Monday, April 18, 2011


I have always loved this logo from Nike - JUST DO IT. Enough said, right? I sponsored a great couple this morning that were a pleasure to talk to. They made my week! Positive, excited, action people get you pumped. I sent them a box of samples last week, had assigned them to check out, to hop on the Thursday 18 Min Biz Briefing call, listen in Saturday morning to the Success Strategies training, and listen to the four Basic trainings at the team support site.

I received a text yesterday confirming the time they were available and ready today to talk the biz, and right on the dot, with their scheduled time, they called. It was awesome! They had decided to do the biz at full speed. They weren't going to give it a try, they had decided to go for it. The key was that they did DECIDE and were just doing it. They had already listened to the four Basic trainings 2 x's, were on the Thursday and Saturday morning calls, had their Biz Binder put together, 37 people's names written on their Prospect 100 list, had watched the webinar a couple of times, and had already started contacting people. Their decision to succeed and JUST DO IT will guarantee them huge success with Voyager.

See, guys, the first thing everyone must do if they are serious about making money with Voyager is to DECIDE that they are going to do the business, then get busy and JUST DO IT. There was no "well, we'll see if it works," or "I'll ask a few people to see if there is an interest." Are you kidding? You have to DECIDE that you are going to do the business - plain and simple. That decision means doing what it takes to succeed, plugging right in and then building the business. But you have to DECIDE. You will never succeed if you don't DECIDE that it is what you are going to do.

When you DECIDE, you are on every Thursday 18 Min Biz Briefing call. You have listened to the four Basic trainings. You have put your Biz Binder together, and have started writing your Prospect 100 list. You are working the 4-Step System and you are calling your sponsor everyday to do 3-way calls. You are making things happen. You are sampling two people a day and following up. You are showing your 90-second commercial. You are focused on your goals and following the leader, duplicating what has been laid out for you to do. You JUST DO IT.

When you DECIDE, then it's easy to take action and JUST DO IT. But you must DECIDE. Those who DECIDE always succeed. Those who don't DECIDE, don't. Make the decision and DECIDE that you are going to blast this business and build a huge team! DECIDE then JUST DO IT. It's really that simple.

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