Monday, January 31, 2011


I honestly know zip about football, however as it comes in live and loud at the Burgess home - first with raising 4 very athletic boys, and now, to continue the tradition, a cute husband who has turned our home into a non-stop sports center (!) - I've heard the phrase BLITZ a great deal with the game of football. Like I said, don't know squat about football, but I do know how to BLITZ a home-based business to get it making 100k or more a month!

Blitzin' means high energy, laser focus, take-no-prisoners attitude and activity, until your goals are achieved. What are your goals? Blitz it and sponsor 25 people immediately. First, before going to bed review your Prospect 100 list and add to it - every night, read your goals and read something motivational. Second, get up early, give yourself a power pep talk in the mirror, go for brisk walk with high energy music playing in your ears, then write in magic marker in large letters the word - NEXT! on a piece of paper, and pin in up in front of you to look at. Then put on your headset (Plantronics is great) and start blitzin! That means "smilin' & dialin' ... "dialin' for dollars!" You absolutely call everyone you know and everyone they know and share V3 and the Voyager message of health and wealth. Share the story. Your enthusiasm is magnetic.

If you are slow, groggy, tired, or boring ... shake it off, jump up and down a few times, power pep talk again, then go at it with vigor and passion. Run across anyone negative? Look at your sign that says NEXT and actually say it out loud. As soon as you sponsor someone, say outloud - "the next one's even better!" Technical questions that you can't answer (unless you are the formulator) ... say - "I don't know about that. All I know is this is what happened to me!" Share your story - sample and sponsor - sample and sponsor. Blitz it!

Blitzing means finding people to talk to. Write lists and constantly add to the list. Use a memory jogger, a phone book, church lists, yearbooks, whatever triggers people you know in your mind. Still no one to talk to? Are you kidding? Look around you. We are a fat, depressed nation! Everyone - I mean everyone needs what we've got! That's magic for you. Go strong and hard. Don't stop until your goals are met. Out of people? (you think) --- go out there and meet people, gather business cards and make new friends. Join groups, renew friendships.

Keep everything simple. What you've got - everyone wants - happy skinny pill that works. Don't complicate it, otherwise people will think - "I could never do or know all of that!" Just energize yourself and sponsor 25 people right out the gate. From those 25 you will find 5 great builders. Ask for referrals. Note: when you are excited and energized ... you can't say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person. You have "magic" with V3. Know it. Own it. BLITZ IT!!!!! Goal --- 25 people sponsored - work with them - then blitz again after those are anchored in strong. Blitzing keeps you excited. Blitzing gets you on a sponsoring roll. Blitzing explodes your business. Blitzing creates big checks!


  1. Great! You did it again!!! You can inspire the dead. Amazing blog.

  2. I know I'm ready to "get out there and win one for The Gipper!" :)