Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ongoing Live Weekly Events

3-Way Into Tuesday Testimonial Calls
Network marketing is all about building towards the next scheduled event, using the weekly live events as your goal with showing new people what it is you are doing. Showing the plan, sharing the dream, and selling the opportunity is how you build your independent business to a six-figure a month income. Being consistent with this "sharing" activity guarantees success with growing your business. That is why we have always anchored in a weekly business building schedule for ourselves and our downline teams. 
Gather Prospects to Watch Wednesday Webinars

When you are seriously building your business, showing the plan and sharing the opportunity to new prospects, it is crucial to have in place a next event scheduled for your prospect to attend. Often referred to as the "process" or "prospecting pipeline," each step is another step towards them making a decision to get involved with you and start building a team of their own. 

It's not about selling product with network marketing, that is direct sales. When the opportunity is presented correctly, the product will sell itself. Network Marketing success comes from exposing prospects to the exciting culture and lifestyle it offers, creating hope and possibility for financial and time freedom. That is why we present the opportunity with weekly scheduled calls, business opportunity webinars, and face-to-face appointments and meetings.

Face-to-Face Appointment with Your Sponsor & Prospect
As you are daily building your business, you will want to immediately put your prospects onto the Tuesday Testimonial calls by saying, 
"You will love hearing the success people are having with the product and business. I will dial you in and we will listen together."  

Once the call is completed you will chat with them about the call, answer their questions, and ask them to enroll into the business with you. If they enroll on Tuesday after the call (or even if they don't), you will continue to move them through the pipeline - to the next event on Wednesday with the live business opportunity webinar. The visuals of the webinar will give a complete overview of the company, product and business opportunity. Meet with them and watch the webinar together, in fact, make it a weekly fun, intimate home gathering where you watch, answer questions, and enroll. 

Every live event moves your prospect closer to getting excited about your opportunity, enrolling and building the business with you. Each event shows your prospect how simple it is for them to have success with building their business by using these scheduled, live weekly events. Remember: your prospect and new distributor will do exactly what you do. That is why you must use the events to grow and develop your business every week. Target the events with new prospects. By targeting the event (weekly goal), you will consistently be introducing new prospects to your business, and new prospects = new team members! 

Along with (not in competition to) the weekly scheduled events, hold your own team and individual meetings. And always ask your sponsor to be an active part of your business building with 3-way calls, 2-on-1 appointments, and speakerphone (or Skype) conferencing. They will give you further validation with your opportunity, and will strenghten team building every step of the way. Again, actively use the scheduled live events to build, and avoid being just a a builder! 

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