Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sharing Your Story

Cynthia Maurice - 70 lbs Lost on V3!
Brandi Clark - 43 lbs Lost on V3!

Jennifer Hood - 100 Lost Using V3!

My first introduction to this amazing network marketing business was with the Cambridge Diet in the 80's. The Herbalife company came into existence about the same time. Diets were the buzz word in network marketing, and big bucks were made over night. It was an exciting time. I came from the skin care world, so instead of washing faces like I had been doing with the cosmetic company I was with, I started blending shakes and enrolling people as fast as I could. What I had was hot, so I ran fast, had fun, and made five, then six figure a month incomes pretty quickly. I embraced everything that was written about network marketing, attended trainings, meetings, and realized that the secrets to building this business were quite simple. You wear a button that gets folks asking questions, talk to people, share your story (and the success stories of others), and promote the next event. Pretty simple huh? Well keep it simple, but learn to tell your story!

Melissa Butts - 54 lbs. Lost on V3!
Your story must be passionate and to the point. 1) Share your name, where you are from, and your occupation. 2) Tell how you stumbled across V3. 3) Admit that you were skeptical and had already tried lots of diets to lose weight before. 4) Share how V3 helped you with mood, energy and appetite. 5) Tell how simple it has been to build a business with V3 and Voyager. 6) Share how much money you have made with your business so far.

Remember that you want your audience to say to themselves, "me too, me too," not "so what!" That's why you admit that you were skeptical, had tried everything and that V3 sounded to good to be true. That brings on an audience response of "me too, me too." And keep your story to no more than 45 seconds.

Darryl Hayes - 35 lbs. Lost on V3!
Avoid long, lengthy stories that take you back to grade school, or don't list 75 ailments that you were suffering from, or medications that you are taking. Don't go into psychological personal challenges that see you blaming your weight gain on teasing siblings or a nasty neighbor. And don't make impossible to believe claims. Just mention (briefly) other benefits you've noticed from using V3. And avoid listing all of the degrees you have, or start to train people listening on why they should do the business. Grasp the importance of your story. This is your story. Own it. Write it down. Tweak it. Better yet, have your upline tweak it. Then time it, memorize it - then rehearse it.

Example: "Hi, this is Sandi Burgess, here in Southern California. I'm a mother of 5, grandmother of 18, and very involved in music. I've struggled the past few years with my weight, and I've dieted for far too long. I've tried everything from juicing, to shakes, to shots. But never quite felt in control, and when I stumbled upon this little pill called V3, it sounded too good to be true. But, I was desperate so I tried it. Within 30 minutes I felt a happy feeling - one that I hadn't felt for quite a while. And I had no appetite. I just wasn't hungry. My usual late night snacking stopped dead in its tracks with V3, and I felt totally in control for the first time in years. Before finding V3, I'd even considered having my stomach stapled! I lost 20 pounds within the first couple of months, lost lots of inches, came off blood pressure meds and my blood sugars are normalizing. I jumped in with both feet and built a business with this product, have made 5 figures a month, and can honestly say that this is the easiest thing I've ever done. I love it!"

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