Saturday, November 26, 2011


Whatever you do, don't work alone when attempting to grow your Network Marketing business.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't try to shortcut the system.

The 4-Step System works. It is the proven way to build and grow your business. Taking your prospect through the "pipeline" is a definite process of exposures to the tools. Whether you refer to the 4-Step System as some sort of baseball diamond or football field, it is the same thing. A series of exposures to the tools gets your prospect from "looking" to big time "cooking" with the business. Each step gives them a little more information to making a decision to be involved with you in Voyager. Each tool gives the story ease in telling, sharing and duplicating. You use the 4-step system and the tools, your prospect will do the same. And they will realize that building a business with Voyager is easy, because of the 4-Step System.

Step 1 is you calling the recorded HOTLINE and having your prospect listen to message #1. After listening together say, "now you can see why I'm so excited!" Then have your prospect go to the next step #2 with checking out and your Voyager WEBSITE. Give them a few minutes to kick the tires there, then call them back to answer questions and move them to the next step (exposure). Step #3 is The THREE-WAY CALL with your sponsor to validate you and your opportunity. Once they've spoken with your sponsor, take them to step #4 an EVENT. An event can be the Tuesday night Biz Briefing call, a Thursday night webinar, a local meeting, a home party or face-to-face appointment. Say, "the next step for you is..." taking them somewhere to get your prospect to the point that they want to get involved with you.

Step-by-step your prospect will see what you see, feel what you feel, and do what you are doing. It may take 2-3 Three-Way calls, 2-3 events to get them involved, but ask them every step of the way to enroll with you, and when the timing is right, their vision for Voyager is focused in, they will enroll and your steps will begin to pay off. Use the 4-Step System and build your Voyager empire!!!

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