Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Management and Maternal Mode

The easiest two traps to fall into with Network Marketing, after only the first few months and sponsoring 15-20 people, is the "management mode" trap and the "maternal mode" trap. Now keep in mind that I'm first and foremost a mom with big time maternal instincts. I've raised six fabulous kids and have sixteen (16) grandkids. I adore them. And with this maternal instinct running through my veins I have always wanted 100% of the people I talk to about the business to enroll, and 100% of those I sponsor to succeed. And I've gotten caught in both management and maternal mode with my groups. However, eventually I learned that both are traps that both stifle growth and discourage business building. So, learn from my mistakes and avoid these two traps that will kill your business and stop your success.

Sandi with PA grand daughters Addie & Jane 2011
There's a huge difference between the important action of "supporting your team" to being trapped in "management mode." You effectively "support" with weekly team calls and communications, 3-way validation calls, welcome calls, and motivational activity to keep your team pumped. "Management mode," on the other hand, sees your recruiting efforts stopped after only of few months of business building to focus 100% of your energy with trying to push people who really don't have that desire to success, or by "rackin' and stackin'" where you are placing people under people, and hoping they do something...eventually. This is not right action, it creates weakness and co-dependency. And your goal as a business builder and leader is to build, recognize and support leadership under you, creating "walk away" residual income. And this is where the "magic" of network marketing begins and the fun begins.

Ken with grand daughter, Sutton 2010
Yes, we all want everyone to succeed. However, those that will - WILL - with or without you. And the more you help someone the weaker they become. The individuals that catch the vision of how incredible network marketing is and your opportunity is, will run from the get-go with passion for the business and the product. They will use you for the 3-way calls. They will initiate business on their own. When they need you to validate with a 2-on-1 appointment or a 3-way call, they will use you as their sponsor. They will ask that you help them launch their business, but then they will take off on their own and build their business. They will be team players and will step-up and be key leaders for you. You don't have to push them to succeed. They will succeed. 

Your job? To keep on recruiting and building your team until your income provides you with a comfortable lifestyle - the American Dream. So...if you aren't where you want to be with the business financially? Keep building and recruiting, and avoid (like the plague) falling into the management and maternal mode. Now that you are aware of it? Go recruit!

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