Friday, January 18, 2013

Streamline with the System

It's time. Time to talk about the proven 4-step system. As a network marketing company grows, adding new and excited distributors, I can not stress enough about why a definite system was put into place, and the importance of using and teaching this system to your new distributors. Let me take you back to a company I was with as the Master Distributor for thirteen years.

My husband and I had tremendous success with this company, making consistently six-figures a month. We traveled  twice a month doing meetings all over the United States, and our teams were strong with great leaders under us. At one point we had nearly 90,000 distributors in the downlines! I wrote the training programs for the company, taught this everywhere (it seemed), and I hoped (with fingers crossed) that the duplication process, which makes network marketing work, would kick in and duplicate downline, reaching all levels of those involved in the company. But I soon found out that this was not exactly what was happening downline. People weren't being taught how to build correctly. Somewhere, somehow the "buck stopped here" with teaching the basic concepts of network marketing, and new distributors were found floundering. Thus a definite "system" was born and developed by me.

I have learned a few things in my near forty (40) years involved with network marketing, mostly by trial and error, and, because of this experience, I am first, totally opposed to anyone teaching network marketing business-building principles if they have never built a huge organization for themselves! To be honest, I actually get a little more than perturbed with even seeing MLM books being written by individuals with no real success and experience. It make me a bit violent - not in a "hurt someone" way - but I do toss their book across the room with a bit more force than needed. But I digress ... back to the subject at hand.

You see, distributors need step-by-step guidelines. They need a franchise-approach to what it is they are doing. Know this - Network Marketing is very different from any and all traditional businesses. And if you attempt building your business like a traditional business, or become a salesperson ... you will fail miserably. That's why a proven system has to be in put into place to plug into. Distributors need not re-invent the wheel when the "wheel" has been proven to work. Just follow the system. Plug into the system. Work the system. And that system all starts with a simple phrase that creates intrigue, and initiates questions, when asked what it is they are doing. Simply say - "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money." 

Really? It's that easy. This is your personal "sound bite" or commercial to get things started. After more probing (and questions on what it is you are doing), I created the One Minute Message. Why, you ask? Because I found distributors hesitating to talk about their business opportunity. And when asked, it is usually easier for a new distributor to start "selling" their product vs sharing their incredible business opportunity, or they stumble-bumble around with trying to explain what they are doing, and kill the "deal," as they say. Thus, the One Minute Message. Just memorize something like this to get the recruiting ball rolling.

"I've gotten involved in a very fun project that you need to take a look at. It has that happy skinny pill that everyone is talking about that brightens your mood, gives you a boost of energy, and completely slams the appetite! You will love this. In need to do this with me! When is it best to meet today ... 3 or 4?"

The Three-Way Call
Once that One Minute Message is delivered, the 4-step system kicks into full action with:
1) hotline,   2) website,   3) 3-way call,   4) event. 
The hotline is a recording with options to listen to with your prospect. The first option should briefly introduce the opportunity where once heard you simply say, "now you can see why I'm so excited about this!" Do this with your prospect on a 3-way call or hand them the phone to listen right there on the spot.

This recorded hotline message leads you right into guiding your prospect through your replicated company website, and support team site Once that step is complete with tenacious follow-up, the important three-way call takes place with you, your prospect and your sponsor. This 3-way call validates you and your opportunity, and is part of the system! So...don't leave this step in the 4-step system out. If you are brand new to the business use a 3-way call with your sponsor to launch your business with your prospects. Never work alone!

Once the three-way call is complete it's time to move your prospect to the next step - the next event, if you will. Events include the Tuesday Testimonial calls, Wednesday Webinars, face-to-face presentations, area events, and home meetings. With each event your prospect understands the culture and catches the vision of your opportunity. I call these events "parading" where you march your opportunity in front of your prospect over and over again until they catch the vision of what it is you have to offer, enroll and get excited to duplicate what you are doing. That is why the system works. With each step make sure to ask your prospect to get involved. Some catch the vision quickly, while others take going through the steps a few times before committing to get involved with you. Just share your opportunity and use those tools that make up the system. With each step, parading the opportunity with your 90-second commercial, your website, your calls, webinars and meetings, you will see your dreams come true. It's all about streamlining with the system!

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