Monday, December 5, 2011

Work On Yourself!

The most important question to ask on the job is not "what am I getting?" The most important question to ask is "What am I becoming?" 

A few weeks ago I started a Monday night Mentoring Moments call that takes an Associate from A to Z with business building. It's a true nuts and bolts approach to teaching the crucial basics for building a business. I started this because we, as experienced leaders in Network Marketing tend to forget to teach the basics with our new people. We often get caught up in the latest lead generation system or social media outlets. And we skip over those core basics with business building that we learned over the years, and must be taught to our team. I teach these in "digestible doses" so that the new and established distributors truly begin to understand how this business is built, from the inside out. 

We started with writing goals and the commitment letter. Truly deciding that this Voyager business is what we really want to do, determining why we are doing it, then writing down our plan of attack to achieve our goals. 

We talked about writing that important Prospect 200 list where we have to dig down deep and rack our brains, use the Memory Jogger, and write down every possible person we've had any encounters with - personal or business, realizing that everyone is a prospect.

We talked about the 3-way call and how it is critical for each of us to call our first ten people with our sponsor, then keeping that 3-way call going with every person we contact as part of the 4-step system. And we discussed the importance of working on ourselves so that we are bullet proof with this business when talking to others about our wonderful business opportunity.

You see, we must all lead with the heart, not the head, when building this business. When we do this, we will passionately build our business, and will see our goals and dreams come true. Personal growth is the biggest benefit that comes from working in the Network Marketing arena. We all start out in this business BAD. As we do the business, attend events, and learn, we become BETTER. As we develop ourselves, learn to develop others, and gain confidence we become BRILLIANT. This personal growth must be our goal and it must happen every day in order for our presentations to come from our heart vs head. 

Read personal growth books. Start with "The Power of Positive Thinking." Then "Think and Grow Rich," "The Greatest Salesmen in the World," and so on. 

READERS are LEADERS in every sense of the word. Use your car as a rolling university where as soon as you hop into your car, pop in a motivational, inspirational CD to listen to. Do this with your iPod as you exercise and do your daily chores. Learn about yourself along with learning about this business. Gain confidence and stay positive. This all comes when you are working on and developing yourself. 

You are all very special to this world. You are each unique and talented. You bring light to those you meet everyday. But that takes, like everything worthwhile, takes constant daily work. 

Give so much to the improvement of yourself, that you don’t have time to criticize others.
Jim Rohn

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