Friday, June 15, 2012

Digging for Diamonds

I've spent the past two weeks in Utah handling some family business and visiting a couple of my kids and their families. One day I was wearing a Swarovski crystal necklace and matching earrings that I'd purchased the last time Ken and I were in Vienna, and the kids kept asking me if I was wearing big diamonds. I smiled and told them that they were like diamonds in color, but were crystal that comes from a rock. They seemed content with my answer, but inquisitive little minds always take things a step further. The next morning I drove up to my daughters home and found the four little girls, ages 2-8 sitting in the driveway with their dads hammers pounding on rocks. I asked, "what are you doing?" They said, "digging for diamonds like your necklace in these rocks. We know if we keep pounding rocks we'll find our diamonds!" We must always keep digging for diamonds to find our leaders. Two "B's" - Beg and something we don't do in this business. We become a builder, teach our team to be builders, and continue "diggin' for diamonds" to find those precious gems that are people who see what you see, want what you want, and do what you do. The repair - redo - regroup mode is coming to a close. The "new and improved" Voyager Health Technologies is ready to rollout with a new look,, new attitude, new comp plan tweaks, new products, a convention in September, and a new team of individuals that will catch your vision. As long as you keep "diggin' for diamonds," the sky is the limit with you and your opportunity.

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