Monday, July 25, 2011


Ken and I were watching the ABC news last night and were once again shocked by yet another obesity statistic. They announced that over 1/2 of all Americans are on a diet. We knew that we went from 16% obese in 2009 to 37% obese in 2010, according to a news commentary aired on Diane Sawyer in May of this year. But to hear that over 50% of all Americans are on a diet was even more staggering. It's now, more than ever, time for us to get V3 in the hands of the American people!  

Obesity is a very serious problem in this country. It is the cause of most health challenges to include diabetes, heart challenges, high blood pressure, etc.  We all know this.  "Eat less...Move more!" seems to always be the war cry of health and fitness professionals. We've been told to make smarter food choices, control our portion sizes, exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, watch our carb intake by eating better carbs, watch our snacking and late night eating. These things we know.  But if it were easy to do with the help of our magic little happy, skinny pill V3, the country wouldn't be getting fatter with each year, right?  

V3 was formulated to not be just another diet pill. It's not about stuffing and then starving.  It's about making lifestyle changes that are lasting and effective. V3 is the ultimate tool to assist you with doing what we all know we should be doing. It's the natural tool we need to achieve our fitness goals. Going from fat to fit is our goal. Spread the word about V3. Share your story. Share your One Minute Message. Talk to everyone. Keep it fun and simple. "I've got a exciting project I want you to take a look at..." Sample - Sell - Sponsor - Support. We are filling a need!!!

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