Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling Lucky?

"I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
That is my all-time favorite quote with defining LUCK, by Thomas Jefferson. And it's exactly right. The luck comes when stumbling across a great opportunity, but like so many people, most don't realize what they had and may pass on it without ever taking a closer look. Or in many cases they just weren't willing to work as hard as needed to achieve success.

A few years back we had a great network marketing run for near fourteen years with a company that was paying us consistently six-figure monthly checks. I overheard someone as they were taking a sort-of tour through our new home, "they just got lucky." Well...yes and no. Lucky in that we grabbed the opportunity and ran fast with it, but "no" in that we worked very, very hard doing meetings and calls all over the country consistently every week. And in the beginning of that very lucrative business experience, it felt like we were non-stop pushing a heavy cart uphill with nothing happening in the business. But we kept on pushing; talking to people about the business, meeting face-to-face on appointments, and as soon as we found one semi-hot person, we flew to wherever they lived for 3-4 days and did back-to-back meetings with them to build their teams. Whatever it took. We worked with those that wanted to work, who put people in front of us, and who stepped up and brought us people to talk to. In most cases I slept at their homes in one of their kids beds (always too short for my 6'2" body), drove day and night all over the state to meet with their contacts eyeball-to-eyeball, did meetings and trainings with literally no voice left, mailed out packages for them, did 3-way calls at all hours of the day and night, and created momentum for the business.

Was it easy to see success? No. Was it exciting when it all started to snowball and momentum started to happen? Absolutely. You see, in network marketing, you work in the beginning for HARDLY anything. Once it gets rolling, leaders are anchored in areas, you HARDLY work for huge amounts of money. But here's the have to work harder than you've ever worked to make it happen. First: reach the leadership positions as fast as you can. Second: build your team members to leadership positions. Reference GOLD SHIPS post. To be a GOLD SHIP you must sponsor and build lots of SILVER SHIPS under you - not just sponsor a ton of TUG BOATS. Look at the pay plan and do what it takes to make that plan work. It's that simple. (Note that I didn't say easy.)

There's an old Persian saying, "Go and wake up your luck." Get it? Wake up, write your goals, plug in with everything that is happening with your business, i.e. calls, webinars, area meetings, support, emails, text messaging reminders, etc. Then use your sponsor to start contacting the people you want to enroll in your business. Three-way your prospects into the Tuesday Team Testimonial calls and Wednesday Webinars. Sample two a day, everyday. Sponsor at least one new person a week, and work with those that want to work. Be a leaders first, then develop leaders under you. Sponsor wide - anchor deep. And when you look at the timing factors that are lining up with your opportunity, my only question to you is...Feeling Lucky? I know I am. 

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