Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock 'n Roll Attitude!

If you want to see those big monthly bonus checks that Network Marketing is famous for (with the right company), you've got to internalize a "Rock 'n Roll Attitude"It starts with your personal excitement and passion for what you are doing, and then embraces the realization that what you've got your hands on is mammoth, will be the next legendary company, and that you were lucky enough to be there in the very beginning and are at the top! Passion - Realization - "Rock 'n Roll!"

It's now your turn to see big time success in this business! It's time to adapt a "Rock 'n Roll Attitude" with everything you do and say, first saying less to more people, then memorize a smokin' One Minute Message. Start with this: "You've got to take a look at this exciting new project that I'm working on. You will love it! It has a hot little all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and slams the appetite. You've got to do this with me. We are going to make so much money together! When can I drop by and bring you a free sample?"

Practice this hot One Minute Message in front of a mirror - jump up and down, put on some great upbeat rock'n roll music , and pump yourself up, and get those "Rock 'n Roll" juices flowing. Take your incredible V3 product and then when you start calling to book appointments with Prospects, include some exciting, fun phrases like: "you are going to love this," "hot little all-natural diet pill," "happy skinny pill", "everyone is loving this", "I am cookin' with this!", "having fun, losing weight, making money," and "don't miss this one", "this is huge!", "you've got to listen to the testimonials with me on the Tuesday night 20 minute call," "how soon can we get together?", "you've got a ton of friends that will want this, so make sure to get your order in quick!" Get it? 

And yes, it's a diet pill that is going to solve a huge problem in this country. Yes, people feel happy for the first time and years when taking it. Yes, people are finally feeling in control and are able to make better food choices. Yes, V3 can change the direction America is going with regards to obesity. All of this is serious stuff going on that we are going top help solve, but...lighten up your lingo and keep your dialogue fun, fast-paced, hot, happy, and magnetic. Get people wanting to do what you do NOW - TODAY. Sponsor everyone you know and sample. Then find out who they know and then sponsor them too. Then find out who they know, and sponsor them. It's all in the dialogue and attitude - the Rock 'n Roll Attitude!

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