Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's All About Lifestyle!

What I've learned about this Network Marketing business is that it's about lifestyle. Here I am in Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort enjoying a full week there - all expenses paid - that we won with a former company, on the phones doing a 3-way call with one of my key distributors. If I were to go through all of my photo albums collected over the 35+ years, you would see similar pictures in Rome, London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Prague, Puerto Rico, Australia, Korea, Istanbul and Dubai (to name just a few.) And wherever I am (Ken too), we always take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, share the business and samples, and support our teams of individuals via mobile phone, internet, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Technology makes building this business easy - wherever  you are. Network Marketing is all about lifestyle. While living your life you can build your business.
Chris and I in Dubai

One example of this is when my son, Chris, was playing basketball at Duke University in North Carolina, we built a huge group there because neither Ken nor I wanted to miss a game. So we sponsored the only person we knew, and told her to simply invite over and put them in front of us to talk the business whenever we would come to town. She did just that, and the area exploded, and she made money! And that is what makes this business so appealing to so many people ... the lifestyle Network Marketing offers.

Ken in Maui 
So, my friends, after doing the basics (listen to the Getting Started training) with writing your goals, start writing your Prospect 100 list, plugging in with the weekly Biz Briefing and training calls, the area meetings, the team support site, Facebook and Twitter, just start working the business into your lifestyle, making it a way of life. Just fit it into the nooks and crannies of your day, wherever you are. And when asked what you are up to lately simply say, "I'm very involved with networking right now, working from home. In fact, you ought to take a look at an amazing project I'm working on with a hot little diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams the appetite! It is so much fun. Everyone is losing weight and making money. You would love it. You need to do this with me." Then show the 90-second commercial, share a sample and follow-up. 

At the family cabin with grandkids in Utah.

Learn to Lifestyle this business. People-to-people marketing is fun, especially with a hot little diet pill called V3! There's nothing better than working from home, when you want, in your pajamas or swimsuit, for that matter, while you live your life. At the ball field - share the product. At the mall - gather business cards and share what you do. Talk the biz with everyone, use the 4-step system and tools, and always carry samples and business cards. Keep it that simple and fun. Why? because it is. It's all about Lifestyle!

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