Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Fun When It's Simple

"If you complicate, you can't duplicate."
- Sandi Burgess

I've learned and taught for over thirty-five years that if you want to see success with building and duplicating a network marketing business, you have to keep things very, very simple. My "Sandi-isms", as people call them, are created to do just that - to keep things simple. I try to find catchy and simple ways for people to remember things. "Sample - Sell - Sponsor - Support," or Monday MLM Mentoring, Tuesday Team Testimonials, Wednesday Webinar, Saturday Success Strategies, Biz Binder, etc. Simple tools = $$$.

Years ago, I was training all over the west coast with a skin care company, (this was in the early 80's) when this hit me right between the eyes, the importance of keeping everything we do and say with business building and training our people simple. At the time, I found myself studying every ingredient in the products, then spouting off all of that knowledge in the front of the room. And, yes, it may have felt good at the time to be smart, but I quickly learned to keep all of that information to myself. What happened was this. A good-looking young man (new to the business) came up to me on a session break and said, "The anti-roll bar, the brake caliper, and the cam shaft need alignment, and the center-locking differential and damper." My confused reaction was, "what are you talking about?" He responded, "Exactly. What are you talking about?" That's when I learned to simplify everything.

Don't take anything for granted with your new distributors. Regional Director, Elaine Tomrell and I have discussed this at length with regards to training our teams. You can't assume the person you are prospecting and sponsoring understands this MLM business. In fact, network marketing is a new "animal" to most people. Unlike traditional business models, our fabulous industry of MLM is all about building teams of people where teaching, assisting, 3-way calling, encouraging and empowering are the tools used to effectively build our business. Before enrolling into the business, our prospect silently asks, 1) what's in this for me, 2) can I see myself doing this, 3) why should I do this now, and 4) do I have to change what I'm currently doing to do this? If you complicate this business, from the approach to the enrolling of them into the business, they will not be able to see themselves doing what you do. And if they think they have to change their life, they just won't do it, try it, or get involved in any way.

We have to introduce this business to our prospects in "digestible doses." Little by little, they will start to catch the vision, and start to understand the mechanics that make this all work. Step-by-step with the tools. Don't overwhelm. Let them know they learn as they earn. A great network marketing business is made up of goal-oriented, positive, productive, happy people. Those traits don't always exist in today's world, and can be a shock to anyone looking at us for the first time. So, back it up a bit. Take your time, and make sure everything you do can be simple for your prospect to see themselves doing. Use the 3-way call with your sponsor, Tuesday Team Testimonial calls and Wednesday Webinars to paint the picture and share the story. Let the tools talk. Also, don't forget to show that fun little 90-second commercial, and memorize your One Minute Message. Remember, it's fun when it's simple!

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