Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Re-Sell the Dream!

There are three reasons we have done a weekly Biz Briefing call, and a weekly Saturday morning training call since before we opened our doors for business on January 28, 2011. First and foremost, to re-sell the dream to the existing team, secondly, to sell the dream to our prospects, and thirdly to personally stay on track with our goals, and stay excited about the business. You and your team should never miss a call, no matter what. Even if you have to listen with a Blue Tooth while sitting at a ballgame. (Been there, done that...many times!)
Sherry Holmen (AZ) - Marty Weeks (CO) Lost 90 lbs!
Every week our Tuesday night Biz Briefing call features one of our leaders and their team of testimonials. Every week the call is different. Every week we hear new, amazing product testimonials that blow us away. Every week we are inspired to share V3 because of the stories we hear. 

No matter how difficult the week has been, or how many of "life's" obstacles seem to interfere with your goals, getting on these calls pumps you back up. That's why, even when Ken and I are totally exhausted from being up at 5am working with corporate projects, we do the Tuesday night Biz Briefing call, and the Saturday morning Success Strategies training call. We are re-selling the dream to our "core" team, our prospects, and ourselves. 
Billy Banks, Executive (TX), has Lost 30 lbs. on V3!

And re-selling that dream guarantees that you - our fabulous team - see's the big picture, sets new goals for yourself, stays focused and on track with achieving those goals. Those that don't get on these calls quits the business. Bottom-line, they just don't stick around long enough to see their dreams come true. And that is sad. Why? 
Shelley Ball, Executive (WV) has Lost over 35 lbs. on V3!

Because down the road, say in a couple of years, Voyager will be the biggest opportunity going, and those of you who are on these calls, promoting them with your teams, will be at the top of something very, very special. And if you consistently sample and sponsor new people every month, you will be an exclusive member of that "millionaire's club!" 
Shedrick Sims, Executive, has lost 70 lbs. on V3!

Stay focused on building your Voyager business with the hottest product in the country called V3, and never, ever miss a Tuesday Biz  Briefing call, or Saturday morning training call. You and your team need these calls to RE-SELL THE DREAM to yourself, empower yourself, and excite your imagination for dream building every single week! You need to stay excited, focused and working at achieving your goals. Have you filled out that Commitment Letter at www.burgessbiz.com? Hope so.  See you Saturday morning! xoxo

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