Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Learn to be Lean

I was listening to a morning program while sitting in the chiropractors office in Vegas this morning, and loved the schedule outlined by a fitness expert. We all need some sort of program to go along with our 2013 fitness goals of getting lean. And with V3 as our secret weapon, we can make huge lifestyle changes that will equal excellent health. We discussed with Dr. Karen Smith on a Super Saturday training that the holiday season was a perfect opportunity to give the GIFT OF HEALTH. So let's start with ourselves - Ken and I included. Here's the scheduled that was very cool-y (is that a word) outlined this morning. (I loved the way he matched the words to the week kind of guy!)

Monday - Meal Planning
Plan your meals for the week to include more low glycemic fruits, veggies and lean protein. Write it dow and place it on your refrigerator. When you have a plan, you will shop for it and stick to it, which equals success!

Tuesday - Tone the Body
Use weights or milk cartons to do basic exercises to help tone your body. More muscle means more fat burning. So tone away!  Great sight for basic toning:

Wednesday Walking
Get out there and do a Wednesday Walk briskly for 30-45 minutes. This is one of the best cardio workouts that anyone can do - without going to the gym. Some of you may need to bundle up, but you'll love the results.

Thursday Thighs
Lower body workout is important to overall health. Simple movements like standing and sitting, repeat, on a chair helps strengthen your core. Thigh strengthening is very important to optimum health.  Great Site:

Friday Fiber
Add more fiber to your daily diet.  Americans do not eat enough fiber. Add more grains, nuts and veggies to your diet. Example: Instead of cereal, have a bowl of oatmeal. Instead of white rice eat brown rice, etc. Snacks? Nuts!

Super Saturday
Do general workout that will involved the entire body. Take a hike, swim, garden (when weather permits), get out there and move your body!

I love this. Let's all get HEALTHY & WEALTHY together - then report in!  

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