Monday, May 14, 2012

Selling the Dream

I just attended my second time with seeing the amazing musical, "Miss Saigon". One of the songs in the show reminded me of why we are all involved with network marketing. The song's title is "The American Dream." It describes in song and dance, from the perspective of non-Americans, all of the marvelous aspects of ultimate freedom and lifestyle that Americans must be living. Freedom, lifestyle and opportunity are dripping with luxury cars, jewels and wealth. And although the songs depiction of living the American Dream is hugely exaggerated, the message is there for all to see. Freedom and lifestyle painted in glitzy red, white and blue!

Network marketing was founded on those same "American Dream" principles. To name just a few freedoms, freedom from a boss, fighting traffic, working when you want, and with whom you want to work with are at the top of the list. Recognition for hard work, tax and travel advantages, and of course, the possibility for financial freedom are part of the picture. Hope and possibility encourage opportunity with network marketing. And that is why MLM continues to thrive for centuries, especially in a challenged economy.

"If I can show you a way to make extra money, right from the comforts of home without changing anything you are currently doing, would you be interested?" This question, along with activating the important - FORM (family - occupation - recreation - message), helps you deliver the message of hope and possibility for your prospect. Start every presentation with telling your prospect "why" you are doing this business. And your "why" must be about freedom and lifestyle - not product. The product works - that's a given. Your task of "selling the dream" is easy when your "why" is anchored deep. Simply take a quiet moment to determine, then write down your "why" so that you can effectively share it from your heart. Your "why" is your passion for the business. It keeps you on target and moving forward, no matter what or who attempts to thwart your efforts. Nothing can stop you.

As James Truslow Adams, in 1931 defined the American Dream, "Iife should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement, regardless of social class or circumstances of birth."  By that definition, network marketing is all about living the American Dream and enjoying life and lifestyle to its fullest. So, dust off your dreams, write down new goals, and learn to sell the dream with everyone you meet.

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