Sunday, February 26, 2012

Turn to the Tools!

Use the available tools to assist you with building your network marketing business. It is the easiest way to duplicate your efforts. And as you know, duplication is key to making money. 

This business is not about "you" or how much you know or don't know. Prospects want to know:

What's in this for me?
Can I see myself doing this?
Why should I do this now? 

Knowing these questions are real concerns with most every prospect you approach about your business, you must do everything possible to simplify and systemize your business building activities, that means to use every available tool to present the product and plan, so that your prospect knows quickly that they can do what you do easily. From the "One Minute Message", recorded Hotline, 90-second commercial, weekly calls, webinars and website - turn to the tools!

We can not teach this crucial concept of duplication and using the tools enough times, or stress it's importance. Even when a distributor has been told about the 3-way call a hundred times, for example, getting the distributors to actually do 3-way calls is like pulling teeth! So, we as experienced MLM'rs who have consistently made those five and six figure a month incomes, will continue preaching and teaching you to turn to the tools until the cows come home.

Use the recorded Hotline to break the ice about the business, the 90-second commercial to intro the product, give them a sample then, then 3-way them into a Tuesday Testimonial call or, have a few people over to watch the Wednesday Webinar. Then 3-way each prospect with your sponsor to validate you, your opportunity, your product, and get them enrolled into the business! Turning to tools makes the entire process easier and much more fun. And if you aren't having fun, you are doing this biz all wrong. See you on Monday MLM Mentoring webinar, Tuesday Team Testimonials call, Wednesday Webinar and Saturday Success Strategies call. All are posted at our team support site under the Calendar tab!


  1. Are the webinars recorded for us to goback to? Seems I have wacky day time/night time work hours and can never sit in on a call. I love this idea, after the calls are over can we go back to listen and invite friends?

  2. Right now WEDNESDAY WEBINARS are done LIVE for better fresh energy and personality of the presenter. However, a few of the presenters will be recording their webinars. We will keep you posted.