Monday, March 19, 2012


Serious about making walk-away residual income? Then you must think like a Business Builder, not a retailer. You retail to recruit. "Begin with the end in mind," as Stephen Covey outlines in his 7 Habits best-seller book, and your "end" is to build a strong business that pays and keeps on paying even while you are vacationing with your family. Building residual income is the "magic" to network marketing. It's what creates those six-figure a month bonus checks. If you focus on the retail sale, you will never see large bonus checks. It won't happen. You will see only the retail profits on what you personally sell, and if someone happens to become a distributor for you, you'll make a little bonus money, but that is all. Your team will do what you do. So be a Business Builder from the get-go. 

When working the 4-Step System, share the business and the product. Use your sponsor to help you get things started in the right direction, and use the recorded Hotline to open the opportunity door. The system is in place to make recruiting happen. Just plug in to it and say, "let's get you involved with this," every step of the process. When someone says, "I want to sell your product," I cringe a bit. Why? Because it's not about selling the product. It's about sharing the dream of financial and time freedom! Once you get that, have a paradigm shift, then you are on your way to see those dreams come true. 

We know that our product works. That's a given. So don't focus there. Focus on letting that product be your vehicle to achieving financial freedom by sharing the opportunity and building a strong team. Learn the pay plan and work the pay plan. Use the Go Charts, the tools, the "system", the Tuesday Team Testimonials call and Wednesday Webinar to validate your business. If you are working an expo, look for business builders. Don't just give those samples away. Have them swallow it right there in front of you. If they don't want to swallow on the spot, then give them your business card and tell them to call you so that you can give them a proper presentation on what it is you are doing, how exciting it is, and how the timing couldn't be more perfect to get involved with your business. Show them a way to make an extra income stream. Show them how to make a full-time career change. Millionaires are made in network marketing. And if you work it right by being a business builder, not a retailer, you, too will be one of those millionaires. But you must start now and retail to recruit.

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