Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.
- Anthony Robbins

The first mentoring lesson I taught on Monday night talked about three important things: Understand what Network Marketing is, and how it differs from Direct Sales. Making the commitment to do the business, and personal goal setting. When you look at doing a business from home, it's easy to sort-of do the business so casually that you become a casualty of Network Marketing. Like anything else you are determined to do, whether it be to graduate from college, pursue a career in dance or sports, you must decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. If you sort-of go to college, never meet with your counselor, don't finish your general ed, and aren't consistent with attending classes and taking the final exams, you won't graduate. If you don't attend practice with a sport, for example, and attempt to show up at games only, you won't play or excel with that career choice.

Network Marketing has proven over it's 90 year span, to be a viable career choice. This powerful people-to-people marketing strategy works. It can be a part-time thing, and that's OK. For those who are serious about making money with it, you must DECIDE that that is what you are going to do, and you must make a commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your personal goals. You have to decide what you are going to give up to build and grow your business. The things you select may be that you miss out on a few television sitcoms, or leisurely moments. Instead, you are making calls, meeting Prospects face-to-face, holding home gatherings and parties, and talking to people consistently. Your mantra should always be "two-a-day, everyday." This builds consistency, even if your time is limited. 

Our 16 grandchildren. Missing newborn Beckham.
You don't have to sacrifice those things that are most important like your family, community involvements and church callings. These are priorities with your life. Ken and I have raised six wonderful children. The business has allowed us time freedom to be a huge part of their lives. We have always worked from home in this business, and that is why we could attend, no matter where in the country they were performing, all of their basketball games, music concerts, etc. And, Ken and I don't work on Sundays, we never have. It's the Sabbath day, and people have always known that we are very involved in our church, and have respected that. We have always been successful without sacrificing raising our family, helping in the community and serving in our church callings.

Making the Commitment means that you write down your "why", your goals, what you want from this business, and what you are willing to give up to build it. The person that does this, will achieve their goals, bottom-line. Those that don't, won't. Treasure map your wants and put pictures of those wants on your refrigerator. Look at them everyday. Post Og Mandino's phrase that is on Read it out loud everyday to empower yourself to move forward with achieving everything it is you want to achieve. You have a new company where you have the chance to be at the top. You have a premier product with V3 that is exactly what this country needs right now. A simple all-natural pill that brightens the mood, boosts the energy, and completely slams the appetite. In a world plagued with depression, fatigue and growing obesity challenges, you could not have been more blessed with something that can make such a powerful difference. Take that to heart, make the commitment and truly GET ON BOARD!

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