Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Know!

I'm a communication nut! Yes, I said it. I overdo on communication to my team because I've found distributors (we call them associates) who quickly fade into the sunset and lose interest in a powerful business opportunity, do so because they were out of the loop. Or not being as efficient with building their business because they were not aware of latest technologies, social media tools or basic training concepts.

So, yes, I overdo the communication thing with a team support site, email messages, text messaging, IM access, Facebook Twitter, etc. for very important reasons. The #1 reason, of course, is that I want to keep my team on track with their original goals, and I want them to be successful in a very big way. That brings me to the importance of the secret four "P's" - plug in, participate, promote, and pass it on.

You must plug in with all activities. That includes weekly webinars and calls, area events, and company scheduled plans and programs. Staying plugged in keeps you excited. Hearing the different live testimonials every week ignites your commitment and courage to talk to everyone you know. It may often trigger your thinking cap with regards to contacting new people you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Participating in the calls and activities, empowers you. Promoting all activities and calls with your team assures strength and depth building, which equals big money to you. Passing on info also sets you up as a key leader with the company. And leadership is where you want to be if you are serious about making money with building your team.

First things first, now that you have a grasp of the four P's. YOU need to get plugged in and stay that way from the minute you sign that application. Secondly, YOUR TEAM needs to be plugged in. And thirdly, your PROSPECTS need to be plugged in. It's all about getting and staying excited about this business and building a team of satisfied customers and awesome distributors (we call them associates.) Seeing these people succeed is priceless. It's like watching your children reach their goals (and slam dunking a basketball on national tv!). Quite honestly ... there's nothing better that seeing your team succeed. Lives change. People are empowered. And you know you have had a hand in making a difference. Pure joy!

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  1. Another fabulous blog! Even when I'm feeling a little down (out of V-3, not as happy) you know exactly how to pick me up. You are 'the great motivator'! As always, thank you for being such a joy to work with and for all the inspiration you give.