fact, make it a weekly fun, intimate home gathering where you watch, answer questions, and enroll. 

Every live event moves your prospect closer to getting excited about your opportunity, enrolling and building the business with you. Each event shows your prospect how simple it is for them to have success with building their business by using these scheduled, live weekly events. Remember: your prospect and new distributor will do exactly what you do. That is why you must use the events to grow and develop your business every week. Target the events with new prospects. By targeting the event (weekly goal), you will consistently be introducing new prospects to your business, and new prospects = new team members! 

Along with (not in competition to) the weekly scheduled events, hold your own team and individual meetings. And always ask your sponsor to be an active part of your business building with 3-way calls, 2-on-1 appointments, and speakerphone (or Skype) conferencing. They will give you further validation with your opportunity, and will strenghten team building every step of the way. Again, actively use the scheduled live events to build, and avoid being just a a builder! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Digestible Doses

This incredible world of network marketing is definitely exciting for all of us who are currently involved with it, and have caught the vision of the opportunity it offers. We love the freedoms that come with working from home (in our pj's), choosing when we work, with whom we work, and the fun of looking the boss in the mirror every morning as we plan our days activities. We feel tremendous joy and fulfillment from building and developing people and growing our teams. And we know that the more people we can meet with face-to-face, sponsor into our program and help them succeed, the more success we will see for ourselves. However, network marketing can be very confusing and overwhelming to a brand new person who has had no prior experience with this type of business. That's why it must be shared step-by-step. Here's one particular story that will illustrate my point.

I recall a few years back inviting a friend from North Carolina to attend a large convention for the company I was involved with in New Orleans. I purchased her airplane ticket, paid all of her expenses and was psyched to have her see what I saw, feel what I felt, jump in with both feet and be a key leader for me in that company. It was a large event, typical of network marketing conventions, with bright lights, loud upbeat music and tons of happy and excited networkers. And I did what every motivated leader should do. I took her around the convention hall and introduced her to the key people, bragged on her, sat her up on the front row, and tried to involve her in all of the fun and excitement. But she, needless to say, just wasn't ready for all of this. In her words, "Everyone is just too happy and excited here! I don't see myself doing this."

Chris #34
Well, long story short, I needed her. I had to have her as a key leader for me there in North Carolina because my son, Chris, had just signed to play basketball at Duke University, I wanted to attend the games, and she was the only person in NC that I knew. So, I began to break the business down for her into bite sized pieces, or what I call, "digestible doses." I started having her just put people on the phone with me on a 3-way call (A), then had her put people in front of me when I came to town for games with a few 2-on-1 presentations (B). Then once a few people were sponsored under her there, I had her host a few in-home meetings (C).

Step-by-step, until she understood how to build the business right, I assisted her with building and developing her team. It was frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. I was there when she got her first $5,000 check for the month, and there when she received her first $10,000 check - which was a game changer for her. When she hit that $20,000.00 a month check she was unstoppable. She had learned the business and I had duplicated myself. Mission accomplished - check! She talked like I talked, did what I did, and taught what I had taught her to those she personally sponsored. She eventually became one of my key leaders making as much as $50,000.00 a month, and no longer needed me there holding her hand. From that point on, she just needed me there to validate her with the 3-way calls and occasional large hotel meetings and trainings. And that, my friends, is what this biz is all about - duplication - learned and executed in "digestible doses".

This brings me to outlining the trainings that I have developed over the years to chunk down this business building into those important "digestible doses". Each training is important with teaching and duplicating business building, and are systemized to streamline the process. 

Note: Once you've learned how to do the business the right way, you must never dump all of your know-how and experience onto your new person all at once. Put yourself in their shoes. Take yourself back to the beginning where you started. And make sure you are not just teaching the 4-step system, but doing every step in the system with each person you sponsor. It's a show and tell biz, and it starts with the way you approach your prospect. Learn and deliver your One Minute Message, show the 90-second commercial, then guide them through your website. Follow-up (another post), give them a sample, then 3-way call them into the Tuesday Testimonial call. Ask them with every step to get involved with you. Have them then watch the Wednesday Webinar with you - at your home, and continue working the process (and the 4-step system) until they are enrolled in the biz. Once sponsored in under you, it's time to break the business building training down. Remember..."digestible doses."

Your "newbie" (new distributor) needs to plug in immediately to what is available to help them build their business. These are the available tools. These simple tools are already in place and makes duplication easier on you as the sponsor. Before beginning the trainings, first, have your new distributor download the "Welcome Packet" at You will use these downloads included in the packet throughout the training process. Second, make sure they are registered for the Monday New Associate training webinar that covers the basics to getting started. Thirdly, meet with them individually using the 48-Hour Sponsoring Checklist. This important face-to-face interaction is crucial to building trust and rapport with your new distributor. Fourth, have them now listen to the five (5) basic trainings on our team support site These four events of training - Welcome Packet, New Associate Training, 48-Hour Sponsoring Checklist, Basic Training at - overlap each other for an important reason - repetition. Educators tell us that repetition is how we learn. By the 4th and 5th time of hearing something, it starts to sink in! 

Once your newly sponsored distributor has done these four trainings, involve them immediately in the Super Saturday Strategies training calls, your individual weekly team calls, and the twelve (12) session MLM101 Mentoring™. Know that there will always be questions along the way that you, as their sponsor, will answer for them. If there is a question you can't answer, simply do a quick 3-way call with your sponsor. They will most likely be able to answer the question. 

For the "magic" of network marketing - residual income - to kick in in a very big way, you must do and teach like outlined here; in digestible doses. It's not about overwhelming your newly sponsored distributors, lecturing to them, bossing them around, impressing them of how smart you are, or demanding something of them that they may not be capable of doing right now. It's about inspiring them to dream again and help them achieve those dreams. It's about empowering them to know that they can do what you do. And never do anything that your people can not do, duplicate, or teach others to do. That will kill your biz long-term. Follow the system. Break it down. Do the steps. Do to duplicate ... in "digestible doses."

Monday, January 28, 2013

Relationship Marketing

This is one of my favorite pictures I have found online under network marketing. It visually depicts what makes this incredible business work. The famous Zig Ziglar quote, "You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want," says it all. If you want to succeed in network marketing, help others succeed. Do the basics. Make your list, follow the system, plug into the scheduled events, meet with people face-to-face and build relationships.

People in this high tech day and age often forget that network marketing is built on trust and building relationships, and must be saturated with "high touch". Luckily, the high tech aspect of business building integrates beautifully with high touch using 3-way calling, speakerphone, Skype, and Facetime to interact. Communication and follow-up can also be enhanced with Facebook postings, groups and messaging, Twitter, text reminders, email, and group conference calling. It is an exciting age where all aspects of business building can speedily be accomplished.
Billy Banks and His Team in Illinois Building Relationships

In my first days of building a network marketing business with the Cambridge Diet, I had available to me the mail, telephone and meetings. But that was it. And I still built to $100k a month! How? By meeting face-to-face all the way through the "process". I initiated sponsoring with a one-on-one appointment, sharing the business and product face-to-face. I lead with the business right out the gate, and then started dove-tailing home meetings from those appointments. And more appointments were dove-tailed from the home meetings I was holding for myself and for those I was sponsoring. Everything was done face-to-face. And it worked. And when I would sponsor someone new, I did the 2-on-1 meetings with their contacts to get those I sponsored making money and achieving immediate success with business building. 

Nancy Feinberg Builds Georgia by Building Relationships
Holding home meetings was the way the business was built, and it still is the way strong teams are anchored in. And once you have developed a few key leaders, starting with your "backyard buddy," you can hold a monthly area hotel meeting to share the bigger picture of your business, and recognize those team members for their achievements.This creates that all-important team spirit.   

Deb Landreman and Cynthia Maurice Hold a Weekly Sunshine Team Call
So for those that are involved with internet marketing or lead generating programs, recognize the importance of building relationships. If someone sounds interested in the business you are advertising, pick up the phone and call them. Get to know their needs, their wants and their dreams. Meet face-to-face as soon as possible. Plug them into the systems and the scheduled activities so that they feel a part of your team. Work their contacts. 3-way immediately with their top ten people, teaching them by showing how this business is built. It takes a little effort on your part to do this, but the results will show in the growth of your team. And once you reach that first rung of leadership, use the high tech tools to communicate, update, motivate and congratulate every step of the way. Build relationships and the friendships will follow. That's where the "magic" kicks in.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Streamline with the System

It's time. Time to talk about the proven 4-step system. As a network marketing company grows, adding new and excited distributors, I can not stress enough about why a definite system was put into place, and the importance of using and teaching this system to your new distributors. Let me take you back to a company I was with as the Master Distributor for thirteen years.

My husband and I had tremendous success with this company, making consistently six-figures a month. We traveled  twice a month doing meetings all over the United States, and our teams were strong with great leaders under us. At one point we had nearly 90,000 distributors in the downlines! I wrote the training programs for the company, taught this everywhere (it seemed), and I hoped (with fingers crossed) that the duplication process, which makes network marketing work, would kick in and duplicate downline, reaching all levels of those involved in the company. But I soon found out that this was not exactly what was happening downline. People weren't being taught how to build correctly. Somewhere, somehow the "buck stopped here" with teaching the basic concepts of network marketing, and new distributors were found floundering. Thus a definite "system" was born and developed by me.

I have learned a few things in my near forty (40) years involved with network marketing, mostly by trial and error, and, because of this experience, I am first, totally opposed to anyone teaching network marketing business-building principles if they have never built a huge organization for themselves! To be honest, I actually get a little more than perturbed with even seeing MLM books being written by individuals with no real success and experience. It make me a bit violent - not in a "hurt someone" way - but I do toss their book across the room with a bit more force than needed. But I digress ... back to the subject at hand.

You see, distributors need step-by-step guidelines. They need a franchise-approach to what it is they are doing. Know this - Network Marketing is very different from any and all traditional businesses. And if you attempt building your business like a traditional business, or become a salesperson ... you will fail miserably. That's why a proven system has to be in put into place to plug into. Distributors need not re-invent the wheel when the "wheel" has been proven to work. Just follow the system. Plug into the system. Work the system. And that system all starts with a simple phrase that creates intrigue, and initiates questions, when asked what it is they are doing. Simply say - "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money." 

Really? It's that easy. This is your personal "sound bite" or commercial to get things started. After more probing (and questions on what it is you are doing), I created the One Minute Message. Why, you ask? Because I found distributors hesitating to talk about their business opportunity. And when asked, it is usually easier for a new distributor to start "selling" their product vs sharing their incredible business opportunity, or they stumble-bumble around with trying to explain what they are doing, and kill the "deal," as they say. Thus, the One Minute Message. Just memorize something like this to get the recruiting ball rolling.

"I've gotten involved in a very fun project that you need to take a look at. It has that happy skinny pill that everyone is talking about that brightens your mood, gives you a boost of energy, and completely slams the appetite! You will love this. In need to do this with me! When is it best to meet today ... 3 or 4?"

The Three-Way Call
Once that One Minute Message is delivered, the 4-step system kicks into full action with:
1) hotline,   2) website,   3) 3-way call,   4) event. 
The hotline is a recording with options to listen to with your prospect. The first option should briefly introduce the opportunity where once heard you simply say, "now you can see why I'm so excited about this!" Do this with your prospect on a 3-way call or hand them the phone to listen right there on the spot.

This recorded hotline message leads you right into guiding your prospect through your replicated company website, and support team site Once that step is complete with tenacious follow-up, the important three-way call takes place with you, your prospect and your sponsor. This 3-way call validates you and your opportunity, and is part of the system! So...don't leave this step in the 4-step system out. If you are brand new to the business use a 3-way call with your sponsor to launch your business with your prospects. Never work alone!

Once the three-way call is complete it's time to move your prospect to the next step - the next event, if you will. Events include the Tuesday Testimonial calls, Wednesday Webinars, face-to-face presentations, area events, and home meetings. With each event your prospect understands the culture and catches the vision of your opportunity. I call these events "parading" where you march your opportunity in front of your prospect over and over again until they catch the vision of what it is you have to offer, enroll and get excited to duplicate what you are doing. That is why the system works. With each step make sure to ask your prospect to get involved. Some catch the vision quickly, while others take going through the steps a few times before committing to get involved with you. Just share your opportunity and use those tools that make up the system. With each step, parading the opportunity with your 90-second commercial, your website, your calls, webinars and meetings, you will see your dreams come true. It's all about streamlining with the system!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Learn to be Lean

I was listening to a morning program while sitting in the chiropractors office in Vegas this morning, and loved the schedule outlined by a fitness expert. We all need some sort of program to go along with our 2013 fitness goals of getting lean. And with V3 as our secret weapon, we can make huge lifestyle changes that will equal excellent health. We discussed with Dr. Karen Smith on a Super Saturday training that the holiday season was a perfect opportunity to give the GIFT OF HEALTH. So let's start with ourselves - Ken and I included. Here's the scheduled that was very cool-y (is that a word) outlined this morning. (I loved the way he matched the words to the week kind of guy!)

Monday - Meal Planning
Plan your meals for the week to include more low glycemic fruits, veggies and lean protein. Write it dow and place it on your refrigerator. When you have a plan, you will shop for it and stick to it, which equals success!

Tuesday - Tone the Body
Use weights or milk cartons to do basic exercises to help tone your body. More muscle means more fat burning. So tone away!  Great sight for basic toning:

Wednesday Walking
Get out there and do a Wednesday Walk briskly for 30-45 minutes. This is one of the best cardio workouts that anyone can do - without going to the gym. Some of you may need to bundle up, but you'll love the results.

Thursday Thighs
Lower body workout is important to overall health. Simple movements like standing and sitting, repeat, on a chair helps strengthen your core. Thigh strengthening is very important to optimum health.  Great Site:

Friday Fiber
Add more fiber to your daily diet.  Americans do not eat enough fiber. Add more grains, nuts and veggies to your diet. Example: Instead of cereal, have a bowl of oatmeal. Instead of white rice eat brown rice, etc. Snacks? Nuts!

Super Saturday
Do general workout that will involved the entire body. Take a hike, swim, garden (when weather permits), get out there and move your body!

I love this. Let's all get HEALTHY & WEALTHY together - then report in!