Saturday, December 10, 2011

Focused, Festive Fun!

Tis' the Season...part two is about doubling your efforts, turning up the momentum in the nooks and crannies with decorating your home, shopping for your loved ones, making those homemade truffles and attending those neighborhood holiday parties. You literally can do it all during the holidays. Just chunk it down. Give two focused, fun hours a day to leaving voice mail holiday greeting messages with prospects, writing that holiday family letter making sure to add that you've invested in a new little home-based business with that fun "happy skinny pill," and plant those seeds for sponsoring everywhere you go!

"Tis the season for gathering business cards, attending every local festive event possible, asking tons of questions, and making friends. Give your samples a festive look with holiday ribbons, bags and bells. Attend every craft show you can in the area. These home-spun "artists" are ambitious! That shows in the time they spend making their holiday crafts. Start talking to them. Ask questions and tell them you have a special gift to give them called V3! Meeting face-to-face with telling your prospects that you want to whisk them away from the hustle and bustle over a cup of tea, or bowl of soup. Discover their wants and needs, then tell them you've got something to share that will change their life.

Host your own "Carols, Cookies and Cocoa" neighborhood sing-along where everyone brings their favorite cookie to share, and you gather around the piano and sing carols. Get acquainted with these special people, ask questions about them, and tell them you'd love to get together and share a fun project you've been working on.

Keep your holiday festive and fun, but focused on what you want to do, and that is to build a dynamite team of business associates where people can achieve those top two (#1 & #2) New Years #1- lose some weight, and #2- make more money. have what they want but guess what? They don't know about it. So, put yourself out there ... caring and sharing holiday cheer at the same time...share your incredible business of Voyager and that magic "happy skinny pill" V3!!!

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