Thursday, February 21, 2013

Small Events Feed the Big Event!

Billy Banks, Regional Director February Meeting with Over 90 People!
There's nothing I like better than meeting face-to-face with my downline teams of distributors and their guests. The synergy of the group, the team spirit, the recognition of local leaders, presenting the opportunity and enrolling new people into the biz, creates the "magic" of MLM and builds the culture of this business.

I'm getting back on the road with my key leaders in April and May, and I'm psyched! And in order to have huge, successful meetings where incomes double, attendance soars, and new leaders are developed, individuals must "build towards the event." How? By doing the smaller events that lead up to the main event. In fact, without those smaller events, the large event will fail miserably. Do to duplicate - but only if you want to take full advantage of the big events and momentum created by it.

To'mika Cooley, Chad Rubner, Melissa Butts, Billy Banks, Karla Harms
Get back to the basics of biz building. The basics begin with talking and sampling new people, then putting them on the Tuesday Testimonial calls and Wednesday Webinars. Utilize your sponsor to assist with this and validate your opportunity, especially if you are brand new to the business. 

Hold Launch home events with your sponsor and/or your Backyard Buddy (that's someone you have sponsored in your area - your backyard.) If you have been involved for awhile - relaunch your business as many times as you need to to get things happening in your area. Shake those bushes! Hold weekly home meetings, and utilize a speakerphone to listen to the calls and watch the webinars together with your prospects. Note: Skype meetings (or Facetime) are also effective with home meetings, especially when you are new and need validation and support. Meet face-to-face with 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 appointments to present the opportunity. Hold monthly area meetings to bring your teams together once your home meetings are beginning to see success. These monthly area hotel meetings paint a bigger picture for your distributors and guests.  Also, hold Super Saturday events at your home where you gather your teams, listen to the training together on a speakerphone, then strategize and recognize everyone in attendance for their efforts. If there are guests (and there should be guests always invited) present the opportunity. Remember, all of these small events feed into the big event and will guarantee you a large, successful meeting! Be ready, get ready, use the tools and system, and build your empire with the biz!

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