Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turn to the Tools!

Over the river and through the woods...this grandma (and grandpa) are off to spend Thanksgiving with our eldest son, Ben, his beautiful wife, Cooper, and their five wonderful children. Many of you have gotten to know my family if you happen to follow me on Facebook. As you can tell ... I love my family. There's nothing better. And as I was thinking about my previous visits with Ben and his family, I thought about the special times we have spent together, going to the pumpkin patch, the Christmas tree farm, the historic parks, and (smile) watching Bob the Builder with the younger kids. The kids seemed to love that cartoon, and so did I, actually. I liked the talking tools (wink, wink). Now you see where I'm going with this post.

You'll hear me always say, "let the tools talk" quite often when I'm teaching the basics with building your Network Marketing business. In fact, the more you can turn to the tools the faster you'll grow your business. You see, prospects are asking themselves three questions while you are presenting them the Voyager plan:"What's in this for me? Why should I do this now?" and "Can I see myself doing this?" You've got to answer these questions in your conversation with them.  

Ken Burgess
Showing the 90-second commercial from your smart phone sells the V3 product. Once you've done that, you must now talk about the business, and the best way to do that is to immediately call the recorded hotline at (951) 262-3873 and press #1. This message is recorded by Ken Burgess and introduces your prospect to the opportunity. How easy is that? The hotline takes away your excuses, fears, or hesitancy with introducing your prospect to the business. Once listened to, just say, "now you can see why I am excited right?" Then take them to the next tool, either your website, a Tuesday Biz Briefing call or Thursday webinar. Easy!

If you will turn to the tools with each step in the prospecting process, you will have answered those three questions. They will see that Voyager is an incredible opportunity for them to make money and lose weight. They will realize how perfect the timing is, and will want to get immediately involved in the business. And they will feel confident with seeing themselves doing what you are doing because the tools you used are available to them! How easy it will be for them to do what you do. Tools: 90-Second commercial, Hotline (951) 262-3873, www.burgessbiz.com, Tuesday Biz Briefing Call, Thursday Webinar, Saturday Success Strategies Training. It doesn't get easier than this. So...turn to the tools and grow your business!

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