Friday, November 4, 2011

Life-styling the Business

A huge congratulations to Executive Directors, Gail and Al Cashman of South Carolina who have not only had great success with the V3 product personally, are very busy with business, travel and family, but are first to qualify for the new Fast Start Bonus Pool. Al and Gail's secret? They "lifestyle" the Voyager business and never go anywhere without taking their V3 and talking to people about the Voyager business. 

With all of the modern technology available today, and the incredible tools we provide, Al and Gail always leave home "armed and dangerous" wherever their travels take them, with V3 packets, their smart phones to show the 90-second commercial, their laptops to sign people, Biz Binder to do on-the-spot presentations, and they use the 24/7 recorded hotline (951) 262-3873 - which they even have printed on their business cards. They are always working the business, no matter how busy their professional and personal lives get. They understand how to life-style the business. 

The Cashman's take full advantage of technology, tools, local fairs, and those spare moments where the majority of America is lazily watching television, Al and Gail share the business. They don't do Voyager full-time because they do run a thriving business that takes them out of the country often. But even when at various resorts around the world, they can be seen wearing their V3 buttons and sampling people on the product. And that, my friends, is why Al and Gail are successful and building one of the largest teams in Voyager. They understand life-styling.

The true beauty of Network Marketing is the freedom it gives your life. You are living your life, possibly punching a time clock, but still take those free glimpses of time to talk V3, Voyager, sample and enroll new team members. You set your goal - starting with always qualifying for the bonus pool. That goal requires you to enroll three (3)  new people a month. Using that as your minimum monthly goal will build your business. The 4-step System and the tools make it easy to build a business part-time, full-time or anytime. Just leave your home prepared to share the business. Make calls on your lunch break. Return calls, book appointments, talk the business whenever a free moment presents itself. That's what life-styling is all about. I can not count how many weekly conference calls I have done outside of a basketball gym at half time, or how many 3-way calls I've done while on my 45 minute walk in the morning. Last night at dress rehearsal for a production I am directing (opening tonight), I did three (3) 3-way calls, was answering email and IM'ing on Facebook, answering questions, as the scenes were running on my iPad. And after giving notes to the cast, I started writing communications, training modules and updating And that is what this business is all about. 

You fit business building into the nooks and crannies of your day, go without watching General Hospital, and do whatever it takes to build for your future. Just catch the dream, use the TOOLS (tools are jewels!), build consistently everyday, give up something to build it now so you can enjoy the benefits of it later. It's about living that American Dream. And your business is really built by life-styling it into your day...every day - consistently.'s so simple with V3, the 90-second commercial, the hotlines, the team support site, the weekly calls and support. As I've said in past posts, you can make excuses or you can make money. Al and Gail have chosen to make money. How about you? Just use the tools and start Life-styling today!!!

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