Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There are a few proven basic activities that independent distributors must do to build and grow a large business with Network Marketing. These basics are often ignored by new people to MLM because they think that there is a better, faster way to recruiting people and making the big checks. But after 40 years in Network Marketing, having made those 6 figure a month bonus checks with (3) three different companies prior to discovering Voyager, I have found that working the basic principles is the only effective way to build the business.

That being said, if you want to succeed you must start writing your list of 200 Prospects immediately. This is like learning to dribble the ball in basketball. It's where the business starts. Start now with creating a new Prospect 200 list. Dig deep and search through every nook and crannie of your life to find people you know. Then write their names down on the Tracker Sheet found at www.burgessbiz.com. Start with your family, friends and neighbors. Then look at your acquaintances and those people who have at one time passed through your life. Who does your hair, your lawn, your cleaning and nails? Who do you take your printing projects to, or plumbing needs to? Who teaches your children, heads up the school booster club, or is the cashier at the grocery store? Who are the people who come in and out of your life, and who have you known in the past? 

Look at Christmas card lists, choir rosters, church groups, clubs you belong to, and yearbook friends? Who are the influential people in your community? Who's businesses have you given money to? What sales clerks have you made friends with? Where do you bank? Where do you shop? Is there someone there that you have become friendly with? Where did you get those curtains made, or who did you pay to groom your dog?

Guess what? These are the incredible contacts that will love V3 or know someone who will. And these people would totally like to make extra money, and a few will take Voyager on as a career move and be a huge business builder for you. You just never know. Everyone is a Prospect. Just say, "I'd love you to take at an amazing new project I'm working on with a hot all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams your appetite! Everyone loves this, are having fun,losing weight and making money." Then book appointments to sit down and give a presentation face-to-face. Show the 90-second commercial on your iPhone or iPad right there on the spot and let them listen to the recorded hotline (951) 262-4000 - press #1 opportunity message with Ken Burgess. This all starts the process.

It starts with writing your Prospect 200 list, adding to it constantly. Look over the Memory Jogger at www.burgessbiz.com before going to bed. Place a steno pad by your bed and as names come to mind, write them down and add to your list. Walk around your home and ask yourself questions like, "who framed the pictures? or who sold me my furniture?" Get the drift? You know more people than you think you know. That carpet cleaner may be one of your key leaders in the future, so for goodness sake, contact everyone you have ever given your business too. It's their turn to reciprocate and do business with you! Now - start making that list!!!

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