Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butt's On Fire!

A few years ago, Ken and I were sitting at a networking national convention as the trip-of-a-lifetime winners were brought onto the stage. The top 10 from the group were allowed to say a few words, and for some, words were said that will never be forgotten. One speaker in particular made us laugh out loud because with her broken English she loudly blurted out into the microphone, "my butts on fire!" What she meant to say was, "I'm on fire!" The audience roared with laughter, and from then on she was known for that charming phrase, "my butts on fire!"  

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."  - Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Getting and staying FIRED UP is key to big success in network marketing. That new Associate excitement may waiver with the complaints or occasional "no's", but staying focused on your goals, anchoring deep your "why", then being consistent every day with talking to people, sampling and sponsoring keeps you pumped. Activity and sponsoring = your butts on fire!  

Billy Banks from Texas is always on fire. There's never been a day that he hasn't called his sponsors (Ken and Sandi Burgess...lucky us!), reported his activity, bragged on his great leaders, and put someone new on the phone (3-way call) for us to speak with about the business. Billy's butts definitely on fire, and the results speak for themselves. He's a born leader who leads by example. He doesn't have time for the negatives, never gets down, and has even been known to tell people to quit if they are non-stop complaining. He knows what an incredible opportunity he's found, knows who he is and where he's going. He listens and follows the 4-step system. He teaches what he learns and he does what he teaches. Billy is coachable - approachable - lovable, and just plain fun to be around.

What to learn from Billy Banks (whose check for April will be over $22,000.00)?  "Follow the proven 4-step system, plug in and stay plugged in, participate in all calls and webinars, sponsor new people every month, sample everyone you know - and those you don't know but want to meet.  Wear your V3 button everywhere, follow-up, share the dream, and definitely develop leaders," says Billy.  He always edifies his upline (thank you Billy), and empowers his downline (nine Executives + two more breaking this month of May!) and loves what he is doing, feels abundantly blessed, and simply loves life. His training, "Going Vertical" is exactly what Billy does 24/7. It's the old "Attitude Determines Altitude" philosophy that keeps Billy on track and laser-focused. 

You can find Billy's training at under the Advanced Training tab. He is amazing and we adore him.  If you want to see big success with the biz ... find yourself a Billy Banks - go vertical and make sure your "butts on fire!"

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