Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting It Together

As I watched two of my grand daughters put together their puzzles, I noticed there was a real strategy to their success. Nothing was randomly done. They step-by-step brought the puzzles together. First, they emptied out the pieces, looked at the picture on front of the box, then turned each piece over. After all the pieces were turned right side up, they snapped together all of the edges to give them a sort of foundation to work from. Matching colors, shapes and figures, the puzzle duplicated the picture and came together.

What they were doing involved simple strategies and organization. If they had just picked out a puzzle piece from the box and tried to make sense of it, it wouldn't have come together. It was an organized, thought out procedure (step-by-step) that brought about the outcome of a completed puzzle.

So it is with our independent business building. We have to prepare to succeed by first, getting organized to succeed. So many times over the years as I have traveled meeting with distributors, I found that the biggest problem with their having little to no success, was their lack of organization. How can anyone effectively follow-up with Prospects, gather business cards and referrals, plant seeds for recruiting, make presentations, or communicate effectively with their team, if they aren't organized? So ... first thing - save a new folder on your computer desktop and name it - VOYAGER VAULT. This is where you are going to save downloads, handouts, important email, q & a's, auto responders, etc., that you will need quickly to answer questions and forward to new team members as needed.

Then, download the following tools from under TEAM TOOLS - the Prospect Worksheet, Telephone Talk Bullets, and Team Log. Then, head on over to your nearest office supply and pick up a simple 3-ring binder, a 1-31 tickler, and a zip pocket pencil holder. This will be the starting of your Business Binder. Then run enough copies of the Prospect Worksheet to handle the 50 people you will begin to contact. Note: You will use one page per Prospect. Record everything you do with each Prospect, i.e. messages left, conversations and meetings held, samples given, product purchased, etc., and you will use
your 1-31 tickler to remind you when to follow-up with each Prospect. As soon as you enroll them into your business, you'll remove them from Prospect tickler and add their name and phone number to your Team Log for ongoing support.

Remember to always collect business cards, then staple each card to a single Prospect Worksheet. What I've found is that most Prospects want to get involved as soon as they start having success with the product, especially a diet pill that works! People notice their weight loss and they start talking about it naturally! However, there are some Prospects (usually family or stubborn close friends) that may take more follow-up from you. And that's OK. That's why the 1-31 Tickler is so important to your Business Binder. Just get yourself organized with this simple binder system (never leave home without it), and those pieces of your business building puzzle will start coming together. Like magic, the beauty of this business will unfold right before your eyes!

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