Thursday, November 3, 2011


Whatever it takes, do it. Maybe you are most comfortable meeting people face-to-face sharing the business, listening to the needs of your Prospect, and catering your presentation to them as they share their hopes and dreams with you. You love the interaction when you meet eyeball-to-eyeball. You've picked out your favorite location, like a local coffee shop or a hotel lobby. And you keep yourself booked with appointments. Great! Just make sure to meet consistently week after week, sharing and sponsoring new people into your business. Key: Consistency.

You may like hosting a weekly home meeting where you invite your friends and neighbors over for a casual get-together with simple snacks. Nothing fancy or complicated. Items you can even ask other team members to bring, to include chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, and bottled water. No fuss - no muss. And you always make sure you ask guests to bring ice and extra chairs so that they attend. Just be consistent - same time, same place every week to grow your business and sponsor new people. Key: Consistency.

You may love giving parties and meeting new people. And nothing is more fun than throwing in-home "Happy Skinny Pill" parties! It's a known fact that the party plan scene has successfully introduced people to products from candles to plastic containers, to "interesting" underwear. They flat out work with taking products to the people! So, if this venue is your "cup of tea" great! Just spread the word that you are a "party girl" (or party guy) and ask for favors from every family member, neighbor and friend you know to host a "Happy Skinny Pill" party with their friends. Remember, it's not who you know it's who they can lead you to. Just stay booked. In fact, book, overbook, and party on! But your mission: TO RECRUIT and GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Key: Consistency.

You have everything you need to succeed. Use the tools, the weekly Tuesday Biz Briefing calls, the scripts, the power point presentation, the recorded Hotline (951) 262-3873, the team support site, Skype, speakerphone in your upline leaders, team-up, 3-way call with your sponsor - do whatever it takes! Build and blast your biz, have fun and ask everyone to GET ON BOARD!

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