Sunday, February 3, 2013

Digestible Doses

This incredible world of network marketing is definitely exciting for all of us who are currently involved with it, and have caught the vision of the opportunity it offers. We love the freedoms that come with working from home (in our pj's), choosing when we work, with whom we work, and the fun of looking the boss in the mirror every morning as we plan our days activities. We feel tremendous joy and fulfillment from building and developing people and growing our teams. And we know that the more people we can meet with face-to-face, sponsor into our program and help them succeed, the more success we will see for ourselves. However, network marketing can be very confusing and overwhelming to a brand new person who has had no prior experience with this type of business. That's why it must be shared step-by-step. Here's one particular story that will illustrate my point.

I recall a few years back inviting a friend from North Carolina to attend a large convention for the company I was involved with in New Orleans. I purchased her airplane ticket, paid all of her expenses and was psyched to have her see what I saw, feel what I felt, jump in with both feet and be a key leader for me in that company. It was a large event, typical of network marketing conventions, with bright lights, loud upbeat music and tons of happy and excited networkers. And I did what every motivated leader should do. I took her around the convention hall and introduced her to the key people, bragged on her, sat her up on the front row, and tried to involve her in all of the fun and excitement. But she, needless to say, just wasn't ready for all of this. In her words, "Everyone is just too happy and excited here! I don't see myself doing this."

Chris #34
Well, long story short, I needed her. I had to have her as a key leader for me there in North Carolina because my son, Chris, had just signed to play basketball at Duke University, I wanted to attend the games, and she was the only person in NC that I knew. So, I began to break the business down for her into bite sized pieces, or what I call, "digestible doses." I started having her just put people on the phone with me on a 3-way call (A), then had her put people in front of me when I came to town for games with a few 2-on-1 presentations (B). Then once a few people were sponsored under her there, I had her host a few in-home meetings (C).

Step-by-step, until she understood how to build the business right, I assisted her with building and developing her team. It was frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. I was there when she got her first $5,000 check for the month, and there when she received her first $10,000 check - which was a game changer for her. When she hit that $20,000.00 a month check she was unstoppable. She had learned the business and I had duplicated myself. Mission accomplished - check! She talked like I talked, did what I did, and taught what I had taught her to those she personally sponsored. She eventually became one of my key leaders making as much as $50,000.00 a month, and no longer needed me there holding her hand. From that point on, she just needed me there to validate her with the 3-way calls and occasional large hotel meetings and trainings. And that, my friends, is what this biz is all about - duplication - learned and executed in "digestible doses".

This brings me to outlining the trainings that I have developed over the years to chunk down this business building into those important "digestible doses". Each training is important with teaching and duplicating business building, and are systemized to streamline the process. 

Note: Once you've learned how to do the business the right way, you must never dump all of your know-how and experience onto your new person all at once. Put yourself in their shoes. Take yourself back to the beginning where you started. And make sure you are not just teaching the 4-step system, but doing every step in the system with each person you sponsor. It's a show and tell biz, and it starts with the way you approach your prospect. Learn and deliver your One Minute Message, show the 90-second commercial, then guide them through your website. Follow-up (another post), give them a sample, then 3-way call them into the Tuesday Testimonial call. Ask them with every step to get involved with you. Have them then watch the Wednesday Webinar with you - at your home, and continue working the process (and the 4-step system) until they are enrolled in the biz. Once sponsored in under you, it's time to break the business building training down. Remember..."digestible doses."

Your "newbie" (new distributor) needs to plug in immediately to what is available to help them build their business. These are the available tools. These simple tools are already in place and makes duplication easier on you as the sponsor. Before beginning the trainings, first, have your new distributor download the "Welcome Packet" at You will use these downloads included in the packet throughout the training process. Second, make sure they are registered for the Monday New Associate training webinar that covers the basics to getting started. Thirdly, meet with them individually using the 48-Hour Sponsoring Checklist. This important face-to-face interaction is crucial to building trust and rapport with your new distributor. Fourth, have them now listen to the five (5) basic trainings on our team support site These four events of training - Welcome Packet, New Associate Training, 48-Hour Sponsoring Checklist, Basic Training at - overlap each other for an important reason - repetition. Educators tell us that repetition is how we learn. By the 4th and 5th time of hearing something, it starts to sink in! 

Once your newly sponsored distributor has done these four trainings, involve them immediately in the Super Saturday Strategies training calls, your individual weekly team calls, and the twelve (12) session MLM101 Mentoring™. Know that there will always be questions along the way that you, as their sponsor, will answer for them. If there is a question you can't answer, simply do a quick 3-way call with your sponsor. They will most likely be able to answer the question. 

For the "magic" of network marketing - residual income - to kick in in a very big way, you must do and teach like outlined here; in digestible doses. It's not about overwhelming your newly sponsored distributors, lecturing to them, bossing them around, impressing them of how smart you are, or demanding something of them that they may not be capable of doing right now. It's about inspiring them to dream again and help them achieve those dreams. It's about empowering them to know that they can do what you do. And never do anything that your people can not do, duplicate, or teach others to do. That will kill your biz long-term. Follow the system. Break it down. Do the steps. Do to duplicate ... in "digestible doses."

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