Monday, March 12, 2012


I got up this morning to prepare training for my Saturday Success Strategies call on the subject: "The Fortune is in the Follow-Up," and was very surprised that I hadn't blogged on this subject as of yet. I feel that this is the most important thing an independent distributor needs to learn and do - to follow-up with all aspects of the recruiting process and business building. Follow-up shows a commitment you make to yourself and to those you are sharing a sample with, your product and the opportunity with. If you don't follow-up and see your initial efforts through to the finish line, you might as well throw your samples out the window of your car as you drive down the 405 freeway (if you live in California), and hope someone will stop their car and pick them up off the freeway, swallow them, contact you about it, and beg to sign up in the business! That's just not going to happen. This example may sound extreme, but it is the visual you need to have when trying to understand the importance of follow-up in this business of network marketing. If you don't follow-up continually, moving your prospect thru the "process," you will not succeed at building a home-based business.

"Some people plant in the spring and leave in the summer. If you're signed up for a season, seit through. You don't have to stay forever, but at least stay until you see it through."
- Jim Rohn

With a consumable product, biz building can be clearly categorized into the "S's" with SAMPLE - SELL - SPONSOR - SUPPORT. Add to that two additional 'S's" with SIMPLE and SYSTEM, and you've pretty much nailed down what we all must consistently (daily) do to see success. Building your business is a process of exposures where you are parading your product and opportunity in front of as many people as possible; as often as you need to to get the results you want. These "exposures" are done by income-generating, follow-up activities. You sample a prospect, then follow-up with a telephone call to remind them to take the product, answer their questions and move them to the next step in the process. You sell product, then follow-up the next day to make sure they are drinking their water, answer questions, and connect with them so that you can, again, move them to the next step of the process. This leads you to a 3-way call with your sponsor, inviting them to a Tuesday Team Testimonials call, and Wednesday Webinar.

Make a commitment with giving them the exact date and time you will be doing the follow-up activity with them. Write it in your planner - right in front of them. Making this commitment is a promise from you to them that you are taking your business seriously. Use your Biz Binder with the 1-31 tickler (called a Ready Index), and move them through your tickler as you continue to follow-up. Remember: "no" can mean "not now," or "I need more information." Note: Just because they turn you down with looking at the business today doesn't mean that in 30 days they aren't ready to revisit the idea. Asking questions and getting to know them personally guides you with presenting the opportunity to them. 

Example: your prospect is retiring from teaching in June and needs to replace that income, or a stay-at-home mom needs to bring in a second income stream, but doesn't want to leave her children to go to work a job. Building a relationship with your prospect gives you a clue how and when to get them involved. Ask questions and really listen. You will know what it is they need, and how you and your opportunity can help.

Change your thinking with follow-up. Think "helping" with this crucial activity. Start your day with asking, "who can I help today with my opportunity and product?" Having this positive paradigm shift from "bugging" to "helping" gives you the right frame of mind with your follow-up. Take notes, know your prospect, and be clear and consistent with how you work with them through the process of exposures. Ask, "what did you love best about our happy skinny pill V3?" If they didn't feel anything on only one sample, suggest that they give it a fair try by suggesting that they purchase a months supply. Tell them that you will include a cool little measuring tape with their purchase so that they can keep track of the inch loss as they lose weight. 

Throw out "phone fear", or "call reluctance." We all have our personal "chicken lists" of people we are sometimes hesitant to call. But, if you are serious about building your business, shake it off. Simply make your Prospect 100 list, use your sponsor for 3-ways, use the tools with the 4-step system, the weekly calls and webinars, and achieve your goals. You hold the keys with success or failure here. As my kids say, "mom, it isn't rocket science," when I ask them computer questions. With your business opportunity and hot product, it a simple process of knowing that if you want to succeed, the "fortune is in the follow-up!"

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