Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Say Less to More People!

Ken Burgess on right talking the business.
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world..."

One of my all-time favorite shows is Funny Girl starring Barbra Streisand. And I remember singing the song "People" from that show many times during my college days. In thinking about this wonderful heart-felt song, and the topic I discussed on our Mentoring call this past Monday night, I need to stress to the Network Marketing world that this business is all about people needing people, and people talking to people everyday! You must get out there and talk to more people, and know that this business is literally for everyone. There is a place for all. Some are wholesale consumers, some are part time retailers, or part time biz builders. A handful are full-time biz builders, and eventually they grow into being very key, top leaders.

The bottom-line with building a strong network marketing business - you must like people, and you have to talk to a lot of people. Saying less to more people is done by using the tools with our system that include showing your 90-second commercial, using the recorded hotline (951) 262-3873, the Tuesday night Biz Briefing calls, Thursday night webinars, your website, Facebook V3 Success Stories group, your sponsor for 3-way calls and Launch Parties! These tools effectively help you tell the story of the business and product.

Sandi (me) in Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort doing a 3-way call!
No matter where you are, you can build this business. You must talk to a lot of people, gather piles of business cards, constantly make new friends, re-acquaint yourself with old friends, and let people know that you have a serious business with a fun little all-natural "happy skinny pill!" Spread the word about yourself by starting the "process" with filling up your Prospecting Pipeline. Always have "ten in motion" with business building. That means always having ten people you are parading the business in front of. When you enroll one of those ten, add another to the "pipeline." 

Not seeing the results you desire ($)? Talk to more people. Use your sponsor to launch yourself over and over again. Re-launching is part of the winning game we play. Team not recruiting? Go get another team! Set the example. Set the tempo for your team to follow. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from seeing success. It's all about "saying less to more people!"

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