Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yes, the name of the game is SPONSORING.  Our Network Marketing business is all about consistently recruiting new people. Some will. Some won't. So what. Next! We've all heard these words of "network marketing wisdom". We've also heard "sifting and sorting." The key is to talk to everyone you know and meet about Voyager and V3. You'll then have lots of people to sort through and, of course, offer the business to. And remember, it's not who you sponsor (or know), it's who they lead you to, or who they leave behind for you to work with!

Know this - everyone needs V3. It's a given. The nation is fat, depressed, fatigued and broke! We have a premier product, V3, that addresses all four challenges. It slams the appetite to help you stay on any program you choose to be on, putting you in total control. It has a natural mood enhancer so that you are happy. It energizes you so that you have a desire to move. And because there is such a huge demand for V3, the business is a natural, organic thing that happens on its own. It's a win-win for everyone involved from the customer, the wholesale buyer, the part-timer to the career minded.

The name of the game is sponsoring. Sponsor 2-3 new every week. When you are out talking to people, presenting the plan, using the 4-step system and tools, showing the 90-second commercial, sampling the product, selling V3, and signing people up, you will make money. So "say less to more people!" Show - Sample - Sell - Sponsor ... Simple! A simple product for a serious problem. We have it all. It's a  numbers game. Show more. Sample more. Sell more. Sponsor more. Keep it simple and know that sponsoring IS the name of the game!

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