Saturday, April 16, 2011


The last time that I actually worked for someone else in a J-O-B official setting, was when I was pregnant with my first baby, Ben. Let's see, that was over thirty years ago. I was making some great money at the time selling beautiful jewelry in Provo, Utah, mostly wedding ring sets to the newly engaged students at BYU at Bullock and Losee Jewelers. And, I am very grateful for that experience. I learned a lot. The owner gave me a few selling skills that I have used ever since working there. She was a pro.

I used to watch her chase down a potentially lost customer (one of her sales people didn't close the deal), running down the street in her long flowing dresses, and close that same customer on an engagement ring. Pretty impressive. She simply knew in her mind, that what she had was the best quality at the best price. And she was the master teacher with showing you how to cater the presentation to the individual needs and budget of the client. It was a beautiful thing to watch. And she never lost a sale. She would actually watch all of us from her windows above in a loft-type area, to make sure we were closing those diamond ring sales. If it looked like any of her sales people were struggling with closing the sale, we were paged over the loud speaker, and over the inner office phone, we were asked questions like, "did you ask what price range they want to stay with? Did you show them the loose stones etc.?" Yep, that's where I learned the importance of asking questions, listening and giving the customer exactly what they needed and wanted.

So how does that apply here with being business builders with Voyager Health Technologies? We must learn to do the same thing with our Prospects and Associates. We don't "sell" anything. We ask questions. We listen. We care and cater our presentations to the needs of our Prospects. They are buying US more than anything else. Because we care and listen, their responses will guide us with how we present our business opportunity to them.

The ole' Amway F-O-R-M comes in to play here with asking about their Family, their Occupation, what they do for fun - Recreation. And when we see a need, we fill it with our Message of hope and possibility, which is really what this business is about. F-O-R-M let's us get to know our Prospects with listening to what they are saying. We do start the recruiting process out with giving our little fun blurb (when asked what we've been up to) - "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money." And of course, we deliver our One Minute Message, "I've got an exciting project that I want you to take a look at. I've got an amazing little pill that brightens the mood, boosts your energy and totally slams the appetite! You need to do this with me. People are losing weight and making money with this. It's hot!" And, quite is. And we definitely show that fabulous 90-Second Commercial. But, after we schedule a time to do a face-to-face presentation with them, our listening ears are turned on - full volume.

We have the best opportunity on the planet. No question. Talk about optimum timing. We have a diet pill that fills a huge void - a $2 billion a year void in the market place! And that is mammoth! Besides the void, there is a huge need for our product and our opportunity. People are overweight, depressed and broke. We have a way to help solve that problem. And it's our blessing to be part of the solution. In there lies our responsibility to listen, and to ask questions. It's our blessing to care and cater our business to their needs. When we do that, we make a difference. And making a difference is really what this is all about. Grab the chance to do that with as many people as you can. Use the tools. Use the 4-Step System. Listen to the calls and hear how this product is working in the lives of people from all over the country. Listening will change the way you present the gift you've been given. Love it. Love your people. Love what you do. Love life and LISTEN.

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  1. What a great way to close a sale! I've often been over-sold when I go looking for diamond rings for sale. Either the salesperson isn't interested or they try to push something that we clearly can't afford. But what you're describing isn't just good sales technique- it's ensures the customer comes back.