Monday, January 24, 2011

Planning to Succeed

I had the blessing of giving birth to six wonderful children. Each one had their own very unique personality, and each one brought me great joy. All of them loved music and sports. The love for music came from me. The love for sports came from Ken. Young children are so full of hopes and dreams and endless possibility. They know as children, without a doubt, that what they dream and talk about being when they grow up, will come true.

Confidence and conviction is just part of who they are, and I loved that. They don't just talk about these dreams, they actually see themselves there, in the moment, achieving those dreams. They may be in the backyard pretending that they are on the baseball mound getting ready to hit a home run. And as I watched them doing just that, I could almost hear the crowd going wild and chanting their name. It makes me smile even now that they are all grown up.

One of my boys - Chris - wore a Duke baseball cap from 4th grade on. He talked about Duke. He saw himself there playing basketball at Duke. And when it came time for him to sign his college scholarship contract, guess where he went? Duke University to play basketball. He had a dream, worked hard and achieved that dream. He saw it. He visualized it. He did whatever it took to achieve that goal. And he worked day and night to make that happen.

We need to do the same thing with building our new businesses. We need to set our goals. We need to write them down and visualize them. Then we need to do the daily income-generating activities that build a home-based business to make it happen. Consistent focus, visualization, and daily hard work, and we'll all be wearing that Duke uniform too!

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