Friday, August 31, 2012


My first few trainings that I attended for network marketing (then called MLM or multi-level marketing), I was told that there were only a few secrets to success with building this business. Besides being a story teller, sharing the success that others were having with the business, wearing the infamous Herbalife-type button, ("Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How) and utilize 3-Way calling from day one. The #1 most important thing you must do to see big-time success, and move your business forward, is to get your team to convention. Fill up as many seats as you can with your people. Your distributors can only capture the vision and dream with your opportunity, if they are at convention and experience it first-hand. You can share what you experienced with your team, take pictures of the event, and shout from the rooftops your excitement. But when you spend the majority of your time 90-days prior to your convention working at promoting convention and filling up those seats with as many people from your team as possible, magic and momentum starts to happen for you, your business grows and you start making money with your opportunity.

So your job, if you are serious about making money with your opportunity, is to get on the phones right now and promote convention October 27-28 at the Mirage Resort and Casino. 3-way call with your sponsor to promote this convention with team members. Promote this first convention on all of the weekly calls, webinars and individual team calls. Promote our October convention at your area meetings. Team your people up to room together, fly together and sit together while there at convention. Make team t-shirts, team buttons and banners that scream, "Team Burgess is in the House!" (Of course...add your teams name :-) While at convention, don't sit alone and hope to be entertained and motivated. Make sure you "huddle up" and strategize as a team on how to utilize the new marketing tools, product, and training concepts presented at convention. "Huddle up" and recognize your people for their accomplishments - no matter how small those accomplishments may seem to you. "Huddle up" and create team pride and team spirit. And create your own "Count Down to Convention" team contests, then give out prizes while there at convention with your teams in a separate reception or meeting in your hotel room. at convention - promote convention - live, breathe, and talk convention ... and make convention the place to be for business builders serious about success with their business. Action Assignment: Get your people to convention, starting with you!

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