Friday, July 22, 2011


We're the best kept secret in America! We are a brand, spankin' new company with the hottest new all-natural diet pill in the country. We have what everyone wants. We have what everyone needs. Our field is wide open. It's been 8 years since the ban of the last popular diet pill. We're better, more effective, safer and address three crucial needs with dieting - no matter which diet you choose to be on - APPETITE, MOOD & ENERGY. One pill a day slams the appetite, makes you happy and boosts your energy.  What's not to love here? 

We're a simple solution to a very huge group of problems that include obesity, depression, fatigue, and financial struggles. We are the answer. We have the answer. We bring hope and possibility with our opportunity and premier product V3. It's up to us to spread the word. It's our privilege, blessing and responsibility to do so, and building a huge business from home. Don't keep what we've got a secret. Spread the word. Say less to more people.

It's a simple process, one that is the very foundation of what it takes to build a business from home. Scour your files for lists of contacts, friends, associates, acquaintances, family, church members, Christmas card lists, school reunion lists, club members, owners and employees of businesses you frequent. Use the phone book. Use the memory jogger. 

Do 50 jumping jacks, run around the block, then write that list of people you know. Then use the 4-step system and your ONE MINUTE MESSAGE : "You've got to take a look at an amazing project I'm involved with. You will love it. The new company called Voyager has a hot little all-natural diet pill that everyone is losing weight with called V3. It brightens the mood, boosts the energy and completely slams the appetite. It is so cool. You've got to do this with me! People are losing weight, having fun and making money. Let's do this!" 

Use the recorded hotlines (949) 266-5837 & (949) 266-0344, team support site, 3-way call with your sponsor, and the Tuesday night Biz Briefing calls at 6pm pacific (213) 289-0500 code 303063#. Meet face-to-face with your sponsor, hold in-home meetings with your sponsor, find a buddy to run with in your area, and talk to people everyday about Voyager and V3. Work hard and transfer your personal fire and passion to everyone you meet with. Get everyone involved quickly - wholesale buyer, part timer, full time biz buildiner. Make things happen. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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